From a while ago. A rambling about God, Man, and The Universe

Someone else: “I am afraid of death but not because im afraid of where i am going. See, i just recently lost my faith and no longer believe in religion. Because of this, I have decided that once you are dead, you are dead. Nothing more and nothing less. That is the end of your jouney. For me, that simple sucks. I dont want to fade away, I want to continue living and continue learning, that is all i want. Oh, and no I have read that poem, but i to agree that nothing last forever. Even immortality could not last forever. But it could possible last for thousands if not millions of years and i would be satisfied with that.”
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Myself: “…Yea, me too actually. That was one problem I did encounter and still am learning to come to terms with myself. The statement of found God in my model, is actually a removal or transformation of the concepts relating to the way society sees the phenomenon of God, is ,will,and will continue to change. I’ve noted three epics in my analysis and theory myself so far, with the third right around the corner. During this, I’ve found proofs that my/our concepts are either wrong, or flawed because otherwise it could not exist. (At least not in the ways we’ve confined the concept.) (That’s one of the places where I find him again too:} So, science tells me i’m going to become dust to dust like the beginning and the end of the great book says, and that part we know to be true in science as well. So I find no real solace there, but my mind is quantum, which tells me it’s very possible indeed. Ultimate faith that says, well, maybe I just gotta go through more, or…..NOW, here’s another point I’ve learned by my model. Who says that everlasting life and “Total at oneness with my creator, sitting in a white pillared room with a lion on one side, a lamb on the other, is the way my “ENERGY” is to be disseminated? Because that was a constraint written by Man, and is indicative of being from the negative or (Insecurity) side of the psyche. It’s ultimately incorrect. If so, then….?
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Think Magnetism 3 DRAFT


If the Aurora is a Magnetic field, then, we should think of them as being made up of  little  balls of energy.  Or, “Particles.” connected together.

That should be easy enough since that’s what we’re taught. Right?

(Well it should be .)

Anyway…, they’ve got to be really small, and they’ve got to be connected. So lets make them a shape that can touch,  (We already know that conduction allows for information (Ie. Energy) to be transmitted this way.) So something round.

Since they are (or will be) comprised of something, (particles) they therefore have mass.

So, we’ll give them each a field.  Call them Magnetic North and Magnetic South.

Kind of like the Earth.

dna3And then apply this thinking now to “ALL”particles of Matter.

Even light.

Now, at this point, I have to remind you of something that theoretical physicist Mr. Richard Feynman once said.tHINK mAGNETISM

Although he was literally correct in his assumption, it only served to hinder us in our understandings of what matter and energy are.  His assertion at the time, was based on the incorrect or unfinished definition of matter.

MATTER:   …”material substance that occupies space, has mass, and is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, that constitutes the observable universe, and that is nonconvertible with energy.”

So let’s start here.

Ooops! I see one thing wrong already. There’s something missing from our definition.

It’s missing two key words  that have helped create common misunderstandings  in today’s understanding of matter. These words are “volume” and “Mass.”

When Mr. Feynman was speaking, he was referring to the fact that certain forms of energy did not posses these attributes at “rest,” and therefore were not considered “Matter.”

…”material substance that occupies space.” Well, We know it meets this requirement, because we  can observe it.  If it wasn’t “made of something, we couldn’t interact with it. Focus it, reflect it, store it, or generate it.

…”has mass,”  The thinking that caused Mr. Feynman to make his assertion, was that since they could not “ever” slow energy down to a “fixed” position like other pieces of matter, and that”solid matter”  did not move on its own volition,  or “emit” other forms of energy, that it must not fit into the same class.

…”is composed predominantly of atoms consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons,  This statement violates both previous assertions. But, we’ll give it credit anyway. …”
Now it is going to get a little complicated as we start discussing how these magnetic fields overlap each other and interact with each other.
Here we have the photon and its fields again.

The_Primer_Fields_Part_1 001
We need to realize though that  in reality the electromagnetic fields do not just stop at the limits of the fields show here. They continue out much further, but they also get much weaker as they go further away from the photon.  But for now, let’s look at how the field develops.

