CERN: Universe of Particles

I can’t believe this part still escapes them though. Ready? They mention the He, but then forget it as an individual.

When one thing has mass, and it moves, it creates energy. Gravity is an example of this. As observed, gravitational forces will seek “like” matter thus one becomes two, then three, etc. (Make it easy, a cloud) So one to the other, to the other…wait. They always forget that the gravitational pull is now greater too because of the increase in mass and matter. So it gets stronger.

As one is attracted to another and they meet, the mass of the whole increases as does their gravitational effects.

Give it enough of that cloud of “individual atoms of Helium,” (Oh yea, make it plasma though) and 1 becomes 2, becomes 3, 5 Hundred, 20 Quadrillion, more and more dense,which increases gravity even more, pulling in more matter, etc. See how it can now compound on itself and create an environment for fusion? Remember magnetic fields go hand in hand with this. They work as containment.

And the gravitational attractant!!! 🙂

The “stars” then convert that He, through efficient fusion, into every single element down to Iron. (Ie: Converts He energy, into physical matter) simply by a mechanism of convection.

Believe it or not, you now hold the very simple secret to the Universe.


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