Some questions and answers from David LaPoint

Steve Thomas

     Two questions if I may. Is the vacuum chamber simply similar to a florescent light? The bowls are producing a magnetic field that causes the gas in the chamber to align along this field?

David LaPoint

Yes the vacuum chamber is just like a florescent light and yes the bowls emit a magnetic field that controls the plasma. The electricity does not make the fields not cause the formations therein. The formations are there all along with or without electricity. The electricity only reveals the formations, the electricity does not cause them. Just as when you put electricity through a florescent bulb it causes it to light up, and that is all the electricity does.


Greg Sanders

     I wonder if the polar jets of a spiral galaxy act as atom smashers that generate heavier and heavier elements and if an enormous ball of depleted uranium has accumulated at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. I do not believe that there is a black hole at the center of the Milky Way but there is something very heavy there that alters the orbits of a dozen nearby stars. Geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon hypothesizes that stars and planets have uranium cores that function as natural nuclear reactors. He notes that Jupiter emits twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun.

David LaPoint

     Greg, polar jets are not atom smashers and there is not reason to have any core of a certain material in the center of the Milky Way galaxy to see the orbits around it that we see. Watch how the balls behave in my video at this point There is no mass at the center at all to begin with. This orderly structure is all just from magnetic fields and how they interact. Gravity need not be involved at all. But there is a focal point in the center of the Milky Way and around that point we see what we see. We are still waiting for more info to really go into what is going on there. But this is the point. You don’t necessary have to have a “core” of great density at the center of anything. All I am going to say on that until I can expound on it in the video. But some very good observations and points.


  …”But electricity causes everything.”

David LaPoint

It is this simple. It has proven that you can have concentrations of energy (COE) without external electricity involved at all. When is the external electricity that is causing the water to form in the glass before you drink it? That is a silly idea, right? But every molecule and atom in that glass of water has an intrinsic magnetic field to it. That is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The LHC uses magnetic fields to drive matter to nearly the speed of light for the collisions there. The universe has electricity in it for certain, but the cause is not at all from magneto hydrodynamics in flowing fields in space as other groups contend. It is a concept without scientific merit and zero experiments behind it.


    …”Black Holes?’

David LaPoint

On black holes and planetary orbits.
I believe that what are called black holes are actually the effects of
the magnetic fields confining matter. The orbits of the planets are
also due to the magnetic fields as you see with the outer orbitals on
the acrylic sheet in my video. Remember this experiment was conducted
within the magnetic field of the Earth so I have to contend with
effects of that. If we could do that experiment in deep space far away
from other magnetic fields I believe we could increase that orbital
distance a quite a bit. It can be very difficult to totally let go of
the gravity concept when it comes to orbitals in space. It was
difficult for me to let gravity go. But it actually makes a lot more
sense that the orbits of planets are do to magnetic confinement once
you see that it is possible and it places objects in clearly defined
stable orbits.


      …”So even nylon balls should behave in a similar way to the steel balls?”

David LaPoint

     So can you charge a nylon ball.?

Of course you can.  It will then respond to a magnetic field. If you can get something to accept a
charge, then you can control it with a magnetic field if you eliminate
completing forces. It would be nice to be able to jump into deep space
to test this concept out, but my teleporter has been down for a while
and I am still waiting for replacement parts from my home planet. LOL


     …”Why do you just do simulations?”

David LaPoint
My experiments are designed to show how things truly work at all levels from the atomic to
the galactic. My goal in all of videos is to open everyone’s minds to a new way of
thinking about how things really work. Not just to do simulations.


…”Would “the bowl” repel a non spherical steel object?”

David LaPoint



…”If the bowl was laid flat would it levitate a thin plate of steel/iron above it?”

David LaPoint



…”Would the repulsion force increase if you increased the magnetic flux flowing from the bowl?”

David LaPoint




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    • Hello, and thank you for your comment.

      To the first comment, I’m not sure what would happen if a cone magnet were introduced in that way.

      To the second and third, “Yes,” The magnets are monopole. As to who, (or how) they were made…,I believe that’s propitiatory. Although I do have a guy working on it.

      Just to let you know, I’m not one of the plasma researchers. I’ve been working on the theoretical aspects of the discovery.

      Hope those answers help.


  1. What happens if a cone shaped magnet is pushed along the axis of the inner side of the bowl to the confinement dome. Keep in mind the narrow tip of the cone is the same polarity inside the confinement dome????

  2. I’d like to email you a magnetic engine proposal based on your team’s primer fields bowl magnet. How can I submitted to you to verify/use as you wish? Lets share our thoughts as a one collective

  3. For some reason I only recently got your latest comments and attachments. I have only had a cursory chance to look at your engine. But as soon as I get a chance I’ll take a good look at it.
    I’ll tell you what. If you have this on a comment alert, leave another one fairly soon after I post this and we’ll see if we can’t get together here in real time.
    Hope to speak with you soon.

  4. I would like to see this important exploration of physical science extended. The material is very thought provoking. I think a wide audience of people will agree and help propel the research if made available. I hope I can help.

    • This is my belief as well. Have faith though as it is gaining more ground than perhaps you are aware of. Concepts like the electric universe are founded in these understandings even though they don’t quite know it yet.
      Every day I watch closely as more and more of sciences “new discoveries” confirm these concepts and bring them ever closer to truly understanding the world they claim to know so well.

      I often laugh as I watch documentaries. In every one of them the narrator describes something only to then make an additional comment about what it is they don’t know but are getting closer and closer to. Only to have me quietly laughing to myself as I say, “Well, I know how it’s done. But don’t worry. You’re getting closer…” 🙂

      And they are… (Getting closer that is.) lol

      • I was reading on sonochemistry and came across figure 6. on this page.

        Figure 6. High-speed microcimemagraphic sequence of laser-induced cavitation near a solid surface shows the formation of a microjet impact with a velocity of approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles) per hour. (W. Lauterborn)

        This made me think of David’s research. May cavitation be another example of this type of magnetic interaction?

      • Great question and good lookin’ out!
        To be honest, I don’t know the answer to your question right off hand. (I also haven’t read the research just yet) But! I did want to say that before I do check it out that although not addressed specifically in the first three video’s in the series, the fourth is said to contain information on exactly that.

        I have it from another of the team that the fourth in the series (although not to be released) is focused mainly on our Sun as an observable example in Nature of how some of his other ideas and interactions were thought to be occurring. One of these was sound.

        David was wholly convinced that “sound” played an integral role in the stable formation of a 3 dimensional plasma object in vacuum. (Another thing to think of here would also be gravity.)

        The reason I say this is because “unlike” modern academia, he also believed that the core of a Sun was much cooler than predicted, that “sound” was “not” simply a byproduct, but was actually integral to the mechanisms, and that nuclear fusion actually took place in the “Corona” of the sphere. (An extremely hot, violent, “NOISY” area with a lot of chances for energy to really interact in crazy strong ways)

        But. I digress! 🙂

      • Original page:
        From David LaPoint
        I am the guy who made the Primer Fields video. Sorry for the length of this post, but is has to be long in order to address the issues I am seeing in some of the comments here. I just have time to make this post here and then back to work on the next videos and a paper for submission that covers my research. I hope to have PF2 up by Feb. 1. I will not be able to respond to any questions or comments here. I may read them and then address them in my upcoming videos for all to see and learn from.

        Regarding intrinsic magnetic fields. All matter has intrinsic magnetic fields to it. Research this. All I did was change the shape of the source of the intrinsic magnetic fields. My main focus of my work has NOT been astrophysics, but physics at the atomic and sub-atomic level. The particles of matter at the LHC are driven around the LHC by MAGNETIC FIELDS. They are able to do this because of the intrinsic magnetic fields in all matter. Think this through carefully. It is based on repeatably proven science fact and experiments. Magnetic fields are intrinsic to all matter structures and that is undeniable fact. Trying to prove where they come from would be like asking me to prove water is wet. Think this through.

        They are there and I don’t have to prove that as it is already accepted as fact. If you think that they can be electrically generated just on what we find in space, then I challenge you to prove it and not just say it. This is what true scientists do, they prove their statements. In six years of experiments I find zero evidence that these intrinsic magnetic fields are driven or generated by external electrical currents. I have run many many experiments without my magnetic emitters and I have seen zero evidence of this happening. If you go back and look at Birkleland’s experiments you will notice that he had to put a source of a magnetic field into his sphere to find his Birkeland currents. No magnetic field no Birkeland currents. So the magnetic fields have to be there before any electricity is provided. Therefore the electricity did not form the magnetic fields and without magnetic fields you get no Birkeland currents.

        The EUT is mostly correct and absolutely more correct than current mainstream AP. But there is no proof as to the source of the electricity. I am very aware of magneto hydrodynamics and in fact my theories use it, but you still have to prove that MHD is the real source and I see no evidence for that when it comes to externally powered stars etc. In fact if you carefully observe my experiments you will see the variance between my electrically driven plasma formation and the formations in space. They are NOT the same. They are similar in that the plasma reveals the shape of the fields. The steel ball experiments I show in the videos also do this WITHOUT electricity. I do this to show that electricity is NOT the driver of the formations we see in space, but in fact is produced by the formations we see in space. I have to be careful in how I present this evidence because I have working technology based on these theories and I have patents in the works. But in PF2 I will present the mechanism by which electricity is produced by the Sun. I DO NOT AGREE with the current mainstream view of the Sun as being internally fusion powered and I find that all evidence and hard data point directly away from this concept. So I do understand the EUT frustrations with the blindness in the mainstream. But I am not the mainstream. So do not try and say things against what I am saying until you can prove it. That is what I did. I kept my mouth closed until I had hard repeatable data.

        But I do find that the Sun is fusion powered from the outside. Find the highest temperature and you have the place where fusion is greatest. Simple logic. Then as to the EUT, If the Sun were externally electrically powered we would not find these incredible temperature variances between the surface of the Sun and the corona-sphere. It would all be pretty much the same temperature. This is simple logic, backed by experiments. So in an externally powered Sun you have to explain the mechanism for the Solar interior being 5000K and the hottest areas in the corona-sphere being over 2 million K. IN fact you have to provide a mechanism for the interior of the Sun to be cooled as it is surrounded by the much hotter corona-sphere. That mechanism I cannot prove, but I do have a couple of ideas that I will expound on in my videos. Too much to discuss here.

        My thinking that the Sun cannot be externally powered is also backed by experimental proof of little or no temperature variance in my experiments, which are indeed externally electrically driven. Therefore one must conclude that NASA et all is incorrect and the current EUT theory is incorrect based on repeatable experiments. Six years of experiments in fact.

        But again I do agree with the concepts of the EUT more than I agree with BH, DM, and DE, which I find no reason to exist and in fact I find zero proof that any of them exist.

        Furthermore. I am a plasma physicist as you can see. I know very well what a Z-pinch is. Please do not make comments that I don’t realize I made a Z-pinch. To those who actually worked with Z-pinches a comment like that makes the whole EUT look really bad. What I made is not a Z-pinch at all. NOT AT ALL. Trying to say it does makes you look really really bad. Sorry, but it does. It makes those who really know how a Z-pinch really works pay no attention to anything else you say. I am sorry, but that is how these guys think.

        It would be like me telling you the moon is really made of cheese and then wondering why you won’t listen to me. So really research what you believe, for your own sake.

        I hope to work with the EU folks in the future and I have been in communication with them. But for now I must stand alone. There are currently some EU statements that are not scientifically backed by proven facts and indeed go against scientific fact. Z-pinchs are one of those statements, as is the externally powered Sun and stars.

        It is an electric universe and the electricity is generated around the stars. I can prove it. How do you generate electricity here on Earth. You move magnetic fields. This is what these intrinsic bowl shaped magnetic fields do, they cause magnetic fields to move very violently past each other, i.e. MHD, and guess what happens? You get electricity and the hottest points around the Sun are exactly where the greatest magnetic turbulence would take place. This in turn leads to fusion and the fusion provides the extra kick to keep it all going and generating electricity. So these theories account for where the electricity in the universe comes from and it all matches ALL the hard data. I really believe that endless clean power is near. Don’t have it all worked out yet, but I do have tech that is based on these theories that is in over twelve countries right now. It works really well and it would not work if my theories were not correct. That technology has been the main focus of my research for the last six years. The AP stuff is just cool because it provides validation of my theories.

        Please carefully considered what you type here. I have. I have patiently waited six years to go public with what I have. That is six years of 80 hours per week. Everything I say is backed by experiments and I have not had one mainstream physics or AP attack on any of my theories that I am aware of. All I have heard is their silence. In fact I have physicists who totally back all I say.

        I know it is very frustrating to have the mainstream be so totally blind to some of the things the EUT calls for, but I am not mainstream and I am not your enemy. I am on your side more than I am on their side. I would suggest all of you take a step back and wait for the rest of my videos and my papers that I am working on as hard as I can. I only seek the truth and that is all. That is what every true scientist does. Just make sure you are seeking for the truth no matter where it leads, and not just trying to convince yourself that all you believe is true. That can be a very dangerous psychological trap that goes by the name of cognitive dissonance. This is the trap that I believe the mainstream has fallen into. I.E. our theories are correct and now we need patches to make our theories work.

        My approach is to try and shoot down my own theories and prove them incorrect. This approach has worked really well for me and any mistakes or problems are revealed when I do this. If I cannot prove something, I will not say it as a fact. If I say I believe that means I think that this is correct, but I cannot yet prove it, therefore it could be wrong. I think all of us should be like that, even NASA, even you, even me.

        I hope you all understand where I am coming from.

        Cheers to all,


      • As cavitation creates
        I don’t know for certain. Right off the bat I’d have to wonder if cavitation would create too “randomized” of an environment that would seem a bit “disruptive.”
        As to an interaction with magnetic fields though, I think density plays a bit of a role in the whole thing, but once that level is reached, sound is sound and I’d imagine should work too.

  5. Hello to all who are reading this and wish to comment.

    I believe that there has been a slight misunderstanding that I wish to clarify at this point.

    My name is Richard and I am the author here at Thesingularityeffect. I am “not” David LaPoint, nor am I a member of his research staff. (Although I think it would be really cool if I was.

