As stuff breaks

Never ending liht bulbs?
 Dynamical Casimir effect in meta material converts vacuum fluctuations into real photons

( —In the strange world of quantum mechanics, the vacuum state (sometimes referred to as the quantum vacuum, simply as the vacuum) is a quantum system’s lowest possible energy state. While not containing physical particles, neither is it an empty void: Rather, the quantum vacuum contains …..


  • St**** So**rF**:
    I can show you a video of it.
    It’s another (3 now I think) covered within the Primer Fields that Azure brought to my attention in Ray‘s group.

    Oh, and I meant the technical papers released “SINCE” the video…:)

  • M*** M**the:
    wow!.. where is the Video? thanks
  • St**** So**rF**:
    Start here,

    In this video series the currently accepted theories of physics and astrophysics…See More
  • D** R2D2:
    In the first several minutes of that video I’m already highly skeptical of the scientific merit. He doesn’t speak like a scientist at all. Scientists have hypothesis, this guy says unequivocally that he has the answer.

    I don’t have the domain expertise to claim he’s wrong on a factual basis but judging by the way he speaks I doubt there’s much to his claims.
  • St**** So**rF**:
    I would say keep watching. As to the voice, I assume it’s an actor. As to the assertion? How else do you attack an accepted theory. I have been informed that the thesis has been submitted to a number of journals, but no specifics. I have checked the re…See More
  • St**** So**rF**:
    I know that all sounds truncated, I’ll try to clarify….”I could fin…” In this statement, I mean, I couldn’t find anyone conducting and publishing results in the field, nor has anyone even suggested it. BUT..If you look at the work that HAS been pub…See More
  • St**** So**rF**:
  • St**** So**rF**:
    This just popped up on Kurzweil in between posts.
    NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Our planet has come a long way in scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Main…See More



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