A clue to duality

High energy physics researchers still rely on the concept that it is the nucleus of the photon that they must isolate in order to measure (observe) the particle.

The nucleus is only a “concentration” of “some” of the energy.
When this concentration becomes enough to be detected,  it has already  formed a stable structure complete with polarity and field lines.
The particle’s field lines are comprised of “the same” energy; only smaller… As is the nucleus.

If you are looking for the nucleus of a photon, you immediately run into a problem. Your assumption asserts that the photon’s existence is contained within it’s nucleus. It is not.
A piece of energy, or a particle is comprised of many smaller, individual, pieces of the same energy. The nucleus is only a concentration of the energy, and is only “part” of the atomic structure of the photon.

All interaction, with any part of this structure, will cause interference, if forced into a frame of reference. Since the photon is a “sum of it’s parts,” any attempt (accidental or otherwise) to reference just the nucleus will fail, and any point that is detected will reference the entire piece of energy as if it were in that location.


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