    I have been in contact with David and a few members of his team off and on in the past, and can reach him if absolutely necessary, but only in such extreme cases.

    I have been working on the theoretical aspects of his discovery for a few years now and have (I believe) a pretty good working understanding of it in general, but I am not a plasma physicist.

    I can at times answer some questions put forth here on this page, but anything more specific than applied theory and I am going to be at a complete loss.

    I apologize if I gave anyone the wrong impression here, but as much as I wish it were so, David does not currently contribute to this blog, nor answer any direct questions on this site.

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and comment here, but again. David LaPoint is not available to comment to questions posted on this site at this time.

    Thank you.


    Blog author:

  6. This is great stuff! Don’t people get ..lets say “suppressed” for this kind of knowledge? Sad isn’t it! If i wasn’t so old I’d love be b on this team!

    Kinda ties into Leedscalin.

    Good luck, love to se you successfull in making a change to more than just energy!


    Retired Submariner & Knowledge Nut….

    • Hello, and thank you for the comment.

      From the nephew of a Diesel plank owner and Ohio class missile tech instructor, thank you for your service!

      Suppression… Excellent question.

      First of all just to be clear, I’m not David although I am at times in contact with him.
      That said, I have at times wondered if that wasn’t at least part of the reason David never released the rest of the series.

      The other reason I believe that it hasn’t been suppress is because David has never shown an interest in developing the technology any further than a patent submission on a device that he feels will be integral to future energy inventions.

      I do know that he does monitor those who are working to develop technology along similar lines, but knows they are doing this a bit hit and miss.

      Although he has expressed concerns for the safety of those who don’t quite understand what they’re working with.

      As for myself, I work with the theoretical aspects of the discovery but without the academic background to request assistance I have had some difficulty in refining the theory into a working model. David did no know how the specific mechanisms of the discovery worked, but I’ve developed them to a point where I have what I believe to be a fairly good understanding of the entire model. (David has indicated to me that he believes so as well.)

      The model explains in very simple terms how it works on a grand unification scale including hypothesis of gravity, particle formation, waveform stability, light, duality, etc. But again, the lack of research assistance is a barrier. Explaining it all is also somewhat difficult even though it’s perfectly clear in my head, and explains every question still posed by physics researchers as “yet unknown.”

      All that said, the discovery really hasn’t reached a level to where it’s a threat yet.

      I get some help and that all might change though. lol

  7. I find the Primer Fields to be groundbreaking. I am a student taking an introductory course in modern physics, and we have been assigned to do a project in a topic of choice. I would like to do mine in Primer Fields; however I need at least 2 sources that are not internet based. I’ve searched the internet trying to find books or articles on the subject but I can’t seem to find any. Is there any articles, books, etc. (on the internet or printed) that you may recommend?

    • Unfortunately, there are no books or papers published relating to the Primer Fields hypothesis. There is however some patent information on a device designed by David that uses the technology to harness and create power. {}

      Other than that, I would suggest performing a Google search for information that deals with 3d plasma structures in vacuum or magnetic field theory in general.

      A word of advice though. Be sure to really study the information in the series well making sure you have a good grasp of the concepts surrounding the theory. This is because although Primer Fields theory IS correct, it still hasn’t been accepted by mainstream academia yet. You will therefore be required to defend your paper quite extensively.

      I will do a little research myself for some of the information you’re requesting and see if there’s anything I can turn up.

      Good luck!


    • Let me get this straight, you want to be in fringe physic? Dam, I tip my hat to you .physic in general tend to be money biased. Fringe physic! Most are portrayed as mad scientist .scientific community love to spend million descrediting fringe physic .stay awa from it .it isn’t that gou cant do it .its the fact you ll need everything on paper .(yep its that bad .on pc? It will never work . Too much editing program that cant understand what you write and reword it so THEY UNDERSTAND . EXPERIMENT DONT WORK ANYMORE

  8. Hello

    I just finished watching the first / only three primer field videos on YouTube but there are no more. He David mentions 7? but I cannot find any more than the first 3.

    Any word when they will be completed?

    • Hello, and thank you for your comment.

      It’s a very good one, as well as being the question I’m asked most often. (Although it was one of the first ones I asked as well.)

      The 4th video in the series is in fact finished. Completed in early Autumn last year it focuses mainly on the Sun and David’s theories on how stellar formation and stellar mechanics truly work. One example is the suggestion that nuclear fusion takes place NOT in the core of the Sun, but in it’s corona. He supports this by quoting extreme temperature readings in the corona, greater than those predicted to be in the core. He has made the statement many times previously that he believes the core’s temperature is much lower than currently predicted.

      Unfortunately though, the last time I spoke to David he had no current intentions on releasing the video any time in the near future.

      One of the reasons he mentioned for this a while back was a concern for some of the research groups around the world experimenting with his theories in ways he felt were irresponsible or unenlightened to the true understandings of what his discoveries meant.

      At the same time, if you were to check the internet you would see that at the time he was getting frustrated with some of the internet trolls out there trying to give him c**p. The thing is though, if you continue reading the same posts, you would also notice that there were some very good legitimate questions being asked where he had no problems discussing the intricacies of his discovery. Rest assured, his departure and refusal to release the rest of the series are due to reasons like this, NOT that there are any flaws with his interpretation of the data. Besides, at that time, the lab had just finished their project and things were really starting to take on a world of their own.

      We can only hope that David changes his mind sometime soon, and I’ll do what I can to see if there’s been any change in his opinion of whether or not to do so, but until then, we’re just going to have to take what we have so far and see what we can do with it from here. One thing I’ve discovered is that a theory of everything is more than possible when using the basics of Primer Field theory. (Although I understand it completely, I’m just not the greatest at putting it all down on paper.) I know that some of them seem a bit off the wall and unfinished, but try reading some of the pieces on PF theory I’ve written here at thesingularityeffect.

      Again, I thank you for your comment and I look forward to hearing from you again.


  9. With baited breath. Any way we can get a hold of him directly for more questions or info regarding us all starting a fundraiser to help with the rest of the videos?

    • That’s a good question.

      Yea, I have a couple of ways I can get a hold of him. It might take a few days though. I’ll put out a few feelers and post the results here.

      • UPDATE!
        I recently reached out to David through a member of his team that I occasionally correspond with. He assured me that he would forward the request to continue the series if funding were provided.
        However, he also stated that David’s focus has recently become centered around a medical device he has invented based on PF concepts. (No real word yet on exactly what the device does.)

        My thinking based on previous conversations with David and this current communique’ do not hold much hope that he will suddenly change his mind. But we can hope!

        I’ll let you all know the results of any further communication.


  10. Hi… Watched the primer field videos a few times and as warned cannot look at any photos of our sun, galaxies, stars etc as before…seems all I do is try and figure out where and how the primer fields overlay the photos. Davids videos have expanded my awareness and I’m richer for it. All other documentaries on electric/plasma cosmology seem to pale in comparison. Hope Davids circumstances change and he releases his other videos. I think we would all benefit.

  11. Since David seems to busy and reluctant to release the video on how the Sun works, maybe he might do an interview on it here and talk more generally if he worries about that information being abused or weaponized.

    • That would be really cool if he would, but unfortunately I don’t get the impression that it’s something he’s too interested in doing at the moment.

      From what I gather he’s become really involved in a medical type device he invented using PF technology. I don’t have too much info on the project but I’d assume that it deals with magnetic fields and their interactions within the human body.

      I’ll do what I can to pass the idea on to him but even I am having problems getting in touch with him directly.

      I thank you for the comment though. That would be an awesome idea. I’d love it if I could get something like that going. I’ll post my results here as I get them.


  12. Well there would be no harm in asking. Health care effects of magnets and magnetic fields has a checkered history if David is looking a healing. Some things work others are placebos. James Oshman (sp?) wrote some recent books and alternative health care providers promote this stuff but trust me when i say that i really know most of this stuff is junk.

    Now if David means imaging like fMRI’s then fantastic!

    One thing i was hoping to hear from David’s third video was an ezplanation of the EPR associated effect. How do twophotons that where formed together and then seperated to great distances, seem to have an faster than light causal connection? We cannot use that connection to send signals because of our inability to non-randomly have control over this connection but the connection is there. How does he explain this faster than light if not instantaneous connection? That was missing in part 3 of his videos.

    • Quantum Entanglement-

      When David first published his results, he had commented to
      one of his team about waveform formation, …”I don’t know
      “how” they do it, I just know they do.”

      That’s where I’ve come in…..

      But first.

      …”How could we do so much if we didn’t know what we are
      Because, …”A good set of bad tools can still build a
      pretty nifty doghouse.”

      …”How do you imagine your rough concepts to be more
      correct than a model with solid math, countless repeated
      proofs and observations, a simple set of laws, few
      eccentricities and only one grand anomaly that becomes
      majik when you look at it all up close?”
      Because, …”If it’s correct, you won’t have to force any of it. It will fit naturally. It will also answer questions rather than pose them.”

      Quantum Entanglement –


  13. Did you provide me with the right link? Anyway, sounds like David does not know but he does give a solution to the double slit experiment. If i am not mistaken, the double slit phenomena in quantum physics is the same phenomena as entanglement. However, in David’s model that cannot be the case. Maybe that is progress in itself since these may have been conflated all this time. Seperating things out could lead to progress on entanglement if it is thought about as a seperate issue.

  14. Here is something from Prof. Bryan Sanctuary which restores locality to physics. There is a series of video lectures. Quantum principles are only used to show this and he modifies the spin state to have 2 dimensions instead of one. This reproduces all the violations of Bell’s inequality, explains the seeming entanglement weirdness at great distances (it isn’t real), all with a local model of reality and with no classical concepts “smuggled in.”

    His 7-part lecture series on YouTube is here with other links.

    • His list of ailments includes all the things that chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other alternative health care providers see. All known to be basically placebos. So if this does anything significant beyond that it would be easy to test in a double-blind randomized controlled trial with a large enough sample size.

  15. So….! You are saying that we are stuck to the ground because of a magnetic field? Things fall to the earth because they are magnetically pulled to the center of this planet?
    That just does not make any relative sense. A magnetic field has to be generated, probably by something formed through GRAVITY.

    • IDK which statement you’d be referring to in your question, but I don’t believe anyone here thinks gravity is an effect of magnetism pulling things down.

      Now, a magnetic field will have characteristics of gravity within it though. Momentum in the direction of the current would have a “pulling” effect on any matter it is interacting with either directly or indirectly on either the macro scale or the micro.

    • ?rofl its more complicated the its all magnetism fault but at its simplest version?yep it is all magnetism fault. Frictional electricity likely have a say, inertia , wtc but the main player required ?yep magnetism .yep it means we ll need to revisit this wireless doubfounding simplex thing called magnetism

    • Hello and thank you for your interaction.
      Although I appreciate the question, I’d like to remind my visitors that I am not part of David’s research team, any of his business or academic ventures, nor am I a personal friend or relative. I am simply a researcher, writer, observer and thinker who was able to track him down when he first showed up, correspond with him occasionally, and develop a few additional related contacts.

      That said, I’m sorry but it is not my responsibility to conduct your research for you.

      There is actually quite a bit of information available on the internet. It’s not difficult to locate given a bit of enthusiasm. I will go ahead and clue you into one thing first though since you were so nice to visit my site. David’s educational and work history is about as difficult to locate as statistical information of his personal life is. This should be taken as a clue to the real possibility that he has chosen at some point to adopt a pseudo identity. (I have very good reason to believe this is so.)

      A traceable history that arrived about the same time David did is filled with a few papers, patent applications and grants, chat room discussions, and of course the video’s.

      I can say however that David does actually exist and that he did in fact perform the experiments shown in a genuine, fully equipped and staffed physics laboratory. I have developed a pleasant writing relationship with a member of his research team that was formed independent of any interaction from David. I have been able to contact David directly with this and therefore am confident in it’s authenticity.

      These conversations have produced a fairly clear impression of the circumstances of the research. With that, my impression is that all the experiments done would have been done by an extremely well trained team under the direction of someone truly knowledgeable in the field. The laboratory conditions are state of the art but I presume easily replicated given access to the patent pending magnet emitters. The theory is currently under peer review by people like you and me.

      Hope that helps.

  16. You were describing energy flow structure around a photon as possibly a repeating structure?
    You were not sure how far the energy flows could be broken down?
    Could this structure be fractal?
    Please excuse me if I misunderstood.

    • Hello.
      If you’re here in the United States, have a safe and fun Independence Day.

      Okay… Let’s see if I can explain this a little differently. But before I do I’d just like to let you know that it isn’t “you” having the problem here, it’s me. Even though it makes such clear and simple sense to me, for some reason I find it difficult to put into words. Not because it’s complicated, it’s just hard to describe. I can assure you though, once you do get it, it’ll be so crystal clear and so “simple” that you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

      …”You were describing energy flow structure around a photon as possibly a repeating structure?”
      One reason some people have a problem conceptualizing the Waveform’s particle structure is because of the way we have been taught to understand it to begin with. We are told that each atom is essentially one (1) single piece of material that has another piece of material orbiting around it. The number of pieces orbiting around it as well as the polarity of the pieces give the particle it’s properties.

      Visualizing atoms this way makes it pretty easy to understand what’s going on. So we think…

      Being able to “freeze” our atom in an internal frame of reference allows us to “stop” all the spinning, wobbling, and orbiting going on with the atom. Making it easier to perform a virtual autopsy in our mind.

      It is “this” thinking that is goofing everything up though. For a couple of reasons. Let’s take the first misconception, …”each atom is essentially one (1) single piece of material, that has another piece of material orbiting around it.” QUESTION: How can a “fundamental element” be comprised of anything other than THAT fundamental element? And how can a single atom be comprised of many different pieces of different things? Wouldn’t that be called a “molecule?” If you notice…, these are questions that lead to further questions. Definitely NOT elegant.

      A “Waveform” IS comprised of only 1 (one) fundamental element. Energy.
      Proof of this can be observed in the phenomenon that led to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
      In a very thin nutshell, Quantum Mechanics is math that has been designed to tell an observer where everything “isn’t.” Thus leaving the logical remaining location as the location of your particle. (Not simple at all.)

