A Problem No Longer, Thanks to Dusty Plasma! (Draft)

For my theories to work, there must be ways for energy and matter to interact in space independent of themselves, yet part of a greater whole.

There would have to be a medium where certain constituent particles would act as insulators, or the opposing field barriers, etc. Otherwise, you would not see stars emerge from distant plasma clouds in the ways that we do.


3 responses to “A Problem No Longer, Thanks to Dusty Plasma! (Draft)

  1. Enter… the Ether/Aether Theory. This is what Nikola Tesla believed in. He also did not believe in gravity, he said that there was(in the universe) instead a type of pressure/force, not a pull. I think he was talking about the magnetic forces, or primer fields. So yes, gravity, how we like to think of it, does not exist. I could go on and on lol.

    • The Universal Aether is one of those concepts that have been held for centuries only to be “blown apart” so to speak, by modern science.Or so it would seem…..?

      Watch any modern science documentary and you will hear the narrator often mention it in relationship to electricity and how common belief’s of the time misunderstood it. But this mention is usually short. Almost as if it were better off ignored as embarrassing ignorance of the time that nobody wants to speak of.

      Looking back we see however that every single science of the time recognized it and felt it played a significant role in whatever it was they were studying. Alchemy, electricity, and in many cases even Human physiology could be effected by it.

      Today’s scientific knowledge tells us that these understandings were incorrect. They tell us that electricity comes not from this invisible, mysterious, eternal substance, but from immeasurably large numbers of perfectly understood electrons flowing from one source towards another. That there is no mysterious unseen vapor or force at play around us. That the energy used by the body comes not from a connection to this substance, but from chemical energy absorbed through consumption and metabolized via chemical reaction.

      Only recently have these ideas resurfaced. Many of today’s scientific minds have revisited some of these concepts. Certain in their belief that zero point energy is all around us simply waiting to be tapped into once we understand it.

      These same scientists however run the very real risk of being humiliated out of academia simply for mentioning it. Such ideas are viewed as absurd and preposterous. In some cases even cause for the termination of tenure.

      But isn’t that what the blowhard buffoons of academia have always said? That if it doesn’t meet their understandings of science then it, and those who prescribe to it must either be mad or irresponsible and ignorant? But then again, haven’t they always been wrong as well…?

      I have such a problem with these denizens of doctrine and their arrogant attitudes towards creative thought. At times they almost make me sick as they proclaim their eminence of knowledge and their disdain towards what they see as ignorant. Every one of them proclaiming that scientific doctrine by it’s very nature must challenge held belief’s, yet they dismiss contrary ideas as wasteful and insignificant. Refusing to be bothered by anything other than what they hold as true. Violating the very foundations of their science in their own conceit.

      Does the eternal ether exist? In their minds it does not. Yet their science tells us it does. We know that the very atmosphere we breathe is comprised of molecules of CO2. That each of these molecules are comprised of atoms. That each of these atoms have Electrons and/or Protons. And that these Electrons or Protons each can/do hold an electrical charge.

      Still. They proclaim US as the ignorant.

      I can only laugh. Because to do any different would only cause me pain.


      Gravity is the eternal Ether set in motion.

      Just as if we were to repeatedly run our finger lengthwise across the top of water in our bath causing the water to flow the same direction. So are the particles of energy that makeup gravitational force.


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