But how do we know if it’s bigger?

Let’s say we take a piece of Helium.

We’ll weigh it, and call it 2.

Let’s take another of these and slam it into the first one really fast.

What comes out must surely be less than what went in right?

What if it comes out 3 plus 1?

Can there be one that’s bigger?

Or would that be fusion?

How do we know it can’t be 3?

Do we really know our He weighs 2?

If the piece is opened isn’t there a lot of energy there?

How much do you think “it” weighs?

What if I told you that the numbers that fly off are not just a weight per say, but more along the lines of a ratio of the whole piece flying?

That only temperature of the fusion is required to go up or down the scale? (The assumption being that Iron is at the bottom of this scale)

Try this.

Let’s convert Hydrogen Plasma into a number we can deal with.

157,500 deg K (http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=+13.6eV+%2F+boltzmann+constant++in+fahrenheit)

Want to know something interesting?

Our Suns core temperature, (a Hydrogen burning sun) is almost exactly ten times that.

15.7 Million





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