      This is going to be very oversimplified, but should work well to explain what a particle is like.
      I want you to imagine a very thin, very long, very flexible string of energy. (Yes, I believe this is where “string theory’s math is) Anyway. Take this very thin thread of energy and wad it into a small ball.

      Now, using a mental force field, imagine you are pulling on one end of the string. As you pull on one end, the other gets shorter. Everything else stays in the ball. (COE) Okay. Pull on it and then bring it around to it’s opposite side (pole) and put it back into the ball. Now pull it back out of the top again, bring it around to the other pole, put it back in, etc.

      You should now be imagining a ball of energy with a whole bunch of field lines around it made up of the same energy.Waveform example

      Here’s why I can’t really answer your questions as asked. Newton was wrong in that you can not hold any particle of matter or energy in an inertial frame of reference. Although the particle is made up of smaller structures of energy just like the big one, you can’t isolate them even just to reference them. This is because they’re best imagined as “currents.”

      Now remember that problem Quantum Mechanics had with not knowing where their particle was when they observed it? The reason they run into this problem is because they are trying to follow the Concentration of Energy. (COE or the big ball) But typically what happens is that they actually run into one of the field lines first. Since it is all comprised of the same energy, hitting it is the same as if you hit the COE itself.

  17. Thank you for the quick reply. I’m not that familiar with string theory, however I do like your description of a string of energy. You are correct, once I understood the analogy it keeps repeating in my brain. During your description, I was reminded of the Gordian knot and Alexander’s solution to unraveling it. I wonder if cutting it with a sword or atom smasher is the correct solution. In cutting the string, you could be just observing smaller parts of the same string?

    • Yes. Exactly. You would be observing smaller parts of the same string. Take it down even further to a “single” piece, and you would effectively be looking at the same atom you’re dissecting. Only much, much smaller. The only problem is isolating it in that frame of reference. You can’t do it.

      I don’t agree with String Theory and it’s hypothesis, however the math of it indicates that it is correct in some way. My thinking is that the results they are looking at actually represents certain characteristics of my model. These strings or “Birckland currents” are visible in the Plasma structures created in the lab. At this point the biggest problem I have working with the theoretical model is the math.

      Prior to the acceptance of Quantum Mechanics and the “math” that allegedly proves it, progress in atomic physics went in alternate cycles from an experimental observation, through to a theoretical explanation followed by some predictions that may or may not be confirmed by experiment, and so on. Math wasn’t always required in order to prove a theory. Quantum Mechanics however is “ONLY” math and disregards physical observation. This has created a negatively unique environment where it has become almost impossible to put forth valid a hypothesis without first proving it by the math. Problem is that in plasma physics, the numbers are so large, and plasma is always in continuous flux. Add to this your observation regarding the knot and you can see how this is virtually impossible.

  18. What is a field? A field concentrates, directs, and organizes energy.

    Does the field pre-exist the concentration of the energy (into “atoms,” etc.), or does it co-exist with the energy it concentrates?

    It would seem that fields are independent and provide structure to the universe; the energy flows through that structure revealing it.

    I’m not a physicist, just thinking this through, philosophically. Maybe, the “soul” is a field; it pre-exists matter (the concentration of energy), and is eternal and indestructible, and doesn’t need to be saved. It just recycles energy within itself to become all types of things. The field is a non-material, not biological type of consciousness, that can interact with matter and biology. (A big guess.).

    The biggest question is the independent existence of fields.

    • Your gmail address intrigues me! lol

      A field “can” help concentrate, direct, and organize energy. And although the field is a inherent to energy, it is still only a by-product of that energy. In my model it is a result of momentum of the energy itself that works similar to the way bath water will follow the direction of a finger being ran from one end of the tub to the other. It has been observed that energy can be compared to liquids and hydrodynamics when comparing it’s motion. I agree with this and have determined that it is fundamental to my model.

      The field and the energy “co-exists” with the COE if it is the field “of” the COE, or is independent of the COE if it is not. Either way magnetic fields play an integral role in the formation of the structure, as well as being a by-product of that energy.

      It is the field size and strength relative to the size and density of the COE that gives the particle it’s specific properties.

  19. policetac; May I ask when the last time you heard from David himself was? The product released is clearly outright snake oil garbage and unlike the other videos, David’s voice is not present during the video, nor is any science or concepts linking to Primer Fields. David went suspiciously quiet 2 years ago, and I’m not convinced he’s back.

    • Yea, I’m not sure about all of that. It has been about 2 years since I spoke with him directly. I’ve been keeping in touch mainly with another member of the plasma team who has kept me updated on him from time to time.

      Yea, I too was a bit surprised by the device he’s supposedly associated with these days. I’d like to think it’s just a gimmick doohickey someone has set him up with in order to funnel funds or label him some kind of a quack, but then I have to get into a bunch of Woo-Woo I’d rather not have to deal with.

      Now that you mention it, I did send him an email directly about 6 month’s ago and never did get a reply.. Curious. Tell you what. I can’t give you his direct email address but this is what I was originally told to do if I ever needed to speak with him directly.
      Locate his Twitter account, (I’ll see if I can remember what it is) and twitter him a message telling him that you would like to speak to him directly. Supposedly he would see it and tweet back.
      Let me know how that goes. I’ll try my friend again and see if I can figure out what’s up.

      • It’s here with the same bullshit. I’m guessing that I would simply get as a response whoever or whatever agency has his accounts. As you’ve already had contact and probably have a better rapport considering this site, I’m more interested in what happens with you trying to reopen communication and whether or not you can actually confirm it’s him.

      • Well, I’ll give it a try. Is there anything specific you wanted to ask him? Or do you want to do the same as the rest of us and simply Pepper him with questions??? lol The reason I ask is because I know his response when it comes to questions concerning the series. If it’s about how the structures form in space, then I’m your man as David has said he really doesn’t know how that is done. If it’s some basic technical questions about the experiments, then my other contact may be the one you might want to really talk to.

        If it’s just to locate him, then I won’t help at all.

  20. I would like to know a release date for the Primercube. And if he is ever going to do the 4th video in the series.

    • I’m going to try and answer both your comments in this one reply.

      According to the website (Primercube)”The PrimerCube will not be available for purchase by consumers until the summer of 2015. The shipping date for these first PrimerCubes will be announced by June 1, 2015. We plan on having the date that we will begin accepting pre-orders for the PrimerCube established by end of March, 2015. As soon as the price of the consumer version of the PrimerCube is established, that information will be available on the Primercube website.”

      As to the 4th video. This is probably the one question I’m asked the most. Unfortunately though I don’t have an answer for you that you are going to like. The 4th video in the series IS in fact finished however it will not be released for public viewing due to a number of concerns David had just prior to his “disappearance.”

      Although I’m sure you don’t really want to hear this right now, I can tell you that number 4’s primary focus is on the experimental model and it’s observed/anecdotal relationship to stellar formation and stellar evolution.

      It is interesting to point out that of this research, “sound” has raised some serious questions that need further investigation. It appears as though sound may play a major fundamental role in stellar mechanics and star formation. Another theory put forth is that the “core” of a star is NOT where nuclear fusion occurs and that the temperatures theorized to be present in the core are not as high as many astrophysicists currently believe.

      Yes, the “something special” he was alluding to would have been the Primercube. Which I find rather fascinating. Here’s why. For one thing, out of everything else he could’ve come up with, THIS one wasn’t something I’d have even thought of… 🙂 As I’m sure you can imagine, the Primercube has already been attacked as being just another magnets/healing/hocus pocus type device. But when I spoke to someone close to David I trust to give me honest information, this person said that it really did work and that he himself was truly impressed. And although I was offered one of the initial experimental models at the time, I unfortunately turned it down. Perhaps that was done in haste…?

      Anyway. Thank you for your comments. I hope I’ve at least answered SOME of your questions.

      • Wow. Thanks for taking the time to write that. I already read about the date for release of the device on his site, but that time has passed. Which makes me wonder if it does work (and it could), is it being suppressed already.

        And Like I said before, I was surprised that David was still “ok” when he spoke to me. now I wonder if he is no longer “with us”.

        There is a great deal of evil in this world, and these things do not go unnoticed.

      • Hello again…

        Well, the last I heard, (about 6 month’s ago) he was alive, well, and enjoying a little time off. But, then again… That WAS a short while ago. One thing you may not be aware of though in your searching for David is that he is not from the US. Neither is his team, nor were the experiments carried out down here. (Check North of the border…:)

        I just had a great idea.

        It seems as though we have recently had a surge of people really wanting to at least “hear” from David.
        How about this everyone???

        Why don’t those of you who wish to ask David a question or two write them down and then post them here. Please make them very short, easy to understand, and something that won’t require a 13 hour discussion on high energy physics just to answer. lol

        Those who wish to simply wish him well may do so here also. As well as those who wish to ask questions about any of his other ventures.

        What I’ll do is give it about a week so that everyone can get their questions or comments in and then I’ll send it to him, (as well as my other contact) and we’ll see if he is willing to answer some of them. While I’m at it, perhaps I could talk him into making a personal visit to the site on a designated day and we could all have a chance to speak with him.

        What do you think??? 🙂

      • Your call. I don’t really have any questions per se – I am certainly interested in the remaining videos, but am primarily curious whether or not something has happened to David. If he’s alright and this PrimerCube product is coming from him, it’s too bad to find out he’s a fraud. I’m saddened to hear that members of this community might be gullible enough to believe any device can magically aid years of compounded physical, genetic, psychological and diet problems with an “ionic field”. Nothing short of an intelligence (like AI and nanobots) can accomplish the claims listed — most certainly not a physics discovery.

        David’s last official comment regarding Primer Fields 4 was posted to his Facebook Feb 21 2013, “Primer Fields 4 is on hold as I have to stop to attend to some important business matters. I hope that it will not be pushed back by more than a week, but I cannot be certain at this time. Thanks for your understanding in this matter. Cheers, Dave”

        I would figure that given his frequent updates, if he decided to delay it further or not release it at all I think he would have made a statement. Am unsure why you trust his “associates” this much, as the latest video contains none of David’s voice, and the updates have not been like him since 2013 — if something has happened to him, his associates are likely involved in the conspiracy.

      • Hello, and thank you for your input.

        I actually have a few answers for you that might help to make a little more sense of a few things.
        I guess the first thing would have to address why it is that I trust the information I have regarding David’s well being, his “associates,” or the reasoning I’ve been given for the status of the series.

        Regarding the series, my information is good because it was in a discussion that David and I had personally that the series was discussed. It was cancelled because of the amount of work involved in creating each volume combined with all of the things he had going on in his life right then, as well as some concerns he was having for the safety of some who were trying to experiment with his discoveries without a real understanding of what they were doing. He was a little afraid that someone was going to get hurt.

        He did in fact finish volume number 4 though. Although I haven’t actually seen it, he was almost finished with it last we spoke, and my “associate” let me know when it was actually done. (That’s also how I got an inside idea of the subject matter)

        The trust I have in my “associate” stems from the relationship itself and how it developed over time. His friendship with David is confirmed by his access, my trust in his “lab” credentials comes from many discussions we’ve had related to plasma physics, and my trust in his motives are supported by the personal discussions we’ve had that have given me a pretty good understanding of “what kind of person he is.” (BTW. Just to clue everyone in, think real spiritual, laid back, Canadian, family oriented type people…)

        As to the PrimerCube; No comment.

  21. Side note. I spoke to David via YouTube (private message so I imagine it was guarantees) about two years ago. I said I was surprised he wasn’t gone. As in removed. Considering breakthrough knowledge like that isn’t really permitted in our society. He said he was fine but that he was working on something special. I guess he meant the primercube? If he is even still alive.

    • Now don’t go hanging up posters just yet okay??? lol

      I don’t even know if he’ll be up to it. And besides, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done an actual interview?? My God…, I’m going to have to work and everything!!! 🙂

    • Although I believe the “person” David is still here with us, I do suppose it’s possible that we have all seen the last from him.
      (Personally, I’ve thought all along that the whole “David LaPoint” thing was an alias anyway. 🙂

      BUT! That still won’t stop me!

      Gather your questions and comments here, and I will present them to him and his associate in a letter requesting him to answer them, along with another small request for him to spend a little time here if he could.

      Keep faith! If there’s one thing about David personally, it’s that he’s a deeply spiritual individual.

      Thank you to everyone posting comments lately. I never really realized my blog generated so much interest. This is really cool. (Even if it is all about someone else…) lol

  22. I’m magnetically drawn into this blog bowl – and I’ll never be the same. Let’s stay curious and find out if this can explain anything about CORAL CASTLE by Ed Leedskalnin. Thanks to David A. Lapoint (if you are) for sharing your knowledge.

    • “if anyone ever questioned Ed about how he moved the blocks of coral, Ed would only reply that he understood the laws of weight and leverage well.” Coral Castle Estate

      When told by talented storyteller, the legend of Coral Castle is one of those mysteries that can really make a person scratch their head. I remember the first time I ever heard about Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle. I believe it was on a popular radio show called “Coast to Coast AM.” If I remember correctly, the guest discussing the estate with the host claimed that Mr. Leedskalnin used “sound” to move the stones.

      You reference them being moved with magnetism, as does the estate and many paranormal investigators. Personally however I believe it was done using mechanical pulley’s, leverage, a whole bunch of rope, and some really good balancing know how.

      Early on in my life I had the opportunity to work for a man who owned a small piano store. My job was to deliver the customers piano and set it up for them. You would be amazed how many people who want a piano just happen to live in a location that you’d never think a piano could get to. But my boss taught me a few tricks that made delivering these behemoth’s a walk in the park. One of these tricks was simply the “one” board we used for all moves. We would strap this board to whatever it was we wanted to move, sometimes with some wheels underneath and that was about it. There was something about the way the board caused the piano’s to balance that made everything so easy.

      BUT…. That’s just my opinion. Either way it’s a neat story. Thanks for bringing it up.

