One could say that this is a predicted event

    Comment Rant  that I wrote after watching a  Bill Mahr program featuring Ray Kurtzweil.

It had only been a short time since I had experienced my awakening and my mind was still trying to sort out everything it had seen.  I would see an interest, (an even longer story:) So some of it might have seemed a little strange at the time, but make perfect sense now…? I think it’s crazy!

I was commenting in a group I belong to when I wrote this.

JULY 9, 2011

Richard Brown
…”Personally, I think this level of peer acceptance in an idea so preposterous, is one hell of an indicator that he is correct.

    For a society to grasp the concepts of something they don’t even really understand, I believe it becomes clear that the society knows these things as well, even if only in their sub-conscience.

   I think it shows a or level of concern, or a worry that stems from this knowledge, that drives the society to clamor for answers to the question of “What do we do?”

   This I believe is an area we are going to have to get a better, more concise understanding of  in order to identify the centers involved., and exploit in order  to get society into the “works” stage of enacting change.

   The self  guided, sociologically “pacifist” mentality of, ‘Yes, I agree, someone should look into that,” or, “yes, but what are you going to do about it,” has got to be “arrested” or “bypassed,” yea even “addressed”  🙂

   We as a species need to bring the awareness level of our potential future closer to the forefront of discussion, and do so in a way that jump-starts action, but not paranoid based panic.

   Only then will we be able to address areas such as religion or  science, where dramatic changes in thinking are going to have to be made.

   With awareness, care,forethought and complete honesty of the groups leaders,

to realize that the ways of the past, do not have to be discarded,

nor  the principles that guided them ,

Show them that the ideals, and the “systems of control ” these morals, values, and ethics utilize, will provide helpful   guidance along the journey,

or that  “acceptable norms,” (1, 2, 3,  Biopsycosocial )that fit within the levels of the common group,

  are controls of the past, and that they too must be re examined and put up for change.(Original Thesis “Shaping”)

   These leaders in particular are going to be CRUCIAL in sending the aura of truth, and trust to society at such a level that dissension or dismissal by the groups is quelled.

   This is going to be especially difficult in areas such as religion, science and philosophy, social justice,  longevity, morals, values, and ethics.

   Doing this on a worldwide setting even more difficult.


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