Why we “would” be a good planet to invade.


If you ask the majority of today’s scientists and academics whether or not our planet might ever be invaded by an alien species, most of them will usually offer you one of two possible situations in order to express their opinion. That , and to offer you at least a little hope.

“Well, on the one hand, if they’ve come all this way from the deepest reaches of space, then it probably won’t matter what they want because there wouldn’t be much we could do about it.”

Typically followed by something like, “But don’t worry any. There’s nothing here they couldn’t get much easier on any other planet in the universe.” “The constituents of water are among the most prevalent gasses in the Universe, Hydrogen and Oxygen. Surely they could find water anywhere.” 🙂 There are even entire stars that create a giant diamond.

“Besides,” someone close by will undoubtedly interject, “They will most likely all be robots anyway.” “You know, machine intelligence…, Biological creatures that transcended it’s biology millions of years ago…” “You know. like A.I. or something.”

How an A.I. alien invasion needs the Human race in order to correct and maintain their Basic Integrated Operating System.


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