A Call to Action

Posted in Facebook "Ray Kurzweil" group
Oct 16, 2011
Richard Brown
I would like to get a small group of us together just for a 
moment so that some ideas may be explored with regards to 
the "Occupy" movement, it's sociological and geopolitical 
ramifications, predictions of outcome, analysis of 
singularity impact, areas of concern, and some ideas of 
how to possibly apply some of the, not so mainstream, 
information we are in possession of, to produce desired 
effects. Basically a small, temporary, think tank designed 
to address the current "Occupy" phenomenon. Any who are 
interested, please just post a quick reply of some sort 
here, and depending on the interest, I will work to set 
it up. Personally, I believe that this movement is one 
of the effects of the Singularity that has the potential 
to influence all of humanity and therefore requires 
deliberate address.

Thank you.

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