      (BTW. No, I’m not David. 🙂

  23. Interested to see more, although I have to agree, David Lapoint is nowhere to be found. Why is that? Is he even still alive? If so, why hasn’t he contacted you directly? If some associate on his team has a secure enough way of reaching you, why would he have one? Just something to think about. Hope all is well with him

    • Hello hesher,
      Glad you responded.
      I don’t really know either. Let me give you and the others a little more backround just so we can perhaps put some of all this together. 🙂

      Not long after David released the first video, it was recommended to me by a member of my Kurzweil group. I watched it and I was fascinated. (4-6m’s for it to hit mainstream) I started researching right away.
      Now I don’t want to brag…. (ahem) but I’m pretty darn good at using the internet to it’s full advantage. So I found everything right away, plus a little extra. Caught up with him at a site and entered the conversation. I don’t think I even saved the conversation or the account. I’ll have to look.
      I got his personal email at some point and wrote him. I had been trying to design experiments, and was working on the theoretical concepts of the model so I bounced a few questions at him. (I think it might be posted around here somewhere.)
      We did this a couple times until I was confident he’d answer if he saw it was from me. He did, for a while. He didn’t go into any real details back then but he did clue me in to his intent to disappear for a while. I’ve written about that around here too.
      Then he disappeared
      I wrote him about 6 month’s in just to see if I could get him and he wrote right back. Updated, I waited another bit.
      Anyway, I have some alerts set and ended up at a forum. Although he didn’t announce it there, one of the members contacted me outside of the forum. This ended up being my friend Brent.
      Brent worked in the lab as one of David’s assistants. Apparently this was in fact done in a fully funded lab. We talked and he told me that yes, he was still in touch with David. David responded real quick but didn’t say much. Then the David LaPoint on F/B popped up. I asked if it was him but he said no. (I do still wonder though…:)
      Brent and I haven’t written in quite a while but that’s not a big deal. I should say hello anyway.
      So what does that all mean?
      Basically it means that “yes,” I probably CAN get a message to David, but it’s really got to be for something quite specific, real quick, etc. David and I aren’t friends, I’m just allowed to ring the bell occasionally! lol
      That said, I did say I would be willing to try and get a hold of him with a short list of questions or something if people were wanted to write them down on here. It’s just that I don’t want to bother him, invade his privacy, etc. and risk losing access.
      That ALSO said…, “:) If it’s a technical question about the experiments, or work in the lab…, I’m sure I could swing that easy enough, I can ask Brent those. Brent is usually pretty good about answering the technical stuff. I can handle most of the theoretical stuff, I just have difficulty putting it into words though. (My handwritten stuff is enormous though!)
      Anyway… I want to get this out and then I’ll respond to your next comment.
      Until then…

      • Hi, I’m glad I got a response. Btw the email I used to comment is my main email. The fact that the actual David wasn’t the one who responded seems a little odd. Im not saying you in particular are in the know of why he hasn’t surfaced this far in the game. Usually people that have something this groundbreaking gets enough “support” from the right people in order to keep his safety and public persona open. The fact that you mention his name being a pseudonym I don’t doubt nor do I believe to be true. but the fact is you have to admit something weird is going on. I’m just a curious person and my gut is usually correct. I read between the lines that be without fail. These types of breakthrough’s cannot be ignored and to put possible false hope in people’s hearts is the name of what this game seems to point to. Maybe this technology is for the “people of tomorrow,” my guess is we people of today will not see. Or maybe it’s been discovered before and has been silenced. I don’t know. But I do know that there was an inventor that made a car travel between multiple states using minimal amounts of gas by creating a low fuel alternative car mechanic device. The tank wasn’t even half empty on his return. He tried to make a patent for it and lo and behold, GM motors already had one. Was it already there or did they beat him to the punch? I guess we’ll never know, “our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win. By fearing to attempt.”

      • Hello again,

        Yea, your story demonstrates the reason why many involved in new energy concepts do not apply for patents until the product is ready for market unless there is a very definitive reason to do so earlier. I don’t have the link handy, but I was listening to an interview with Mark Dansie earlier this week where he was speaking about this very subject.

        Perhaps it’s just me, but another thing I find odd is how many of these individuals making breakthrough discoveries in energy technologies seem to be kind of “far out there” or very “spiritual” in their personality. David is no exception to this. Now don’t get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with a person having a higher sense of purpose in life, or a spiritual outlook that embraces peace, love, and harmony, in fact this world needs more people like that in it. But it does seem to throw a bit of a monkey wrench into things when it interferes with the disclosure and dissemination of the information or even the invention itself.

        To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not exactly sure WHAT it was that caused David to drop out of the public foray, but I do believe that his spiritual moral mental set might have played at least SOME part in his disappearance. Let’s just hope some of that will eventually wear thin. 🙂

  24. Hello everybody,

    A friend recently sended me a series of links to the Primer Field videos. I am very impressed as all of you here and of course would like to know any news regarding the subject and the maker of this incredible new insight.

    A few questions:

    -I see some similarities with a concept called “solitons” or soliton waves. Basically the energy pattern continues to exist as an inward-outward flow like a torus spinning around its circumference. (like a smoke ring as was demonstrated in a you tube video I forgot the name) Is it correct to say that matter is compares to a soliton energy wave ?

    -I wonder if it is somehow possible to create a bowl shaped magnetic field as an electromagnet with a specific winding, any thoughts on that ?

    • Carl,

      Sorry it took me a few days to post your comment but I’ve been a bit busy lately with the start of the new school year, the Labor Day weekend, and the beginning of pre-season professional American football. 🙂 Before I answer, I’d like to thank you for your comment. It’s a good one that caused me to have to do a little bit of thinking before I answered. (I like that.)

      As I’m sure you’re already aware, Soliton’s were first observed in water back in 1838, mathematically described in 1895, mathematically proven in 1971, and scientifically applied in 1973 when Mr. Fred Tappert and Mr. Akira Hasegawa joined forces for Bell Labs and proved that the NLS equation that Zhakarov and Sabat solved in back in 1971 governs pulse propagation inside optical fiber. The advent of fiber optics in telecommunications soon followed.

      I’m assuming that you’ve come about the idea of waveforms as solitons from David’s visual representations of light as seen in the Primer Fields 1-3. When David uses the Green colored dots traveling one after the other in a straight line to describe how Photons move, I can see how you might get the idea that waveforms are indeed Solitons.

      When describing light the metaphor fits, but when describing a waveform as a solitary particle of matter it fails as these waveforms don’t show the characteristics of wave/particle duality like light does.

      As to creating a bowl shaped electromagnet based on windings…. Again. You’ve made me think. 🙂
      I’ll have to go back and see if I can find it, but I think we had a visitor here once who was trying to do something very similar. I remember seeing his invention, but I don’t recall whether or not he was successful in making it work. Tell you what. I’ll do what I can to find it again and I’ll get back to you here and let you know whatever happened to him and his experiment.

      Thanks again for your comment.

    • Just to remind everyone, I’m not David. I guess I’m going to have to update this title…?

      In a word, no. They need the space apart in order to have room to create the plasmoid.

  25. Hello, I would like to mention that based on the material I found ca. 2 years ago in regards to the Plasma and its role in the “Electric Universe” I was compelled by the properties of plasma, its ability to create sheets, namely layers, zones of opposing charges next to each others, which prevent the discharge. Going further down in dimensions it became to me clear how life on earth could have developed in in water – ions would create – similar to plasma particles in outer space – sheets in water creating here by the necessary borders, divisions, particularizations, insulations of adjacent areas which is a primary prerequisite for genesis. The structure of the cell membranes correlates directly and absolutely to the mechanism which separates opposingly charged plasma particles – it is comprised by chains of bipolar molecules which orient them self in accordance to their electromagnetic fields and create an insulated sphere – a cell, which now is protected from out side and can provide insulation and protection to further going life creating processes according to the biochemical interaction. Fascinating!

    • Thinking that way, you now also have a better idea of how stellar objects form in space! 🙂

      There are natural mechanisms in the environment of space that allow for plasma to work just like the electrical components in any type of electronic component. Walls of one polarity act as barriers to particles or ions of the opposite polarity. In a hydrodynamical type environment, plasma can form little bubbles that are still fed energy thus acting like capacitors. They can insulate one polarity of plasma from another acting like a resistor. Or in space flow in only a single direction like a diode. You name it and sure enough, there’s more likely than not a natural mechanism to match it in space.

  26. From what I have seen from David’s work, apparently these magnetic bowl shapes are a natural occurrence. True? Makes you think the next thing… ‘what ARE magnetic fields?’ I had the chance to be
    in contact with and visit with the late Dr. George Merkl. In his books and videos, he presents photographs
    of his discoveries, along with comparison to the Sumerian artifacts found in certain places around the world.
    One of the diagrams left behind, discovered through search teams looking for artifacts, was a Sumerian seal, showing the 32 waveform patterns, in swirls, tandem to one another. In David’s video showing the steel balls in the choke ring, they align in Sumerian mathematical sequence. In the ring outside the choke ring, on the plexiglas plate, the ring of balls that align into tandem, evenly spaced forms, are also following the Sumerian seal sequence of waveforms. George had an early concept of how the electron orbited. He thought he was ‘green’ out of embarrassment, I’m sure, but from what I’ve seen from David’s work, I think he was onto the right path in the first place. George went on to establish a mathematical sequence of how elements of matter align and sequentially ‘add’ to create crystalline-like lattices. The balls in the video, in
    the choke ring, as each one is added, shows the sequence of addition, and is remarkably close to each step in the Sumerian math, which George established. George was a nuclear scientist, studying crystals.
    Have you ever seen a biological machine at work? They exist, I assure you.

    George would have loved to seen David’s videos. I’m sure you would have been contacted by him long ago, had he not passed.

    So, once again, it appears that magnetic field lines are something that is also smaller magnetic bowls, which
    makes the question arise again… are these ‘bowls’ a naturally occurring thing? The actual nature of space?

  27. Yes exactly. Naturally occurring in space.

    David wasn’t sure exactly “how” this happened, but he was convinced that they do form naturally in stellar space. Recent experiments in gravitational waves have confirmed Einstein’s model of a 3D “fabric” of space exactly the way we imagine it when we see artist’s renditions of the fields around a planet in a grid.

    If we take the conceptual idea one step further, we can imagine the field lines of a planet in much the same way. If you take all this even further we can start to see how invisible boundaries might form. Like an invisible rubber ball in a box of air. The “electron” would simply be representative of the start/finish – entry/exit points of the Concentration Of Energy where the “waveform” begins/ends.

    If we take this concept to space each individual waveform could make up a concentration of plasma. Apply “hydrodynamic” like properties to the plasma and “eddies” form. It is in these eddies I believe these unique field structures can and do occur.

  28. Is it possible that the two bowls might actually be a vortex, with a central pinch point? The pinch point
    being where the vortex flows all meet and cross. A zone to Converge / Diverge. There is not mention
    of any twist or voticular flow with the magnetic bowl model. No one has actually ever seen a magnetic
    line of force, and hence no one knows if it actually has spin to the field line. According to an article I read
    several years back,, Roger Penrose had postulated that photons are responsible for the magnetic field lines, which are the charge carriers of protons and electrons. If that is true, then it seems to follow that
    field lines would have spin, since photons have spin. And if photons have frequency, then field lines should
    also have frequency, as well as spin. If the lines have spin, then it also seems that a naturally occurring vortex would form.from that spin. Consider ball lightning. Ball lightning has resonance and opposite hemispheres. The question is are those two hemispheres one field that is running at high frequency, resonating between two locations, in resonance fashion, collapsing through the center, to form up on the other side in opposite flow rotation. The Migma Reactor used ball lighting as the pump to run a fusion
    reactor. Read about that way back in the 80’s. From what I read, the ball lightning has two hemispheres and is aligned using electric force. It has a N and S pole with an equator. The fuel was fed at the equatorial region, then compressed by the hemispheres. Now, I cannot help but think that had to be a successful first. No more was said about it and no one has ever heard of it since. I can imagine that some powers that be, due to political reason, shut it down.

  29. According to another member of David’s team, the spherical structure that formed in the plasma chamber resembled the inside of an old golf ball when looking at the rubber bands that comprised it. This observation helps to confirm my hypothesis that energy, regardless of it’s strength travels in Birkeland currents. This also would include magnetic field lines.

    As a thought experiment, imagine a Photon the size of a tennis ball. The Concentrations of Energy that make up the Photon would be the size of ball bearings. (Now this is overly simplistic and not necessarily how the Photon forms, but should suffice for illustrative purpose) Once the main structure of the Photon has formed energy continues to flow into (and out) of the Photon COE as the magnetic field.

    As one ball bearing overcomes the containment of the structure it “pops” out. (One also enters.) As one enters, it forces another one out. etc.

    Now imagine these as if they were trying to escape the structures gravity. As the second COE pops out, it would immediately interact with the first one. This would cause a drag on the first forcing it to change vector. A third one joins the string and interacts with the two, and so on. Soon we have a twisting stream of energy shooting out that is eventually overcome by it’s own weight and it heads back down to the COE. (We now have one field line)

    As energy is still feeding this, energy continues to enter and exit creating more and more of these field lines until the entire structure is stable. The size and density of the photon’s COE compared to it’s field strength gives the structure it’s particular characteristics. Example. A COE that is large, dense, and has a very weak field would form to become a particle of Carbon, whereas a very small, weak COE would have very long field lines and could be imagined as a photon of light.

    To answer your question, yes. These COE’s would indeed have spin. The individual COE’s that made up the structure and the structure itself. Just like the structure formed in the lab experiments did.

  30. concratulations David! great discovery. so now we know how BH actually works…and photon and sun…what we gonna do with all this knowledge?..

  31. I was viewing the patent that David has in the USPTO. I am wondering, has David considered or tried to make a set of bowls that are made in Fibonocci fashion? Considering the pattern that nature uses, such as the Sunflower? If you look carefully at that pattern, there is another set of spirals inside the outer set of spirals. They appear Phi-ratio in diameter to one another.

    Also, the Flip Point mentioned in his videos… is the ideal position of each bowl such that each half has its own flip point at the same intersecting flip point of the opposite bowl? Or does the flip point self-adjust as the bowl distance is adjusted? Can the flip point end up inside the dome of the other bowl?

  32. Those are pretty good questions.

    No. To the best of my knowledge, David has not tried to fashion any bowls using the Fibonacci design.