With field forming

The fields are attracted to this point where it passes between fields polarity barrier (See interference), one at a time, simultaneously  “reversing.” the particles polarity.

This reinforces the formation of the barrier, and initiates compression.

The_Primer_Fields_Part_2 186

The flip point.

The_Primer_Fields_Part_2 186

Showing the structure formation

Showing the structure formation

This shows how the field structure is viewed at side




The_Primer_Fields_Part_3 040


Each one has an unlimited source (until all matter is absorbed) coming in, and  “jets” where excess energy is released.

Note the Horizontal “spin?”

Note how the field is created in vacuum with plasma?

Plasma field



See how energy forms?

Now, using this



Think Magnetism 3

Since the fields are invisible, we will be left "visualizing" our photons

As stuff breaks

Never ending liht bulbs?
 Dynamical Casimir effect in meta material converts vacuum fluctuations into real photons

( —In the strange world of quantum mechanics, the vacuum state (sometimes referred to as the quantum vacuum, simply as the vacuum) is a quantum system’s lowest possible energy state. While not containing physical particles, neither is it an empty void: Rather, the quantum vacuum contains …..


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    I can show you a video of it.
    It’s another (3 now I think) covered within the Primer Fields that Azure brought to my attention in Ray‘s group.

    Oh, and I meant the technical papers released “SINCE” the video…:)

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    wow!.. where is the Video? thanks
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    Start here,

    In this video series the currently accepted theories of physics and astrophysics…See More
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    In the first several minutes of that video I’m already highly skeptical of the scientific merit. He doesn’t speak like a scientist at all. Scientists have hypothesis, this guy says unequivocally that he has the answer.

    I don’t have the domain expertise to claim he’s wrong on a factual basis but judging by the way he speaks I doubt there’s much to his claims.
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    I would say keep watching. As to the voice, I assume it’s an actor. As to the assertion? How else do you attack an accepted theory. I have been informed that the thesis has been submitted to a number of journals, but no specifics. I have checked the re…See More
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    I know that all sounds truncated, I’ll try to clarify….”I could fin…” In this statement, I mean, I couldn’t find anyone conducting and publishing results in the field, nor has anyone even suggested it. BUT..If you look at the work that HAS been pub…See More
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    This just popped up on Kurzweil in between posts.
    NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Our planet has come a long way in scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Main…See More


Isn’t it funny…?

Isn’t it funny…?


…”How, as soon as they discovered the Higgs Boson…

They realized that it destroyed the model!

                                                                                                                                         Richard Brown

One could say that this is a predicted event

    Comment Rant  that I wrote after watching a  Bill Mahr program featuring Ray Kurtzweil.

It had only been a short time since I had experienced my awakening and my mind was still trying to sort out everything it had seen.  I would see an interest, (an even longer story:) So some of it might have seemed a little strange at the time, but make perfect sense now…? I think it’s crazy!

I was commenting in a group I belong to when I wrote this.

JULY 9, 2011

Richard Brown
…”Personally, I think this level of peer acceptance in an idea so preposterous, is one hell of an indicator that he is correct.

    For a society to grasp the concepts of something they don’t even really understand, I believe it becomes clear that the society knows these things as well, even if only in their sub-conscience.

   I think it shows a or level of concern, or a worry that stems from this knowledge, that drives the society to clamor for answers to the question of “What do we do?”

   This I believe is an area we are going to have to get a better, more concise understanding of  in order to identify the centers involved., and exploit in order  to get society into the “works” stage of enacting change.

   The self  guided, sociologically “pacifist” mentality of, ‘Yes, I agree, someone should look into that,” or, “yes, but what are you going to do about it,” has got to be “arrested” or “bypassed,” yea even “addressed”  🙂

   We as a species need to bring the awareness level of our potential future closer to the forefront of discussion, and do so in a way that jump-starts action, but not paranoid based panic.

   Only then will we be able to address areas such as religion or  science, where dramatic changes in thinking are going to have to be made.

