Cosmography of the Local Universe

This is a really cool 3-D model of the known Universe.

Cosmography of the Local Universe

I think it’s kind of ironic and I must say awesome, that they put it just how I see it.

When playing around with some of my theoretical ideas, I typically attempt to see it just like this.

I’ve always assumed that this is how it would be done in a lab, so it’s how I always try to imagine the big picture.

For me, it allows me to be able to see space, matter, and energy in a scale that my mind can comprehend. I can see energy as simply a plug in, matter as what’s taking up the space. and motion through the glass walls.

Because it’s 3-D, I can see the stuff that isn’t there as well. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why I know we exist in a closed environment. (At least relative to us anyway, but that’s a whole other page!)

I just wish I could freeze and save a few of the frames of this presentation. If anyone of my readers knows how I might be able to do this, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you,




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