    As to the “flip point” question. The location of the flip point would be the same for both bowls David uses as they are solid pieces made in exactly the same way. The flip point is not influenced by the other bowl magnet regardless of proximity. In nature however this may be a different story as each structure would be influenced by the strength of the fields, the concentrations of plasma, and the environmental conditions where the bowls are beginning to form.

  33. Thanks Policetac. Does David know or have any idea as to why the bowls form in the first place?
    Could it be that the magnetic poles may be shaped on a smaller scale such that it causes the bowls to form up in the first place? Like more of a South pole concentration vs a North pole concentration?
    Based upon the structure that David shows for the bowls, and the statement that the magnetic field itself is also made of smaller bowls, indicates to me that North and South poles can by nature be Monopoles. If they form in 2’s, then it is possible that each half is itself a Monopole. It’s just that where there is one, there is the other, yet both being Monopoles. It’s as though a vortex is responsible for the shapes that are forming. Is this a Hyperspace function? A basic space-time hologram that is basically a natural form for magnetic alignments to fall into? If that is the case, then space-time is itself in need of a fundamental review.

  34. Sumerian,

    No. Now to be fair, I have never asked David this question directly, but I did ask Brent (another member of David’s team) once in a letter and he stated the following.

    …”The main argument I have heard from physics minded people against the primer fields is that Dave never said where or how the magnetic field originates, so to claim that the field concentrates energy, and that concentrations of energy exist because of the bowl shaped fields around them only works if you can explain the generation of that field configuration. When I asked Dave about it he said the fields were “just there”….

    I felt like such a tool for not seeing it because his answer is spot on. The one thing we (all of science) knows for sure about space is that it is permeated with magnetic flux of varying levels and directionality. Concentrations of energy (COE’s) from photons all the way up to AGN rely on this existing flux to maintain a stable structure. The COE’s generate their own field which initiates flux compression (two fields interacting) and the bowl shape is a result of this compression. The flux is most intense at the boundary between the 2 fields so in a massive structure like a planetary nebula, the charged particles propagate through the region of highest flux and reveal the shape of the field(s).”

    To some of the confusion regarding “monopoles;” First of all, you’re not the only one who has voiced confusion about this. David really does confuse things when he says, …”one bowl is North “orientation” and the other South “orientation.” This does seem to describe the bowls as being “monopole.” However, each bowl is actually a complex dipolar magnet. In one bowl, the north pole flows out of the central axis and in the other the south pole flows out of the central axis. Those are the magnetic orientations David is talking about. But each magnet still has both north and south components.

    Hope this kind of helps.

  35. so…what you guys think? is our sun like between the confidiment dome and the flip ring…that would explain why suns magnetic fields are so fuckd up. and the heat and but but where is the negative field of our sun or is it behind of our sun or is it our other planets that give the sun the opposite force?? :S sorry my bad english…and and i think this what david lapoint has found is the form of higgs bosom also…of shit i think this theory is destroying the time travelling dreams…but this would give us infinite energy and space travelling would come reality also

  36. Hi Red Mile, I looked at the U Tube link you posted. I would like to know what the setup is. When I was in lab, we had to take notes, account for error, and post our findings. I also work with avionics. You must have concise setup details and specifics. I am interested in knowing what Ken is doing with the RGB leds. The Neo mags, etc. What lens – diameter, thickness, magnitude. Etc. This is how people understand what is happening. As for myself, I have done a few simple experiments with wire in tiny gaps at points, which makes me think that the Electron is a charge carrier, along with the Proton. I have seen the models of the quark explanations for the Neutrons, however the flow exchanges makes me think that there must be a flow vortex involved. Ergo, spin. Have you ever looked at what the Sumerian artifacts left behind have on them? George Merkl spent days, months and years on this. His experiments in his lab, replicating the artifacts via mico biology, aka living machines, were based upon a physics dynamic, explained in the Sumerian literature (glyphs and drawings). George put together a mathematical sequence for each electron mass unit, as he describes matter. It all adds up. George was a nuclear physicist, who at one time worked for the DOE, conducting experiments in their labs with impressive results. His work has been posted on the Internet. You may also find his work in the USPTO. I believe you may be onto something. I also believe that David is right on target with his research. I have already seen patterns in his ball bearing demos, which made me sit up in my chair and take note. Where David realizes it or not, he was demonstrating the math sequence described in George’s books. The bearings being added one at a time also made me realize that there is much more to the math. George merely found 3 fundamental sequences, but the math obviously can add and jump… a sequence which George had not discovered yet. In some conversations we had, he told me that the math can add up in different sequences. I had no idea until David’s demo.
    Also, Policetac, George’s photos makes me think these biomachines follow a natural occurring pattern. I would like David’s take on them.

  37. Sumerian, I just got done writing my friend at the lab asking about the possibility of having some kind of a Q&A event here on thesingularityeffect. I’ll let you know what the response is. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a chance to ask him yourself??? 🙂

  38. I think David may be able to make an improved version of Bogdon Maglich’s Migma Reactor. Using the magnetic fields he discovered in his plasma research. Boy, would that make an impact!

  39. Hey, Policetac. Aside from the description in parts 1 – 3 of the videos, on the structure of the bowl magnetics, has David ever described how a Torroidal Field would be? Seems to be a good question.

  40. Magnetic field of a common bar magnetThat’s a good question, but unfortunately, the answer is no he hasn’t. But then again, I’ve never asked him. lol I do know that there is a lot of information on toroidal magnetic fields, just look up a magnet. 🙂

  41. Sumerian- I only just now caught your first question, …”Is the vacuum chamber simply similar to a florescent light?” I’d like to go ahead and answer that for you now if I may.

    Yes and no. In a fluorescent light, the chamber would be filled with a Mercury-vapor gas under low pressure. The gas is then “excited” (maintained) by an electrical current. In a fluorescent light the electrical current is constant as it is required in order to keep the gas in it’s “excited” state.

    In the Primer Fields experiments, the chamber is a partial “Ultra-high” vacuum. However, as literally thousands of experiments were performed, there were many times that a variety of purging gases were used in the experiments. These gasses included ordinary air, argon, hydrogen, and helium.

    In the first video, the formations often started out with 70,000v current arcs. The plasma formations would then form into a stable formation as the vacuum pressure was stabilized depending on the plasma formation desired.

    However, in later experiments (Primer Fields video #2) the “excited” state or the light emitted by the glowing plasma could be turned on or off instantly simply by reversing the polarity of the electrical current. But the plasma formation itself would still be stable.

  42. David, I would love to see you repeat the experiments in the primer field videos on the ISS. I would love to see the interaction between the magnetic bowls and the steel balls in 0 gravity.

  43. Tu Ng – I just wanted to let you know in case you weren’t aware, David doesn’t currently reply to questions on this thread. But your idea does sound like a great one. I’d like to see some experiments like it done in zero gravity as well.

  44. Hello, I’m curious to know if and how the Primer fields theory relates to time dilation, and if Minkowski space is still considered. Thanks!

  45. To comment on the Primercube, I contend that it does seem like a bunch of witch doctor hocus pocus, con job. But if I really think of it, I can’t deny the logic that precise magnetic fields could have a positive or even regenerative effect in a magnetic energy universe. The problem is that these pseudo-scientific products are being pushed onto unsuspecting pseudo-spiritual mandala wearing fortune seeking unstable individuals, or to those who have too much money to know what to do with it. I can’t say that Dave’s product is like all the rest, because I really do believe there is merit in the science and in the medicinal approach, but the prodect website and the hype PR around it really do seem awfully suspicious to me. I got to say, I get this brain washing feel from the videos as well. iIn the beginning “this is going to change the world” and all that hypnotic sounding music, the mesmerizing images shown over and over again, superimposed over and over again. It almost makes me not want to consider the logic, because I feel I’m being controlled. The problem is that the common sense is undeniable. I just want someone to wake me up and tell me it’s all been a dream.

  46. I have recently been able to contact Dave. Other then saying that he is alive, I don’t have any new information to share, other then that Dave truly believes that he is doing important work in regards to the PrimerCube. This is my last massage to him after our conversation. I have just sent it, so he did not yet have time to respond. Whether he will give a response or not remains to be seen.

    Dear Dave, Following the announcement in regard to the gravitational waves detection, I feel obliged to write to you one more thing. Your theory is more then just scientific, its also political. It’s a battle of beliefs, the church of Einstein and general relativity is a big one, and it shares it’s idols with the church of Quantum mechanics. With your theory, you bring forth a different truth, a different faith, in fact, you challenge the faith. It’s not enough to work within the church to bring the change you seek. As long as we believe in gravity we stand no chance at defeating gravity, and defeating many of the shortcomings of our technology. Look at the resources directed towards those efforts. Money runs the world. if you want to build a primer fields spaceship, what you’re doing is not enough. No healing device in the world will ever convince anyone that gravity does not exist, and I can’t feel but disappointed that this is where your efforts are going. For primer fields to make a real impact on science, you need to battle the front lines of physics, you need to draw fire, you need to challenge the findings, you need to publish, you need to educate the generation. Can you imagine not seeing in your life time or in your children’s lifetime the true potential of the science?
    if you sell a hundred thousand PrimerCubes is that really going to change anything? Physics was never about healing people, it’s about finding and sharing the truth. Make yourself known or stay unknown, but remember, nobody anonymous ever made history.

    Sincerely yours,
    Etai Steigman

  47. Etai,
    Hello. and sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I honestly hadn’t even noticed there were any recent comments left here. But anyway…, I’ll start with the earliest post and work my way down.

    *Remember, these answers come from my understanding of PF theory and may or may not reflect the opinions of David LaPoint. (Or even basic scientific theory for that matter!) lol

    “Hello, I’m curious to know if and how the Primer fields theory relates to time dilation, and if Minkowski space is still considered. Thanks!”

    TIME DILATION: “is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from a gravitational mass or masses.”

    My understandings suggest that all mechanisms that interact with “space-time” would result in a cost to whatever object the mechanism came into contact with. Even if that effect is seemingly immeasurable. As I believe that all structures of energy have mass, even Neutrino’s, Photon’s, and Gravitational waves will affect or be effected by any interaction with an independent Concentration of Energy.

    That said, I believe Gravitational waves would most closely resemble sound (or pressure) waves propagated by physical matter being oscillated through a medium rather than waves of “mass-less” particles like light traveling through a vacuum.

    As such, time dilation or velocity would indeed result from any significant interaction with structured Energy. And just as sound waves take on the “characteristics” of physical matter, so too would Gravitational waves.

    More in a bit. 🙂

  48. So seriously, what’s the idea? These aren’t monopoles, and why aren’t there any documents? I love the footage, I would like to mess around too. I’m a physicist and I’m open to this, but I despise lies. Where is the experimental documentation? Enough with the hiding, guy in a basement to avoid big brother talking through a prophet; again I love the footage but seriously, peer review man! Publish the thing! If it’s patented, show the design and let’s all build fusion reactors with the spawned research!

    Again, LOVE the footage, but this REEKS OF HOAX with all the cloak and dagger.

    I am very open minded – writing a screwy paper on GUT myself – I’m not normal, but I want to see good science – not pseudo hero worship.

    Lets talk yes?

  49. For all here. Sorry iif this doesn’t sound right, however, I can’t bite my tongue any longer. The word THEN and THAN are not being correctly used. Then is a word referencing a time or a result. Than is a reference to an amount, time, number value, etc. I would encourage those using that word to look it up online at Merriam Webster’s site and plug in both those words. I see so MANY people misusing that word THEN for THAN and it has been going on many years now. Not sure where it began, but unless corrected, will self perpetuate and spread.

  50. Ahhh, it is so good to see that the grammar police are on the job! 🙂

    I’m just teasing you Sumerian! lol

    Etal, I believe my local community college is offering a free ESL class on Tuesdays if you find yourself in my area!

    Again. Just teasing! 🙂

    PS. Etal, I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your last comment. I have been working on a reply to your last comment but it’s gotten rather busy around here lately. Look for it here in the next day or two though okay? Okay. 🙂

  51. Policetac, I have been mulling in my mind about what a Torroidal field may look like, using David’s bowl design. What I come up with looks like spheres. One N and one S end to end. Wide sides meeting and the open ends meeting up. In an energy / magnetic design, this would make for nodal points, where the concentration of energy would be between the spherical magnetic fields. In a closed loop. This would end up creating a literal 3-dimensional sinusoidal field.

    I also thought what may happen when two halves might be placed inside a specifically segmented loop, with the two halves N and S bowls being offset from one another. The bowls wide ends half meeting and the small open ends at opposites from one another. The bowls would of course have to be of a diameter, such that when half-open (ends overlapping half way) the small ends would be at a near 45 degree angle to the segmented ring. Each wall of each half would be closest to the ring. Sure wish I could insert a drawing here.

    Apologies for being the grammar police. Sumtymz I also git tung twistd and misplle my werdz sumtymez too. :0

  52. I forgot. I wanted to propose (in case this hasn’t been done yet) that when doing vacuum chamber experiments, using various gasses, if David would consider introducing some form of colored vapor, so it might reveal a natural flow path. ??

    I am curious as to how these fields flow in and around the bowls, during the time the charge is applied to the bowls inside the chamber. Surely there must be some form of flow. How the ionic charges flow and how the currents are inside the bowls, namely inside the concentration of energy inside the dome. Left handed spin? Which handedness applies? In Electronics, I have seen both methods taught. I was taught the electron flow method (-).

    Just curious.

  53. There are some basic field behaviors that we all know, but fail to see. One is that small fields in the smallest of matter will combine, when aligned, into large fields that expand far beyond the limits of the individual parts. The “just there” magnetic bowls that span mega-light-years are most likely similar to the actual fields of the plasma particles that inspire them. Look at a magnet: Similar N and S monopole fields separated by dielectric fields in an accretion disc at the Bloch Wall.

    See Ken Wheeler’s work to retroductively determine the secrets of permanent magnets. The two electric fields appear to be layered expanding and contracting disc fields, with moving N and S magnetic fields that induce positive and negative voltage fields on either side. Orthogonal, and self-canceling and self-repelling electric fields organized between the expanding-circulating but not canceling magnetic fields. I have to believe the electric fields are part of this, just mysteriously going into and out of voidance as they do in permanent magnets.

