– 2011
By: Richard Brown
(This is an excerpt from a Singularity f/b group.)

Thisones Me: …”Why does it always seem like people have to equate science as a blasphemy against God? Why would it be wrong to think that God may even use science himself?”
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Someone Madeup…”Why do they hate science so much while their so called God gave them the knowledge of science?  If God exist then he gave use the gift of knowledge therefor science, but they don’t even seem to try and connect that. Its all ignorance, every bit of it.”
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Thisones me …”It’s kinda sad really.
I have faith in my faith.
Science doesn’t take that away from me just because science tells me that something was done a little differently than I was told.
Told by people who saw something wonderful but chose words or ideas that helped them understand it, instead of thinking unselfishly about me, and how that might confuse and fail “me?
Belief in one, does not destroy the existence of the other.”



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