A speaker magnet with poles like ???

I just decided it was time to pull out the old experiment from school.

So, I took one of my many precious pictures of my daughter, and removed it from it’s glass, and frame enclosure. (It’s for science, she’ll understand!)

WI just realized I should probably do it with prep props! :)

WHAT: Experimental Platform for working with Magnetism.


1 inexpensive glass photograph frame (thinner glass)

1 scrap mid range speaker (magnet still intact)

1 piece of “Steel wool.”

A file

1 sheet white paper

1 pair vice grips (larger than the circumference of the speaker)

1 pair channel loc’s


Here’s how I got the magnet. (Sorry, I forgot to film this part)

I took the vice grips and applied pressure around the outside of the magnet until I was able to remove it from the speaker while still in it’s circular shape. (I got lucky I think. This may take you a few times)

Anyway, once removed, there was also a “plate” I had to separate. (That’s what the channel loc’s were for.

Once removed, I ended up with a magnet like this.


(Note the white sheet of paper?)

The picture frame is just that. Clean the glass well, (BE CAREFUL!) Make sure it’s dry, then shave the “Steel wool” over the glass with the file. Let as many shavings hit the glass as possible.

1010235_10201255775418016_417229652_nNow, by using the magnet underneath the glass, you can see how the magnetic fields work.

1016627_10201255855740024_1375792857_nMy first observations?

There is a field zero halfway into the side of the magnet.

That the shavings will be able to diagram the entire magnet for me.

That it (so far) looks amazingly like the way the poles work on a planetary body.


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