Study's of the soul

Study's of the soul often show the connections or mechanisms

of the parts of the brain that make it speacial, wonderous, miraculus.

Useually because they're surrounded by actions that deal with the
 instinctual, and/or emotional centers, that are tied to both
 the instinctual level AND the, concious, or "controllable" level.

This creates a need for a safety net that our evolution realized needed
 the protection of instinct, but also needed the freedom of self, to explore 
and grow.

In these areas, I often find that the mechanisms in place
 are usually there to either re-enforce choices that go
 against instinct, and require faith to overcome the instinctual urges.

By using the strongest chemicals to give a comfort, or pleasure
 Pavlovian type push, but (the 2nd part),but, is also there with 
the same chemical ready to push hard, just in case you're not 
ready. It saves you bygiving you a piece of the trust to hold
 on to and explore for a while as you build up your own strengths.

This area is sooo difficult because, we're dealing with God.

I am a Christian. I believe in God
I am a scientist. I believe in God
I am a man. I doubt God
I am a man. I need God

Man believes in God. God believes in Man
God is a scientist. God believe's in science
God is Love. God feels or doubt
God is God. God needs man

Science is fact. Science has no belief
I am a Christian. I believe in science
God is Man. God loves Man
God creates man. Man needs God

Man needs God. Man has God
Does it make sense that God would create man without a plan?
Is he not smart enough to know how to Make man work
 correctly,protect him when not around, or give guidance?

Is God not smart enough to cover all the bases?

Would God be any less miraculous if he created man with all of the care 
and thought that would be required to make Man what he is?  If we were to die.   Should we curse him for failing us? Or be greatfull for the life he gave?

Is death any less miraculous? If it is simply the end of the original miracle.

If we were to die. Would God have failed us?
If this is how we think, does God pity us for our selfishness?

If there were no life after death, do you not think God would love us enough
 not to leave his kiss, in a place to be accessed in our most telling hour? 
Would he not remember, or care enough to give us hope?

Did he not also warn us. "ye have eaten of the tree of knowledge,
 beware for you have brought upon you both good and evil."

Could that first lesson, aslo have been our separation? That the evil 
we would know, was the truth of our physical form? That there was no 
 life after death, and that our selfishness denied the connection to himself
 he DID leave us but we were to arrogant to see it, and therefore deny it

But.....?  (I love it when I do this:+}  (Check my goodest posts. 
There always seems to be a big but!:)But,... would he also be ignorant or cruel?  To leave us as children, in a 
world of wonder without the protection or love of one truly so divine,
 would be impossible for me to even imagine.
I am more inclined to believe that one of that Majesty, would more likely 
fade to the back, rest his mind, and leave us to our best divices. To then 
within our growth, check in, give us

2 responses to “Study's of the soul

  1. Richard, I really enjoyed your interpretation of why we are who we are. I think we are all born with a sense of Self Preservation whether physical or spiritual from birth til death. This idea is definitely planted inherent within our genetic code.

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