What I Think – The Primer Fields

The Primer Fields

By: Policetac

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows. Sheldon is so funny when he says, “I can’t wait until the day I transcend my body.” There are even times he’s claimed to have already made the jump genetically.

What if “we” already have, and new ideas are really here?…
What if this is one of them.?

Can you say why this is not real? Or take it further than Quantum Mechanics has?

If I said, “My ten year old understands Structures of plasma in a vacuum.” better than most engineers?

If you think you have it figured out… then by all means, just skip to Part 3. Here’s the deal though.

Just give it a chance. Listen to it.

Let the video explain to you what is going on.

It is just like a very good documentary from when you were in school. But of something you’ve never heard before. If you had heard it before, we would not even be having this discussion.

Don’t be afraid to research it while you’re viewing it. Just hit pause.
(NOTE: A search of the theory’s author will lead you back to nowhere, as the elusive David LaPoint has gone to ground.)

The fields being discussed are real, as I believe are the ones created in the experiments here.

The science of Plasma Physics is so well established, that it is already considered to be 4th fundamental state of Matter. They are by far the most common phase of ordinary matter in the universe, both by mass and by volume.

Most of the time we hear it in a thunder storm, sometimes we see it, but did you know that we almost always “smell” it?
It’s the Ozone, or positively charged Oxygen you’re smelling.

Yet …I’ve found no current research that even comes close.

I can’t find any reference to these shapes even being considered in the field. When I have put the key words in searches, I get Grad/research level publications, usually related to

Astronomical Bodies, and Matter.

I am not crazy. But I do have an open mind. When I saw this, I thought. “Cool. I could use a brush up here (The Double Slit Experiment) And then started to watch.

To “try” and make a long story short, I got excited and started to post little “Have you seen it’s!” everywhere. Did a lot of stuff. (That’s the long part. I researched every part of this) And am now here.

I do not know the presenter of the paper, nor do I claim to know the specifics of his theory. But Iwill say that since I have seen this. I feel that I have got an excellent grasp of the theory and it’s assertions.

I can show it to others and have them understand. If I explain it a little further in theory it is followed. With a working concept firmly understood, obvious solutions show themselves to the person, and can be described.

The knowledge (Math) we have can’t prove that is wrong,
because it (Math) “Does” act within the parameters set forth as described by our abilities of the time. If we consider the probability as “high” that our current ideas of math are most likely out of date, incomplete, or simply incorrect, then the concept of something like this should be approached, not distrusted.

I’m going to be following this. I hope you all do too.


P.S. Don’t get me started on Singularity now! Because if this turns out to be true, I have sooo been right on it’s a**!



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