What about a Human Singularity?

I was just thinking about how the Human race could itself be on a course towards a “Singularity.”

I’ve made the comment many times before, that “we are at a time when changes in morals, values, and ethics are at an all time high for our species.”

At no other time in history, have we gone through so many different changes in sociological and psychological belief systems at one time.

Evolutionary change is apparent in our species as we attempt to adapt o the environment that is being created around us.

If we now look at things this way, isn’t it a bit more apparent how some of these might be related?

The world communicated for history very slowly. As such, neither did MVE’s. (When everyone lives in the same communities, raising the same kids, etc, values and traditions are handed down. These traditions and values will typically be reflected in the behaviors of the larger group. (or the species in Darwinian evolution)

Only when the larger group “needs” the change, (unless isolated) the individual desires will be suppressed and therefore largely unchanged. ( Edit/cont. – What is done in privacy against these …. )

If however, the group DOES need for the MVE systems to change,  they will.Let’s look at an example. When “population needs raise, so drops the age of marriage.

But I want to mention the Singularity connection.

In this, one might look at the numbers of changes within numbers of generations.

Ie: How many (and on what level) MVE changes have gone on within a society as a whole, and how many generations did it take for the change to occur. (Ie: The acceptance of homosexual behavior.)

If we take today


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