A Gorilla or a Dog???

Right before I saw this, I witnessed my dog anticipating a physics “cause and effect.”

I had a used water in the freezer, so when I went to open it it’s “cap” was blocked. (Frozen)

So, I went to tap it with my finger,

“Nope, too much.”

But I figured a small squeeze, “Maybe not,” and the dog noticed my grip on the bottle, he saw the pressures could “cause” him to “Shy, for a split second, (like we all do, yes I know what Anthropomorphism is)  🙂

I already speak most of his for him, (Real problem is he actually speaks four of ours) I swear! 🙂

Anyway, cognitive thought, or the ability to “sense” our environment and spatially equate that to the mind, as awareness, (The sense of something different and out of place within your normal (at what point?) existence. that is cognitively understood to be of something “separate” of “us.”

Vision, Hearing,  (echo location) and (not always) touch are the only senses that give us this understanding, or “awareness.”

Cognitively though, the only thing required for “intelligence” as we apparently call it, is this “awareness.”

The others that follow are of course varied, more and more journals I’d have to write,

but it comes down to this,

Work in progress



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