    The organizing abiltiy to space the steel balls apart with just a circular field is truly inspiring. Can they be layered to demonstrate a 3-D organization? Or all all atoms 2-D structures like solar systems? But this lends insight into diamagnetic properties. The linear form of water is very diamagnetic with the oxygen atom surrounded with two orthogonal P fields must have an effectively circular magnetic field.

    Fusion and fission do not require high temperatures, the proper frequency EM field will separate protons and the like from any nuclear structure. It’s been done by many garage hacks. See Moray B King’s video on cavitating water. Paul Pantone’s GEET reactor which is a self powered plasma reactor using the properties of energized water to completely turn matter into energy in a very clean LTNR. Stan Meyer demonstrated that properly pulsed electricity would facilitate the mass transition of water into the high energy gas state that releases the right energy pulse upon condensation.

    It is also equally difficult for most of us to remember that material objects, like edges are actually the last rows of particles in a solid matrix of field effects. Those photons’ fields don’t drag through solid edges, they “interfere” with edge fields. And the traveling fields that go through both slits of the double slit will re-form after passing through (animation didn’t quite close the loop there). But I thought the point was that when the photon was observed passing through a slit it changed into a particle? Just how is that observation done?

    Also, electricity is defined as the combination of voltage fields and magnetic fields, photons by definition and measured reality are not just two polar magnetic fields, but also a dielectric field of positive and negative voltage 90 degrees out of phase with the magnetic field. It is the dielectric field that is interacting with the dielectric material and dielectric fields in space that affect the speed and wavelength. The magnetic field follows along, but not to the same location or orientation, which is how polarization and how light can transition through a critical angle reflection into a nearby sheet of glass on the other side of the reflecting surface. The electric field is “just there” too. And so is the energy and medium to carry the fields (or is it all “just there?”).

    Finally, it’s time for scientists to step up to the level of play that society engages. How many breakthrough discoveries and technologies have been lost that could have prevented the destruction of our one planet? More than any of us know.

    How have these discoveries been suppressed? By scaring the discoverers into thinking that they won’t survive without making a profit, or if they share someone will use that knowledge to harm others.

    Use that intellect that can distinguish the truth of how the universe works in the face of complete misdirection to see through these same misdirections that are designed to maintain the status quo. Embrace the change that is our only chance for survival. Stop working for those who want to remain in control; practice full disclosure.

    Recognize that any solution that offers free clean energy will totally destabilize the controls that rule society and usher in an age where people will have the freedom to cooperate or not by choice. The price for life on the planet is individual freedom.

    Finally, Tesla is rumored to have found that there were healing benefits from pulsing radiant electric fields at sufficiently high pulse rates. Others have demonstrated similar results with various approaches including just using your hands (they are made of the same stuff that can do this). This like all cures has the problem of not ever being able to generate the cash that health care is doing selling treatments that sustain. Regardless of how effective the device Dave is promoting, the money in the industry will do everything to shut it down and has the funds to make it happen. Look at the atomic water torch from the ’50’s which was reintroduced by Yule Brown in the ’70’s. Superior in every way to expensive torches and still only a cottage industry with no commercial traction. Our cash culture has a momentum that rules business beyond the power of truth.

    Today we have an advantage of all those past geniuses who died with their knowledge. We can let others know on a massive scale. And people want to know.

    David may be alive, but he might as well have died when he decided to keep his insights to himself. His healing machine will fail for the very reason he thinks he’s going to be rich, the tech is completely contrary to what is common knowledge.

    • I admit. I’ve been a little bit lax in my responsibilities. To be honest, it’s been my creativity bug that’s been on the fritz. (Anyone ever get the feeling “Man, I just can’t _________ (in my case “write”) right now?” Here’s to hoping that’s just changed!

      BMan 18, I like your comment a lot.

      You address a few different paradigm’s in your comment. Each one worthy of their own response.

      To serve only as a prompt reply, I’ll take the second from the last for now;
      True. But the mainstream, like the applecart needs to be “upset” in order to change. My fear however is that the speed with which other changes occur cause these to remain. (Confused yet?)


      I ‘ll explain. 🙂

      When I first started this blog, it was “” It was a place for me to sort my thoughts after I had what can best be described as an “awakening.”

      If you take just a moment to read the first page of that blog, I think my comment will make more sense. LOL

  54. Hi Ritchard David

    I have recently become aware of yours and Davids work. To say “nicely done” would be rather an understatement. Nothing less than uncovering the true nature and role of magnetism.

    I will keep this brief for now, however I hope this will be enough said, that you realize I have something significant. I am not suggesting all things equally, however I have found myself on somewhat of a parallel path, and here is something I suggest your theory needs. I can get you past the issue of magnetic fields merely being intrinsic of the universe. The “just is that way”, problem. This will undoubtedly challenge a couple of your prior held biases. However if you give it a chance, you will come to realize you need this in your theory. And just to be clear, I’m certainly not talking about God, design, or chance.

    The issue is with the complexity of the system you have discovered. Or answering the question of universal complexity in general, for that matter. No doubt you have been scratching your head, trying to work out why such a system should exist in the universe, or how it might arise? The big bang theory offers rather slim pickings in this regard. Allow me to put it like this. There is only one principle of nature we know about, capable of driving emergence of intricate complexities. And you will be amazed at how simple it is to incorporate Darwinian principles within your proposed system. I say this, because that is effectively what I have achieved. And the explanation of this is delightfully simple and logical, a story of evolutionary progression, a universe emergent from simpler configurations, step by step becoming the universe we observe today. As full bodied and complete an explanation, as any evolutionary example you could care to mention.

    And I will make this oh so brief, because you will be aware of everything necessary to put this together yourself. Allow me to put it like this. Space has properties right, so place a physical energy field throughout. So beyond the field there is only electromagnetism, from which the material universe is made. Pretty simple right. So it’s a very simple step from here, to incorporate a dynamic in your system to allow for replication of some aspect, to allow for generational exchange, from which adaptation and evolutionary progression will naturally arise.

    It is the field of space which provides this dynamic of replication, as it continually emerges in space. I don’t know precisely how, but for now assume a natural potential of the vacuum enables it. And the evolutionary emergence of electromagnetism within such a system, lends itself to a simple line of reasoning. The following providing one aspect of such. A rejuvenating field will fill its local habitat, and unless the field has a way of circumventing this eventuality, it will suffer as any evolving entity would in a crowded finite resource habitat. Evolutionary stagnation. The same problem arising if life on Earth was immortal? The fields answer to this was advent of electromagnetism, and the electrical aspect of this reaction consumes the field of space, while magnetism primarily dictates structure.

    The magnetic structures which you are now discovering, have evolved through Darwinian principles, to optimise structure of the material universe for this primary purpose. That of consuming the field, enabling continual emergence, generational exchange and evolutionary progression. You will have noted a common theme within all universal structure, from atomic to galactic. That at every scale, structure conspires to spread the components across an increased volume of space. This is simply because matter is less efficient at consuming the field ( which is its primary purpose) while crowded close together. Much like flames dependence on oxygen, lowering its own potential to burn, by lowering local oxygen density. The more flame, the greater load it places on fuel availability. A very simple feedback, and optimised by spreading the flame over a wider area.

    Biological evolution “life” is not a standalone process. It is a continuation of a same process, of universal Darwinian emergence. If you will entertain a conversation, I assure you I can justify my position with full bodied complete explanations. I’ve got this concept nailed down pretty tight. If I am right about this, then it is something you cannot do without, and will provide immediate clarification for aspects of your work.

    Thank you for your consideration

  55. Policetac, Does David know how close the open ends of the bowl structures can be, before the magnetic behaviors change to something other than an apparent outer magnetic field? What happens if the bowls are more spherical than bowl shaped? Would a second choke point, flip ring, and dome appear at the other end? Could this be then considered a monopole?

    • I honestly don’t know and unfortunately, I’m not sure how I’d figure that out without a set of the magnetic bowls I could experiment with.

      I’m pretty sure David checks the site out here, perhaps one of these days he’ll stop by and spend a few moments answering some of these more current questions.

      I wish I could be of more help, but things have been rather hectic lately and I haven’t had the chance to follow him around too much. As I know he’s been hanging around some of the forums lately, perhaps I can catch him around one of them and persuade him to drop by. ???

  56. I just want to point out that David has made a critical discernment of magnetism. His investigations were to replicate as best he can the structures that exist in nature. What is being suggested here is not what is observed.

    Recognize that a permanent magnet is the same structure as the galactic formations observed in space. All the matter that exists in these systems in space are combining their fields to form the galactic fields that then shape the locations and the properties of the stellar bodies that are projected into the movement and locations that they take up.

    Permanent magnets simply don’t have the mobility of the planets and stars, so they remain fixed. Magnetizable gasses, plasmas follow the field directions. The Bloch Wall of the PM is the ecresion disk that our Earth orbits in, and the stars of the Milky Way, likewise. Like a permanent magnet, atoms with exactly the same structure are located in mega fields that are the combination of all the atoms. So, we, our planet exists in a dielectric disc that is spinning about our sun, and a galactic one that spins around the center of our galaxy. All the while, our planet is also hosting another that spins at our equator. This dielectric field movement is inducing the magnetic fields that surround our planet. Everything lined up in to the right hand rule that Faraday, Maxwell, Lenz, and Oersted observed with electricity. Both fields are inter/codependent.

    Check out Ken Wheeler’s work on revealing the secrets of magnetism. He has a viewing device that actually reveals the lines of force in a permanent magnet to their true shape, and also has observed that the N and S fields are different in nature, lending to the theory that there is both an expanding and contracting electric field rotating in the galactic plane with electric or dielectric potential.

    • Also magnetism wave shape etc can be calculated (theoria apophasis)if it is the case this could speed up a lot of test in lab (he’s on g+)

  57. Policetac,I don’t remember seeing this, unless I missed something..Does the bottom half S bowl have the same behavioral properties as he describes in the upper half N end bowl? That is not really addressed in the videos.

  58. could the 2 bowls eventually hold bigger and smaller rocks or balls to form a moon or planet like object if you showed it I missed it

  59. There is no energy outside the atom other then that received from the environment but there energy within the atom

    If what you say is right, I feel tesla and einstein lied by omission

  60. Hi,
    I stumbled onto Mr. Lapoint’s(or whatever his real name is) video on youtube when looking for some legit electro-magnetic universe science not associated with the whole ‘thunderbolts cult’ stuff.(i suspect they may be an attempt to discredit the electric universe concept, but may have just gone a bit mad) – there are some sound posters in the forums tho.
    In trying to follow the progress of Lapoint’s ideas i did get concerned he was shut down somehow.. (elitist scum etc.) but if he’s just keepn a low profile, my best regards.
    When he pointed out the CERN dome, it struck me that this field form was probably already known by the ‘elitist’ scientific circles as they love secretly advertising shit in plain site, gets them off i guess. and suppressed tech will be advantageous to them in subduing/impressing/decieving the plebs when they get the balls to go all NWO.
    If i may indulge briefly, i’d like to add my own 2 cents here in the hope the more open minded lateral thinking people that post here may gleen some value from it.
    Its not soley to do with electro-magnetic fields, but is related, and explains gravity amongst other things.What i became interested in was the observed exponential ‘drawing out’ of the universe. i say ‘drawing out’ rather than expansion as the difference is at the heart of my idea. Expansion implies, to me anyway, that some force within the universe was pushing out, i believe some call it dark energy. that i’m sure many here would agree, didn’t sit right with me logically. It’s the obvious way a human would perceive it tho, perhaps arrogantly.
    Likewise the multi-verse thing struck a foul note as logically its BS and sounds more like a new religion for athiests that can imagine they’re superman in another universe.(i’m in the universe where there’s just one universe tho). BUT,
    This universe has a field range/border/edge, exponentially drawn out, but still an edge. And what’s beyond the edge, Nothing. Great you say, how does that help?
    Well I propose that ‘nothing’ or what could be described as entropy, is drawing out the universal field – both matter and sub atomic ‘foam’. The same ‘nothing’ or entropic tendency is the cause of gravity within the universal field but because the particles(atomic and sub-atomic) are surrounded by each other here in it, they lend each other strength to resist total decay. (density being a double edge tho as leads to ‘un’stable matter and on a larger scale, it contends with the surface tension of the field)
    I’m sure its obvious i’m no scientist per say, but that doesn’t invalidate the basic observation. I was also intrigued to hear some toffish scientist types proclaim that nothing didn’t exist and so was not to be thought about, i mean really.
    Nothing does seem to have an effect on things tho, so to my mind is worthy of consideration. Anyway that’s the basic idea, garbled as it may be.
    I’d also like to suggest that the sub-atomic ‘particles’ ‘strings’ or whatever, if everywhere, and yet only sometimes becoming matter, must have cause to do so.
    It is likely then that only when in the right, rare case of harmonizing together resulting in a more stable ‘chord’ like structure that they then materialize. Otherwise the just swim about foamily. Electo-magnetic fields would obviously aid this but as it had to occur before there was any existing at some point in the past, it means they sometimes strike those chords by chance too. this may be why sound is getting interesting results by people who have a clue what they’re talking about.
    Maybe that’s all wrong, but whatever, thinking can be good for the mind, And its fun imagining ‘nothing’ just on the other side of here, and there and there.. you get the idea.

    • There are some considerations you make which I relate too. Like the universal field being drawn out by some as yet undefined universal process. Mainstream refer too this as the increasing extent of spacetime, which is ascribed to an expanding universe, which I have come to disagree with. However I think this field is Darwinian in nature, and is being consumed by matter in the process of generating electric fields and enabling work to be performed by gravitational fields and elemental bonds. It should be obvious that gravity is performing work, and also elemental and molecular bonds, but mainstream dont make account of it. Anyway, I believe the system has evolved this way to enable a field which undergoes generational emergence, to clear consecutive generations of field from space to allow for new. Otherwise multiple generations would congest space at the cost of evolutionary progression. This might sound a little whimsical, but I have a more complete explanation if you are interested?

