Think Magnetism 3 DRAFT


If the Aurora is a Magnetic field, then, we should think of them as being made up of  little  balls of energy.  Or, “Particles.” connected together.

That should be easy enough since that’s what we’re taught. Right?

(Well it should be .)

Anyway…, they’ve got to be really small, and they’ve got to be connected. So lets make them a shape that can touch,  (We already know that conduction allows for information (Ie. Energy) to be transmitted this way.) So something round.

Since they are (or will be) comprised of something, (particles) they therefore have mass.

So, we’ll give them each a field.  Call them Magnetic North and Magnetic South.

Kind of like the Earth.

dna3And then apply this thinking now to “ALL”particles of Matter.

Even light.

Now, at this point, I have to remind you of something that theoretical physicist Mr. Richard Feynman once said.tHINK mAGNETISM

Although he was literally correct in his assumption, it only served to hinder us in our understandings of what matter and energy are.  His assertion at the time, was based on the incorrect or unfinished definition of matter.

MATTER:   …”material substance that occupies space, has mass, and is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, that constitutes the observable universe, and that is nonconvertible with energy.”

So let’s start here.

Ooops! I see one thing wrong already. There’s something missing from our definition.

It’s missing two key words  that have helped create common misunderstandings  in today’s understanding of matter. These words are “volume” and “Mass.”

When Mr. Feynman was speaking, he was referring to the fact that certain forms of energy did not posses these attributes at “rest,” and therefore were not considered “Matter.”

…”material substance that occupies space.” Well, We know it meets this requirement, because we  can observe it.  If it wasn’t “made of something, we couldn’t interact with it. Focus it, reflect it, store it, or generate it.

…”has mass,”  The thinking that caused Mr. Feynman to make his assertion, was that since they could not “ever” slow energy down to a “fixed” position like other pieces of matter, and that”solid matter”  did not move on its own volition,  or “emit” other forms of energy, that it must not fit into the same class.

…”is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons,  This statement violates both previous assertions. But, we’ll give it credit anyway. …”
Now it is going to get a little complicated as we start discussing how these magnetic fields overlap each other and interact with each other.
Here we have the photon and its fields again.

The_Primer_Fields_Part_1 001
We need to realize though that  in reality the electromagnetic fields do not just stop at the limits of the fields show here. They continue out much further, but they also get much weaker as they go further away from the photon.  But for now, let’s look at how the field develops.

With field forming

The fields are attracted to this point where it passes between fields polarity barrier (See interference), one at a time, simultaneously  “reversing.” the particles polarity.

This reinforces the formation of the barrier, and initiates compression.

The_Primer_Fields_Part_2 186

The flip point.

The_Primer_Fields_Part_2 186

Showing the structure formation

Showing the structure formation

This shows how the field structure is viewed at side




The_Primer_Fields_Part_3 040


Each one has an unlimited source (until all matter is absorbed) coming in, and  “jets” where excess energy is released.

Note the Horizontal “spin?”

Note how the field is created in vacuum with plasma?

Plasma field



See how energy forms?

Now, using this



Think Magnetism 3

Since the fields are invisible, we will be left "visualizing" our photons


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