   With awareness, care,forethought and complete honesty of the groups leaders,

to realize that the ways of the past, do not have to be discarded,

nor  the principles that guided them ,

Show them that the ideals, and the “systems of control ” these morals, values, and ethics utilize, will provide helpful   guidance along the journey,

or that  “acceptable norms,” (1, 2, 3,  Biopsycosocial )that fit within the levels of the common group,

  are controls of the past, and that they too must be re examined and put up for change.(Original Thesis “Shaping”)

   These leaders in particular are going to be CRUCIAL in sending the aura of truth, and trust to society at such a level that dissension or dismissal by the groups is quelled.

   This is going to be especially difficult in areas such as religion, science and philosophy, social justice,  longevity, morals, values, and ethics.

   Doing this on a worldwide setting even more difficult.

Faster-than-Light Neutrino Puzzle Claimed Solved by Special Relativity

The relativistic motion of clocks on board GPS satellites
exactly accounts for the superluminal effect, says physicist.

It’s now been three weeks since the extraordinary news that
neutrinos travelling between France and Italy had been clocked
moving faster than light. The experiment, known as OPERA, found that the particles produced at CERN near Geneva arrived at the Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy some 60 nanoseconds earlier than the speed of light allows. The result has sent a ripple of excitement through the physics community. Since then, more than 80 papers have appeared on the arXiv attempting to debunk or explain the effect. It’s fair to say, however, that the general feeling is that the
OPERA team must have overlooked something.

Today, Ronald van Elburg at the University of Groningen in the
Netherlands makes a convincing argument that he has found the error.

First, let’s review the experiment, which is simple in concept: a measurement of distance and time. The distance is straightforward. The location of neutrino production at CERN is fairly easy to measure using GPS. The position of the Gran Sasso Laboratory is harder to pin down because it sits under a kilometre-high mountain. Nevertheless, the OPERA team says it has nailed the distance of 730 km to within 20 cm or so.

The time of neutrino flight is harder to measure.
The OPERA team says it can accurately gauge the instant when the neutrinos are created and the instant they are detected using clocks at each end. But the tricky part is keeping the clocks at either end exactly synchronised. The team does this using GPS satellites, which each broadcast a highly accurate time signal from orbit some 20,000km overhead. That introduces a number of extra complications which the team has to take into account, such as the time of travel of the GPS signals to the ground.

But van Elburg says there is one effect that the OPERA team seems to have overlooked: the relativistic motion of the GPS clocks. It’s easy to think that the motion of the satellites is irrelevant. After all, the radio waves carrying the time signal must travel at the speed of light, regardless of the satellites’ speed. But there is an additional subtlety.
Although the speed of light is does not depend on the the frame of reference, the time of flight does. In this case, there are two frames of reference: the experiment on the ground and the clocks in orbit. If these are moving relative to each other, then this needs to be factored in.

So what is the satellites’ motion with respect to the OPERA experiment? These probes orbit from West to East in a plane inclined at 55 degrees to the equator. Significantly, that’s roughly in line with the neutrino flight path.
Their relative motion is then easy to calculate.

So from the point of view of a clock on board a GPS satellite, the positions of the neutrino source and detector are changing. “From the perspective of the clock, the detector is moving towards the source and consequently the distance travelled by the particles as observed from the clock is shorter,”says van Elburg. By this he means shorter than the distance measured in the reference frame on the ground. The OPERA team overlooks this because it thinks of the clocks as on the ground not in orbit.

How big is this effect? Van Elburg calculates that it should cause the neutrinos to arrive 32 nanoseconds early. But this must be doubled because the same error occurs at each end of the experiment. So the total correction is 64 nanoseconds, almost exactly what the OPERA team observes. That’s impressive but it’s not to say the problem is done and dusted. Peer review is an essential part of the scientific process and this
argument must hold its own under scrutiny from the community at large and the OPERA team in particular.

If it stands up, this episode will be laden with irony. Far from breaking Einstein’s theory of relatively, the faster-than-light measurement will turn out to be another confirmation of it.