If you are here

The goal of the exercise is to assess predictive events.

The purpose of this exercise is two-fold.

For the individual, it is a predicted  outcome designed to illustrate the proof of concept. The action of “Clicking the button” should confirm the assertion that:

A. You identified with and understood the subject matter,
B. Identified or agreed with or confirmed one of the proposed statements or concepts,
C. Had a thought that required additional information, this indicating interest in the
subject matter no matter the outcome.

For the evaluator, the predicted outcomes assist verification of empiracle data.

Now that I have shown you that your brain is getting it, (A.B. or C.) please keep remembering this as you watch the remainder at your own pace.

            …” Some of you are really starting to get it. Gravity is not a force unto itself. It is a manifestation of EM forces. Who knows where this will all lead. Meet George Jetson!…”   
                                                                                              David LaPoint
Thank you

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