  61. Just to clarify,
    i believe that ‘gravity’ is the tug of non-existence/unwraveling on all particles(material and sub-atomic).
    Mostly a weak effect within the ‘universal field’ but extremely destructive when its effect is on particles that are at the ‘edge’ as there they get exposed to ‘nothing’ directly, as they are without a total surrounding blanket of the ‘universal field’ to aid resistance to catastrophic unwraveling.
    This doesn’t mean tho that electro-magnetism isn’t doing a lot more than mainstream science says it is in regards to the ‘grand cosmic ballet’.
    I hope this idea can help somehow, i’m fascinated by the mechanics of the material universe but i sense we’ll have more pressing concerns with elitist goonbaggery in the near future and encourage all to strive for honour in the face of fear and hate. (Love and Faith)

  62. DGSMITH – Hello, I’m Richard, and this is my blog. Your comment piqued my interest a bit so I decided to take a moment to personally welcome you to thesingularityeffect, and explain why your comment caught my attention.

    In a nutshell, your comment sounds almost exactly like something I might have said a few years ago. You made a few specific points in particular I’d like to address right away. The first is about the Electric Universe.

    There are a few Primer Field copies out on YouTube right now that have tried to tie PF and EU together. There’s one channel in particular that has even chopped a video together using scenes cut from both PF and EU to make one of their own. (Hint… #4 has not been released yet)

    To be clear, I have a bit of a personal problem with EU and Wal Thornhill. He never even started talking about the rest of the universe until he had spoken with David and not only did he …borrow? a bit of his thinking from PF, he got it wrong! And some of what he did get right I believe came from discussions him and I have had in the past.

    Anyway…, that said. About PF and David. You’re a bit on target with the shut down and the low profile. He’s still around and can be found occasionally if you know where to look. For the most part though David has shut down and has instead decided to focus his energies on his financial venture the Primer Cube.

    You are just about as close as you can get right here though as thesingularityeffect has been following David’s work since the beginning. I’ve been working on the theoretical aspects of PF for a couple of years now, and have taken up the task of working out a new model that will hopefully one day replace the Standard Model. (I think it shows real promise.)

    Anyway, I’d like to discuss your ideas sometime, but right at the moment am having to deal with a few distractions and don’t have a lot of time available. Hopefully that will all change soon. Until then….

  63. Thanks for the response, and not making any neverending story puns regarding ‘nothing’ – i’m over those ja.
    My first reaction to seeing the jump from Lapoint’s work on fields to the primer-cube was suspicion and concern his research had been hijacked to discredit the ideas, but if he is actually involved then i’m confident the tech is potentially beneficial.
    I myself try to use a meditative process that focuses on balancing my own field in relation to the environment and find it helpful in stress relief and healing, although i cannot quantify its total physiological effects, it does help me anyway.
    Basically i visualize my total E-M field, with the environment as a tornado like entity surrounding it and disturbing its balance, kind of like a storm disturbing the surface of a liquid sphere(maybe double taurus now 😉 Anyway, don’t let your field be ruffled by the mad world, balance its flow and allow the turmoil surrounding it to be buffeted away, leaving it calm and capable of operating optimally. The same technique should be helpful in aiding any internal imbalances in your field that are the cause/result of illness, focusing on balancing your entire field, (perhaps visualising multiple sphere fields inside the overall sphere all operating in unison) this will allow healing to progress efficiently and prevent further illness.
    Having an anchor of peace/strength is key tho, and for that i am grateful to believe this physical world is only a temporary ‘lesson’ stage/program that we must all experience before we get upgraded in the next, true ultimate, spiritual level. The unbalanced, physical, universe program we are in now tho can be appreciated for its own wonders as well, but they are inherently limited and insignificant when compared to a balanced spiritual universe we will reside in when this current program is complete.
    If that’s not agreed by someone else then just ‘happy gilmore’ it and find a happy place to be in and let your fields balance, repelling the disturbances of the world. Their maniacal nature means they are easily deflected as seek least/no resistance.(this helps with annoying people too 😉
    The primer-cube may aid this type of method of field balancing.
    Hopefully tho, my personal eccentricities won’t distract from actual ‘scientists’ considering the concept i’m proposing in regards to the linked cause of both gravity and exponential ‘drawing out’ of the universal field exponentially.

  64. Policetac (Richard) seems to me that we are in either a magnetic universe, or an electric universe. In either case, a Unified Field would be such that ONE single component would be relative to all the components as a sum. If the electric universe is our base, then some base resonant frequency is at play. One that if at such a short wavelength that to measure it would not be possible, as the very matter that constitutes the test equipment being used, would be of the same frequency, and therefore would not detect any differential.

    Could it be then, that a black hole is the absence of any electrical resonance and is a collective of magnetic concentration of all fields? It would explain why light cannot escape such a field horizon event.

    Consider Planck and his frequency related formula for energy. I have seen an experiment where two coils were wound around a common closed core, and the resultant field had NO electrical vector. Only magnetic. If a BH is like that, then there would only be a resonant magnetic concentration, not allowing any magnetic vector of lesser strength to escape the field, but would be forced into the field itself, to further enforce what is already at play inside the horizon.

    Since we apparently exist in an entropic universe, it seems like it would pass the energy from highest to lowest point as it is passed around the universe. The only end point being the BH, and if E=MC2 is true, then matter and energy are kept at a constant. Where they are kept, dynamically or statically, should still result in the same sum, which would be a constant.

    If David has figured out that the universe is one thing made up of different wavelengths of the same thing, then anti-gravity (whatever that is made of dynamically) would be easier to accomplish. An EMF drive (not motors and wheels) would be a major game changer.

    I know that most physicists maintain that there are electric, magnetic, gravitational, and the 4 forces thus far, which hold matter as we know it together. What if all those differing forces are just resonant fields of the same base electrified matter, or magnetic? We know that when there is energy exchange, there is magnetic and electric forces associated with them. Then you have the neutron, which has no electric field, but is magnetic in nature. The one thing that helps to concentrate more mass, to a point of event horizon threshold (BH).

    Also noted is the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy post regarding the research done on measuring the magnetic field near a black hole. Seems too coincidental. The black hole and it’s jets just match up so pristine to David’s discoveries with PF. David has explained a lot that makes much more sense, rather than pursuing other theories that attempt to tie everything together. It seems to me the answer is staring us in the face.

    • Sumerian I appreciate some of the questions you pose. Science is different things for different people, and it’s a minority in my opinion, who seek to comprehend conventional scientific understanding in terms of the challenges and limits it faces, for the express purpose of gaining insight into the as yet unrevealed overall puzzle. I for one have a love for the puzzles, and so having placed an emphasis on understanding the challenges of convention, I am continually surprised how few people have engaged with science in the same way. Infact many are affronted by these simple and common sense considerations of the challenges and limits, even the limits freely admitted within convention. This I find most curious, and cannot relate to in the slightest. Anyway, I think I find myself saying this, because youre posing the kind of questions I wish were more common. Is it an electric universe? Is it a magnetic universe? How do they relate to a prospective unified field? Etc. In my experience, a refreshing and uncommon point of view. I think they are ultra simple questions, and the right ones.

      Some food for thought if I may.
      Emergent spacetime, and let us assume the mathematical construct that is general relativity, really does align with a field of physical substance. In the circumstances of its emergence, (an aspect of conventional theory) let us consider two complementary possibilities. The first possibility, it’s a process which has been taking place unchanged since it began. Or secondly, that the field emerges in a fashion which enables compounded change through a process analogous of life, that is to say generationally. From this point, all you need is a selection process for the said field to steer its natural tendency for change toward that of a refined complexity. If the simpler aspects of the selection process involves the fields competition for habitat (space), and that the field which is strongest, or fastest to proliferate and regenerate itself wins out, then you have the makings of a Darwinian Universal field theory, which is forever progressing toward higher energies, complexity and fine tuning.

      The question is, does this concept lend itself to a possible interpretation, that conforms with the universe we see around us today, cosmology, physics, relativity and perhaps even biology? I suggest it does indeed.

      Do you find curiosity in this concept?

    • Sumerian,
      Thank you again for another insightful and thought provoking comment. When thinking of the Universe, I see it along the lines of a box filled with a “sea” of infinitesimally small particles of energy each with their own field structure, each at it’s own wavelength. Some in concentrations large enough to be considered matter, some so small as to be yet undetectable.

      Some are in concentrations of like energy, some are confined in a sphere of fire an density unlike anything we can imagine. In this sea of invisibly small matter/energy the invisible fields of it all make for a stretchy fabric like environment to anything passing through it’s space. Gravity being the influence or momentum of one particle (for lack of a better term) against all those it passes by as it seeks it’s attracting mate halfway across the galaxy.

      Or a little something like that anyway. 🙂

      • Hi Richard
        I think I’ve complemented you on your website previously, some very interesting and thought provoking content. And my post will have been accompanied with an explanation of a concept regarding Darwinian physics. Anyway, when I do this, I’m aware it can affect my chances of reply. And in your case it does appear to have had this effect. But that’s ok, I take no offense. However I do like to push my luck, so here’s some more content you will not be familiar with, to respond or not as you choose.

        If I may refer to gravitational acceleration as an anomalous motion. Ok so light, electromagnetic energy has impulse, which is to say it is capable of propelling itself through the vacuum of space. So to some or perhaps all extent, atomic structure owing its explanation to EM forces, why cant matter also be capable of impulse, in the same respect that light is? If it does in one circumstance, why not the other?

        Further to this, If you consider that gravitational fields, gravitational potential maybe Lorentz contracting matter, that is to say distorting atomic EM fields, and the a-symmetry of the atomic EM field might be described as an unbalancing of the EM structure, and lead to an expression of EM impulse toward the gravitating body. Providing a solution for anomalous gravitational acceleration of matter.

        Motion and gravitational potential appear to be physically equivalent to one another. In respect that time dilation and motion are correlated, and gravitational potential and time dilation are likewise correlated. So if the reason for time dilation was atomic EM Lorentz contraction, then it would explain this correlation in terms of inertial motion and gravitational potential in the same and simplest of possible terms.

        This would also provide a tidy definition of what time is, determined by an electromagnetic pulse rate. In this circumstance it would conform to general relativity in terms of spacetime, but time would not be a property of space so much, as it would be describing an interaction between gravitational potentials and time dilation, as being a function of Lorentz contraction of atomic EM fields, which leads to an altered EM pulse rate. Spacetime is real, but the function of time dilation would be a property of matter.

        Ok so light has impulse and is capable of self propulsion, thats straight forward and obvious enough. So if I could demonstrate evidence that gravitational potential is correlated to atomic EM Lorentz contraction, which is to say an atomic EM distortion, then the second key component of my hypothesis would be somewhat supported. And I can do just that. Consider gravitational waves, and the action which is exploited so that LIGO’s can detect them? A gravitational wave, or more explicitly, a wave of gravitational potential passes through the Earth, and it is detected through the act of Lorentz contraction of the Earth and LIGO’s. Making it wobble like jelly. That represents gravitational potential being directly associated with the action of Lorentz contraction. If gravitational waves contort atomic EM fields, then why couldn’t the same action be ascribed to regular gravitational fields?

        Gravity distorts atomic EM fields, which directs EM self impulse towards the gravitating mass. Simple!

      • To policetac

        May i ask what makes you theorize each particle has a mate far in the distance and what happens when they all meet, if that’s what’s causing gravity.
        Could gravity not be the incessant tug of ‘nothing’ that lies on the other side of anything everywhere as well as beyond the edge of the ‘universe’ where it’s effect is more dramatic as particles are exposed without a surrounding blanket of other ‘things’

      • i do generally agree with the varying concentrations of differing wavelengths etc of the EM field/universe as you describe.
        i sense that these varying ‘particles’/’quarks’/’strings’ etc are somewhat like notes and when they combine they can under the right circumstances become chords/matter. Its these chords relationship and the substance of the notes/waves that are pressured to come undone by ‘nothing’/have only so much ability to resist decay/loss of energy. I don’t see any other reason for them to decay without the addition of ‘nothing’ into the equation, strange as that sounds. This would then give an explanation for gravity’s ‘underall’ effect on the universe and exponential drawing out of paricles/wavelengths/notes at edge of observable universe. it doesn’t seem to be addressed by physics that i know of although i’ve seen the idea of theorized ‘going cold’ of universe, i think it just kinda hazes over on what is the actual root cause of entropy, just accepts it as how it is and stops there, much like with what the cause of gravity is as well.
        As i noted earlier i do see that much of the universe is explained by EM phenomena, more so than by mainstream physics anyway, but can’t agree with some electric universe ideas that there is no gravity only EM. Could you reference explanations for that ie: wouldn’t say, a magnet fall to earth quicker than a ball of non ‘magnetized’ metal of same mass, or me etc. (I’m not saying you are in that camp of thought, such as thunderbolt types, but just that you might know of the explanation, flawed or otherwise)
        Anyhoo i realise this is somewhat off topic re: Mr. lapoint so maybe i’ll check out other areas of the site. Hope you and family are well

      • Hello Policetac,

        I am hoping you would be so kind as to forward this message to Mr. LaPoint, as he may be interested in this. I am Richard Crandall, and I was recently interviewed as a guest on a MUFON television show in Connecticut. I am a physicist who has written a 700 page book on the subject of Antigravity Technology and Free Energy entitled “They All Told The Truth: the Antigravity Papers”.

        I have watched Mr. LaPoint’s 3 movies on the Primer Fields and I must say I was EXTREMELY impressed!! So I’m wondering if Mr. LaPoint would be interested either in being a guest on that UFO Show in Connecticut, or/and in talking to me about his theories on space fields. I would like for him to look at my physics theory and see how it fits with his theory. I think there could be a happy combination of our two theories, as they seem to compliment and reinforce each other, in my opinion.

        Indeed, I may have found the root cause of the CENTRAL part of his dual-torus field. And I have discovered that there is probably not only a magnetic field involved here but also a gravity related field as well… Maybe we could somehow combine things and get a bigger picture. I was extremely impressed with Mr. Lapoint’s graphic presentations and his theory itself.

        My email is AntigravityCommentsQuestions@GMAIL.COM .

