There are new ideas of space, energy, and matter

Bose–Einstein condensate
Chill a gas to almost absolute zero and all particle movement ceases.
When this occurs, information is shown to behave according to the rules of Quantum  Mechanics. But no one knows why.

Einstein predicted in 1925 that this phenomenon would occur, but actually reaching the  conditions necessary to observe this in the lab has always been a challenge.

His  understanding was that a Bose–Einstein condensate, which is a state of matter of a dilute  gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero (that is, very near 0 K or  -273.15 °C). Would create such conditions where a large fraction of the bosons would  occupy their lowest quantum state. at which point quantum effects would become apparent  on a macroscopic scale. These effects are called macroscopic quantum phenomena.

Mixing two Bose–Einstein condensates isn’t like blending ordinary gases — the condensates instead behave like  waves, interfering with one another so that two atoms combined together can result in no  atom at all.

When these gasses become Bose–Einstein condensate’s it’s because they’ve been  “forced” to show this characteristic. This phenomenon shows in experiments that all  particles hold this potential. Thereby proclaiming wave particle duality as fundamental

Satyendra Nath Bose first applied the quantum statistics of light quanta or photons,  expanded later by Einstein to include general matter. Taken further by experiments in  electromagnetism and metallurgy, we currently call this principle Superconductivity.

…”The International Space Station is a prime location to perform such experiments because of lack of interference from the pull of gravity.”  Nola Taylor Redd stated in his article on the International Space Station and NASA’s Cold Atom Lab.

When we are able to see concepts and observations prove out from a few angles like this, it  becomes clear that all matter, energy, and light are comprised the same way.

David LaPoint, the creator of the video series “The Primer Fields,” emphatically declares  this to be true as well. Although his theory is in direct opposition to the Standard Model, I feel that it explains much more that it leaves to question and supposition.

Following his concepts of energy to matter conversion, I propose the  following as a better understanding of particle physics as we currently understand them.

The reason this effect occurs is because at any other temperature other than absolute zero, the waveforms (particles) are able to move about their environment This movement acts as a natural insulator from this phenomenon for particles not normally forced into these parameters within our normal space.

Once they have been slowed to a point where there movements no longer cause interruptions, the magnetic fields of the waveforms are able to maintain cohesion.

In this state, current is allowed to travel throughout the entire piece of matter as if it were the energy of the matter itself. This effect is most observable in nature when conducting experiments in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The SM does not allow for these interactions without QM. I propose that all matter, energy, and light are created as concentrations of energy called Waveforms or particles.

That each particle is a stable, self sustaining structure of energy created by electromagnetic interactions in plasma in vacuum.

I could be wrong,

But what if I was right?

Bose–Einstein condensate – Wikipedia

Scientists to Create Coldest Spot in Universe on Space Station

The Primer Fields


4 responses to “There are new ideas of space, energy, and matter

  1. Chill to absolute zero,ok this is likely possible, but no movement in space? Maybe for 1 milisecont its possible , but longer? Rofl , magnetism alone make this an impossibility,there is always something in space , always . So this means polarity is always present . So its safe to say movemt is almost impossible to prevent naturally. Oh if a human worked at it he could but in nature movement is one of the garantied constant , especially if the reference is atomic

  2. Noobish question: Space is on average 3 kelvin, your idea is at 0 kelvin, from the universe perspective ,is it hard and long to go back and forth from zero to slight movement? 2) would this mean this make some kind logic gate but based on temperature? Am I the only one seeing the huge potentiality of this idea ,way better then transistor based

  3. The problem I think you’re having is that this would in effect cause one to view the particle in it’s inertial frame of reference. Something that actually can’t be done.

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