A letter from David

Primer Fields
February 17
I thank everyone for their support and encouragement, especially over the last 24 hours. You all have reminded me again of what I fight for. I was going to turn off all comments, but I find that FB does not allow this, and this has a lot of people very upset. Some are even leaving FB over this. Just as I have found, they do not want to be insulted on a daily basis, so many are just closing their FB accounts. So I either would have to take this page down entirely or leave it as it is. So for now I am going leave it as it is. If FB does not change this policy then I will be gone for good from FB soon. I have a website, but I have not done any work on it to replace all the information I have here. But in time that webpage will replace what I am now doing on FB. Although I really enjoy communicating with all the people that I have, it was just taking up too much of my time to try and answer every question asked of me. I have so much work to do and we are in the last phases of getting my technology into mass production. So I just do not have the time to answer all questions and if I only answer a few here and there I might offend someone. I certainly do not want that either. So my only option at this point is to leave this FB page up and I will keep posting new information and data as it becomes available. But I will not be answering any questions. Just please understand my silence is not because I do not want to answer, I just do not have enough time. I will let you know when my webpage is ready and it will have all I have here and more. I thank you all again for your support and encouragement, you have been amazing. Cheers and blessings to all, Dave.
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Jodi Waldman http://opptbook.com/
February 17 at 2:13pm · Like
Laura Sibley looking forward to the rest of your videos….absolutely fascinating! keep up the good work!
February 17 at 2:15pm · Like · 1
Jodi Waldman Hope to see you over at opptbook Dave. It’s still in its infancy, but it’s a great alternative to FB, a wonderful group of enlightened people, and you’d receive an enormous amount of support.
February 17 at 2:17pm · Like
Setyr Zen id just like to know where i can buy or learn how to create those bowls .. people want to help in this research, their own way.. give them the opportunity (i see you release your videos under cc licence, so you know what open source means, and crowd founding/research. thank you
February 17 at 2:33pm · Like
Matrixm Ringtones Hi Dave, what about FB is the problem? turing off comments not allowed?
February 17 at 2:36pm · Like
Ralph Caldwell It is really amazing the way people speak when they are not face to face. Many tend to put themselves in shell, when this happens I ask them to pretend they are sitting in front of me. Of course this usually does not work but it does make them think. It’s astounding that must would agree with the statement, “treat others like you want to be treated”. Oh Well? Keep it up Dave because there are still many of us that will treat you with total respect.
February 17 at 2:37pm · Like · 2
Ron Willison dAVE DID YOU GET MY MESSAGE LAST NIGHT? OOPS Soory bout the caps
February 17 at 3:37pm · Like
Sillie Whabbit What if we, the people who enjoy following you, created a group page? You wouldn’t have to keep up with anything other than posting new vids and what you want posted. If you want to comment, comment. If not, don’t.
February 17 at 3:43pm · Like
Ron Willison Rome was not built in a day. I’ll just sit back and wait for part four.
February 17 at 3:47pm · Like
Jennifer Jennings David, focus on you and yours. Focus on your work and do like you say, post new data and or information. There will always be naysayers and negative people, they are not worth your time, especially right now. Keep your determination and let go of the rest. It will all work out in the end. I look forward to watching and learning from the rest of your videos and thankful there is someone such as yourself looking to provide mankind a better future.
February 17 at 3:59pm · Like · 1
Stephen Wells If you truly believe your work will benefit all, then it will ultimately benefit the ignorant and the hurtful people too. The only people who seek to hurt others are those who are themselves hurting inside. Hold on to that thought. It is your own doubts and fears that let others comments cause you pain. Don’t run away from facebook. Here, is where humanity communicates at the moment. Here, is where you will reach everyone, not just the few who think as you do. Firm up your faith in your work, HERE. As your own faith in your work continues to grow, you will experience less pain when someone puts a mean comment. Eventually you will just feel pity and compassion. Make your stand here!
February 17 at 4:19pm via mobile · Like · 3
Straalurboy Johnny http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=137276939766168&set=a.137174159776446.27798.100004515874816&type=3&theater
February 17 at 4:22pm · Like
Lúðvík Karlsson Rock on!
February 17 at 5:27pm · Like
Roberta Holmes You should be able to turn off the the comments in your advanced settings. I don’t remember how I did it, but I did it at work the other day. I believe it is in your settings and something to do with allow others to post on your page. You can allow them to or choose not to allow it. It’ll take some looking but you should be able to find it. Account settings maybe…page settings
February 17 at 5:29pm via mobile · Like
Rod Altmann its just facebook enjoy
February 17 at 6:23pm · Like
Jo Alain David, I just joined FB due to the fact your work has fascinated me from the day I saw what you have discovered. It all made sense to me (I am no expert but it all clicked with me,-using the simple logic with which you could explain it all). I have tried to tell other people about you and got ignored by all…just amazing. I am glad to see that you are aware of the dangers and opportunity and might make this happen. I can understand turning off but like so many, am sad to see this. This all seems to go in the direction of the movie Atlas Shrugged part 2 (haven’t seen it yet, comes out next week on DVD/Rental). Best of luck and I am always here to support or help you where I can, here in California or Switzerland to keep this technology available for the world. A humble admirer.
February 17 at 9:32pm · Edited · Like
Brett Hedley David please dont let lesser people spoil what you are doing. primer fields has given me a huge advantage in my studies of plazma theory. We are making noble gas engines using the expansion of the said gases being excited by plazma to push a piston down. Your work is invaluable to me on so may levels. They try to stop us as well. I don’t don’t take it to hart.
February 17 at 9:36pm · Like
David J Cooper You are awesome mate. I barely know anything about science but your Primer videos are amazing and have inspired me a great deal to learn more. Thank you from Germany. I hope people start educating themselves and stop wasting your needed time and energy. Best of luck.
February 17 at 10:25pm · Like · 1
Anthony Morris you might like to use the Trello platform instead of facebook or ning
February 17 at 11:09pm · Like
Quentin Kundalini keep up the amazing work x
February 18 at 12:24am · Like
Sean Folsom Thank You for Your Great Work !!! Keep at it and don’t worry about Facebook at all !
February 18 at 1:00am · Like · 1
Nevett Steele III thanks for the hard work. i really enjoy your videos, they make the future a little bit more of a hopeful place.
February 18 at 5:44am · Like · 1
Jake. Mcorn Thanks David! I look forward to joining your web page. Your hard work is appreciated.
February 18 at 11:53am · Like
Jose Dado Make an FB Group?
February 18 at 11:58am · Like
Patricio Quegles You can ban users… much better than close this page. In the upper right of each commment you can report it as abusive/spam and then ban that user.
February 18 at 12:15pm · Like · 1
Tom Ford Just brainstorming some ideas: maybe on the site you are building, you could have a high level overview of your theoretical model and a list of physics problems you have applied it to, with links to the corresponding YouTube videos. Maybe you can also have a FAQ section, so every time someone asks you “what do you think of gravity?” Or “have your heard of the work of xyz?” We can just refer them to that FAQ page. Your lawyer could even approve your responses to keep your ideas safe. That way you can save time replying to repetition as you get more well known. FB isn’t a great 2 way communication medium for your purposes.
February 18 at 6:52pm via mobile · Like · 3
Cam McNaughton http://www.greentechinfo.eu/ Interesting looking material. Zoltán Rausch , lots of Hungarian there in these links from Janos; you should really be at home exploring those materials in your native language. What do you think, Zoltan? Thx, Janos.
February 21 at 9:39am · Edited · Like
Cam McNaughton Interesting title names for publications by Dr. Egely: “Forbidden Inventions, At the Razor´s Edge, and An Introduction to Field Engineering, Volumes 1, 2 & 3”
February 20 at 1:33pm · Like
Sean Quinn Stay strong my good man, don’t let them win. There many more supporters out here. Keep up the great work!
February 20 at 7:09pm via mobile · Like
Cam McNaughton Not such an anomaly, perhaps, after all. It will be interesting to see what plays out, Janos, over time.
February 21 at 11:06am · Edited · Like
Zoltán Rausch Sorry Cam, now Im busy. Later…
February 21 at 10:02am via mobile · Like · 1
Jacqueline Corbett I ‘ban’ people all the time… as I choose to think only the ‘highest and best’ thoughts… and hang out with folks who do the same. And FB does make it really easy to do that! Just by a couple of ‘clicks’!
February 21 at 11:16am · Like
Marlyn Collins My partner and I watched part 1 and are almost through part 2, extremely mind blowing … we forwarded to an electro-chemist friend who just called and said that this is the best science he has seen in over 5 years and this guy is brilliant, a scientist and an inventor. He has watched 2 parts. We will watch part 3 tonight and very much look forward to part 4. Thinking outside the box at it’s finest!!
February 25 at 7:14pm · Like · 1