        If you would like to watch a video of my MUFON interview on YouTube, just ask and I will forward you the link. The subject matter is antigravity theory, as related to UFO’s.


        Rick Crandall

  65. would you agree to the idea that ‘time’ is constant and that gravity never actually alters time itself, rather atomic/subatomic particles can have their experience of time relative to each other distorted by gravity’s effects.
    This may seem pedantic to some however i feel its important.
    And do you have a proposal regarding what gravity is and why it causes such distortions on EM fields. That’s my particular interest

      • yes, sorry i’m not the best at forum stuff.
        i can’t help getting annoyed whenever physicists talk about space/time as a single thing that can be distorted, not that i think you did, so was just seeing if you agree. and my proposal for what causes gravity, or why there is entropic-decay at all, is in my earlier post if it interests you. If you have heard the ideas before i’d also appreciate knowing where as would love to find any others who might agree

    • Hi DGSMITH. I’ll have a look at your earlier post and return to you with comment. I suggest if we are going to talk more about gravity, we might take it over to the gravity section, rather than co-opting the primer fields thread.

      Yes there is so much confusion surrounding spacetime etc. Its not that I’m annoyed by conventional theory, but rather that people are reluctant to consider ideas, even in the face of so many unknowns. General Relativity successfully tracks time dilation, which leads people to think of time being part of the so called fabric of space. But then again the mathematical construct that is General Relativity is thought by many, not to be representative of a thing of space with physical substance. Which is less than reasonable I suggest. I think the time component of spacetime, is a function of matter rather than time being a component of space. Time a function of matter, an EM pulse rate that is influenced by properties of space. So not knowing your wider views, I can agree with your position of spacetime not being a one thing that is distorted.

      Anyway I’ll see if I can find your earlier post. Can you give me a clue where to look plz?

      • Hi, the post is not far up, just last week. I guess i differ slightly in i think of time as existing as a pure concept that isn’t produced by matter in any way and would exist as such a concept even without matter ie: picture a big clock sitting beyond the universe ticking along regardless. only the time experienced by matter, in relation to other matter/things, is ever distorted.

    • Hi DGSMITH. I want to reply directly to another of your posts, but there is no reply button on some of these posts. So this is a reply to the other of your posts that starts like this “i do generally agree with the varying concentrations of differing wavelengths etc of the EM field/universe as you describe.”
      sorry if this is confusing.

      What I have partially outlined so far here, is not a component of the Electric Universe view. Its a new take on things, and if I was to sum up in a title, I refer to as “Darwinian Universal”. Electric universe might not advocate for gravity, but I do. I advocate for a quantum field which is continually emergent of space, which is currently referred too as spacetime, and that the field undergoes generational exchange, which compounds change and leads to evolutionary progression. From this premise, I can easily understand why the physical universe as we see around us today emerged from this quantum field, for same general principles we have come to identify with Darwinian biology. I have provided some rudimentary descriptions here and there on the net, but obviously I havent done a good enough job of articulating it that others have recognized what I have. They are really truly missing out

      Your asking me something about gravity, magnets falling to Earth etc, but I’m not quite sure what youre asking me to provide? If your trying to get to the heart of the explanation I provided earlier?

      But yes, shouldnt co-opt the PF thread for gravity. I feel this is Richards web site, and he doesnt much seem interested in stuff. Perhaps I should move along

  66. Hey Policetac, I can’t help but think that the center flip point between the two bowls is not the only point between the two bowls. If you have bearings that line up in the area under the bowl openings, then there has to be more than just the one flip point. At least that is what I suspect, even though David did not show that in his videos. Are then the ball bearing rings outside the opening zone of the two bowls, then orbitals as a model of the atom? Are they demonstrating matches pairs, up and down, as electrons satisfying the SPDF orbitals? And since Quantum modeling shows where the electron clouds may occur, could these then be considered a ‘node’ as one might see when viewing a Cymatic bowl of water, where the standing waves occur? More and more, I am feeling like the universe is indeed a magnetic soup, where a vibratory force is working the whole, creating the nodes that we see as particles (standing waves) in a very fine matrix of magnetic entities. I’m just thinking out loud here. Has David tried using specific frequencies at applying the high voltage he uses for generating his plasma? Not just straight DC. Different AC frequencies…. and noting if nodal points occur at specific points in the area under the bowl openings, where the flip point is, and outside the bowl areas, where the bearings in the plexiglass demo shows them to be.??

  67. If magnetic lines of force can permeate the universe, then what is that medium. It can’t be ‘nothing’. A vacuum has to be seething with ‘something’ other than nothing. I have read documents that talk about the Dirac Sea, where it is seething with fluctuations of energy, in a virtual flux. Again, are we in a universe of a magnetic soup, governed by some variation of a Cymatic base frequency that mandates specific wave behavior (energy packets and particles). A Quantum of Cymatic wavefront interference nodal points, where only the particles can reside where the interference wavefronts meet in each orbital, created by the center wave, and governed by it’s spin, or characteristic of spin, for whatever Quantum mechanics wants to call it.

  68. For whatever reason, this morning, I thought about black holes and ‘singularities’. Ideally, the single point of collapse, where matter and form ‘lose it’, and break down into what one assumes to be pure gravity, calling it a singularity, imho, is a misnomer. The fact that a black hole has diameter at all, tells me that it is not a singularity. If all matter breaks down into a pure gravitational field, then why the displacement? Why not just a ‘single point’ of collapse? Whatever is inside is being contained and compressed to a point, like water, that it cannot collapse any further. It has displacement. So, what is it? Everyone has a theory, and no answers.

    Consider two magnetic lines of force. Side by side, they repel one another. Invert one of them, and they become attracted to each other. In fact they will ‘close the loop’ and become a natural ring. Add vibration to it, and it will generate nodal points along it’s arc length. Put two frequencies together, superimposed upon the line of force, and you will see overlapping peaks and troughs. You would see something like the fired edges of Davids’ bowls, after use in the chamber.

    Since energy (supposedly by proof of other theorems) can neither be created nor destroyed, then vibrational energy must be conserved. Motion. “A body in motion will remain in motion, unless acted upon by an outside unbalanced force”. Same thing goes for a body at rest. If a black hole has a vibrational conservation of energy, mainly that of motion (consider that all things are collapsing into it), then would it seen reasonable that a resonant wave would be established from it’s center point of ‘singularity’ and it’s peak horizon? Resonance, coupled with compressed form, that of perhaps two superimposed magnetic fields, one on top of the other, create a standing wave.

    If a magnetic field line in closed loop fashion would tend to collapse to a point, then the magnetic line ‘force’ between the two lines that initiated the loop, would be mutually attractive. The entire inside of the plane, where the line of force, in looped fashion, would see the opposite side of the loop as attracted to the other side. The entire loop would want to contract to a point, but conservation of energy would prevent it from disappearing entirely. Energy in motion, a momentum wave, would be such that, by conservation, it would pass through the center, and expand again, until the force of attraction of the loop, would prevent it from expanding any further, and start the repeat again. The displacement would create your horizon.

    Since a black hole is being fed, pretty much most of the time, even with fine hydrogen and especially light, the purest and most readily available form of energy from the cosmos itself, that it is also being compressed, and that energy must conserve, perhaps into a large ‘dual’ magnetic confinement field, such that no light or matter will pass from inside it’s horizon. Let’s not just throw out all possibilities here, since some think that those laws break down and don’t apply any more. Do they for sure no longer apply? Or are we just not thinking outside the box? After all, the major experts don’t even know.

  69. I’ve been pondering this myself for weeks now. Considering that a photon should be massless, or has mass, depending on SR or GR and what papers you read, it comes down to relative mass, from what I’ve read, for a photon to have mass, or relative mass. In any case, as an object traveling through space, approaching the speed of light, it’s mass is supposed to increase to the point such that it becomes
    impossible to actually travel at C, except if you are a photon, and time will dilate. Go figure.
    Now, consider a black hole, and curved space-time. The fact that curved space can exist, means that space can be moved. If space can be moved, then there can be a space-time relation such that when space moves, there is also a relative velocity of that movement for the curving action of that space fabric. And since space and time seem to interchange, it seems to me that space and time are like energy to mass. Two states of the same thing. And if that is so, then space can be moved to a velocity (space has no mass, assumed, but contains time) such that
    as it is brought to the speed of C, then light stands still. If light cannot be seen emanating from that black hole, then space-time itself is traveling inward on the
    gravitational well at such a velocity that light cannot escape. That would indicate to me that the space-time fabric is traveling and way faster than C. No more light escaping. It cannot overcome C, relatively speaking.
    Now consider that anything traveling at C will gain mass to a limit, depending on that
    space-time-mass movement through the fabric itself. And if the space-time fabric itself is what is moving, and condensing inwardly, then whatever mass is inside that field will be gaining extreme mass up to whatever point that space-time fabric is moving.
    Assuming that Neutrons are what at the center of a black home mass, that is also an assumption. How do we know that Neutrons exist at all inside the black hole? What if the Neutron’s are being rearranged into one massive Neutron. It still leaves Quarks to do the bidding of the giant mass, then again we are assuming that Quarks are being held together and not being ripped apart too. Certainly something is there inside. Is space at C/0 ? Is time standing still such that it does no longer exist? Infinite velocity space and zero time. Maybe nothing, but something is there and it affects space-time in the vicinity of it’s grasp.
    Just a thought…..

  70. I think David is right on track. Why? I’ve been reading several web pages chock full of research teams who have posted what they see. Now they are talking about magnetic fields near to black holes, which are equal in strength. (Hmmm.)
    The fields around the plane of rotation around the black hole looks just like David’s accretion disc. Then the jets at both ends. Sure looks like the magnetic bowls are at play. One question for David… can the bowl structures be close enough so that the flip point between the bowls is inside the containment dome? Or is the flip point still there but flattened, or closer in? And could the black hole be at the flip point?

    Also, there are theories now that have apparently been floated about for a time, referring to our universe as a fluid dynamic, rather that just a space-time vacuum.
    Our universe could have all levels of pressure, even in a sub-microscopic level, but just the same, enough to appear as though it is a pure vacuum. A black hole would open up a place for space-time movement to occur, thus warping all around it. And if it is indeed ‘nothing’, then that is literally a tear (rip) or place where time does no longer exist and infinity has not limits. No amount of matter collapsing into the black hole would ever fill it. A true ‘void’. A place where nothing exists, at least not on a level that we could understand….

    A suggestion for David. Try more experiments by pitching the flattened magnets inside the bowls at a 49º to 51º angle, with all facing in the same direction of pitch – off axis. N would be pitched say at about 50º and S would be pitched 130º. Each off-axis from the central axis that makes up the exit jet streams. Maybe a little of trial and error to find if there is more to these fields. In any case, I do believe that David is on the right track. He would need to make new sets of bowls with these pitched angles inside the bowls. It would prove interesting.

    Take a look at Astronomy Magazine’s web site, and others. They discuss the magnetic fields around Saggitarius A, at our galactic center. The radio wave observations of magnetic fields shows a similar field to what David has proposed in the Primer Fields. And our galaxy is probably spinning around the accretion disc between two super-galactic sized magnetic bowl structures. The field would be immense. Light years in size.

    • I forgot to add that the next time David does any experiments with his bowl apparatus, try modulating the high voltage discharge he places in the center of his setup. Try different frequencies and modulate them with harmonics.
      Not just straight high voltage. A good RF modulator used in radio transmission would work well. From that, he can control the HV he places at the center of the setup.
      It just seems to me that this whole universe has a base cymatic frequency, and that it is modulated, all from a magnetic base point.

      For instance, when you pass current through a conductor, you get a magnetic field around the conductor…. what’s really happening there? Is the magnetic field a result of the current flow, or is it the photons riding on the electrons, that generates the spinning vortex we see as a magnetic field? Once again, it comes back to the magnetic field. Is the electron a result of a magnetic field geometry, such that the forces create the entity called ‘electron’? And so on….

  71. EU-have it…absolute genius!..I am not an expert,but after years of mathematics and theoretical nonsense…this intuitively rings true,..I have tried some thought experiments to counter the Big Bang nonsense..and although you have not said in the 3 episodes I have see,I’m sure you can apply you work to the universe too…round of applause

  72. Just discovered the videos.
    The bowls are truly macroscopic magnetic monopoles.
    I’m intrigued by the different orientations of the field within the confinement zone.
    My feeling that the dome delimiting surface is in fact a double layer

  73. Rick Crandall – You have a very famous name in my neck of the woods. For a minute there I was concerned that you were using the mane of a different physicist from my area who passed away about 5 years ago. But performing a Google search of your book title told me that sure enough, there IS another physicist with the name Richard Crandall, go figure!
    I have forwarded your request to David. Hopefully he will get back to you soon. Good luck.

  74. May I note that at the center of your magnetic bowl shape experiment ,the smalll space between the two magnets Is a very imortent part in your experiment …I imagine this is why galaxies are so flat because there is a magnetic force that shapes them into discks .. imagine that the steel balls you used where stars in a galaxy all coming together to form the flat disks that is portrayed at the center of the magnetic field . This would in turn give Evidence that galaxies are in the center of a giant magnetic field !! I could elaborate further if anyone catches magnetic drift !! Lol

    • One way I like to describe everything is “To view things as they get smaller, we look “down” the microscope. When viewing space, we’re looking “up” the microscope.” You are correct in thinking that galactic formation is an excellent macro example of how matter is formed at the atomic scale.

  75. Well, policetac, what are your thoughts? 2018. Still no evidence of David, no new material, and a bunch of garbage shills are still running his accounts…

  76. I find Dave LaPoints in his videos to be correct in all ways. David came to his conclusions through a different door than mine but we end up in the same room.

  77. hello,

    I’ve been impressed by the work of Mr. David LaPoint. Is there a way to communicate with him? I personally run physics experiments which involve magnetic fields and vortexes and I would have liked to “synchronize” my experiment with his and I was wondering if he would like to share ideas?
    From Belgium, Sincerely

  78. Wouldnt an abnormally strong confinement dome, leading to no escape also explain a black hole by the same formations of the planets just biggie sized? I am being simple on purpose by the way.

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