A Thornhill Rant

In progress!!


I have a serious problem with Mr. Wallace Thornhill. I don’t know why exactly, but then again, yea, I kind of do. It’s because it’s almost like he takes on a lot of my ideas as his own as he expands his theory on the Electric Universe, but he only takes bits and pieces leaving out either something important or fundamental in the overall understanding of whatever it is he’s trying to describe.

When he started, Wallace didn’t yet have much in the way of what was happening on a grand scale really. His main area of discussion centered mainly around various comets he was attempting to predict results upon before view by probe later on. (I’ll see if I can get the info and be a little more specific) I however had been working long on these answers and had been voicing some of these ideas in various places around the web. Next thing you know I start hearing him break off bits and pieces of what I had said as he tried to put it all together for himself. (It’s the timing and the fact that he only has partial answers that makes me wonder.)

I want to be a lot more specific about what I’m saying he has …adopted???  So I’m going to grab a few interview transcripts, piece them out here, and go on to explain how I feel I should be given consideration. (Everything I’m talking about is something I’ve either written down or spoken about prior to the reference I’ll cite.)

From  his interview with Greg Carlwood, April 28, 2016 Thehighersidechats

  1. “All particles are made up of orbiting systems of charge. And when you do that, all of a sudden you have an explanation for magnetism and gravity.”
  2.  “Stars are not thermonuclear gravitational bodies (sic) ..everything is connected and in the case of stars connected to the galaxy itself by electrical filaments which connect everything.”