2 responses to “A letter from David

  1. david lapoint , having checked your primer field hypothesis (alpha) and theoria apophasis . i can only draw one conclusion ,the universe is monopolar and unilateral ( one way) what is your view on what i just wrote with the knowlege you possess ?

  2. Who would attempt to mess up a person’s desire to educate and improve mankind’s understanding of the framework we live in?

    The answer: The organization that self-righteously prides themselves to be the cult that molds society into what they want. They have already re-built their “great work” tower of babel… Who could be so well organized that they could get away with assassinating JFK?

    There is an entire network of underground cities under the USA… but you are not allowed to even know they exist. The Cult would have evacuated the surface of Earth if Mars sent a Thunderbolt to cause another cataclysm… But that threat passed us by in 2003. NASA shut down the live camera feed trained on Mars so the general public could not see Mar’s changing atmosphere during the passing. These Thunderbolts were what disturbed the cult’s Tower-of-Babel in the very distant past. Disturbed the past ruling-class’ world tyranny. This was the guideline potential cataclysm by which the Mystery School cult had to hold off taking over the world. Hitler sabotaged German efforts when he took-over the generals’ command who wanted to win the war… that war was just The Cult’s test for world take-over and establish the UN for the Cult’s ruling-class. There is a whole other civilization hiding within the one you are tricked to believe in. This is why politics gets so silly and self-defeating. You can’t see through the haze, yet, but you will.

    You see, the Mystery School ( that William Cooper exposed in his “Mystery Babylon” radio series) does not want you to know anything about how this universe really works because educated slaves could cause more trouble if they understand too much.

    Who could possibly bad-mouth such a noble effort? Your education will expand by leaps and bounds once the haze blows away from mankind’s vision.

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