On Genome Design

what do you think will happen if we start breeding human according to there behaviour (non aggression ) ? do you know what happened when it was done in wolves ?
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Will Hiltman I'd recommend you go over to the Eugenics group for an answer to this question.
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Will Hiltman If you implying that we're going to be turning into "dog-like" humans, I would say we've already done that ourselves. Robots won't have to do much more.
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Sean Brazell Here is a link to show you what happens when eugenics is made policy http://en.wikipedia.org/wi?ki/Holocaust
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Stan Azazel Carey ?Sean Brazell That is a slippery slope fallacy. To suggest ALL eugenics leads to the holocaust is erroneous. Our species would be much better off without harmful mutations (that cause birth defects, blindness, early death, etc).
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Sean Brazell I think not. There is a difference between Eugenics and Genetic research. Even in the United States, as late as 1973 (when the practice finally stopped) certain southern states instituted a forced sterilization program on women who got pregnant before they came of age.
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Sean Brazell All the mutations that cause birth defects, blindness and general unpleasantness are legitimate targets for genetic research, But eugenics is NOT genetic research, it's selective breeding. Anytime you let the government have that kind of power over you, you run a very, very terrible risk of waking up one morning to find yourself living in a facist state.
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Richard Brown Personally, I'm one of those that kinda gives Darwin a bit more credit than some. In fact, I must admit, I accept his theory's as law. That said, any significant jump or break in the evolutionary process will be risky. It is only arrogance and ignorance that lead us to believe that we are not a fragile species. But....? Then again, we do seem to have a setup that's pretty well designed to begin with. And for the most part, what becomes weak and does break off, we can just read the code book, and figure out how to make one from scratch. (Or at least a high quality surgical steel! Here's the true test. Would I be willing to stand by that? Sure! Sign me up. IDK if the guys only put in three before me, set it up and I'll get my implants tomorrow. And if one of my family needed something new, remarkable, and makes perfect sense, but just came out? Given what I'm still learning, if it came from our model, yes. I would embrace the advancements in order to save my loved one. But my kid still don't get her implants first!
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Roee Litman hey sean let me remind you that in the holocaust the nazi party's target was to destroy one race and keep breeding another race
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Roee Litman this was done on the bases of Visual appearance and race and not on the base of behaviour as you can see I'm an israeli and juish most of my family was destroyed over there !!! how ever Will Hiltman was right on the money !! when you breed wolves according to there non aggression factor you get a new animal one who lives in synergy with other animals !!! up until today you can say human kind used aggression to evolve (army technology as a catalyser ) but on the other hand it taking us back to primitive ages as well !!! the combination of singularity with aggression is not just very dangerous it contradicts singularity as long as there aggression we will use singularity to destroy ourselves long before it will happen
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Roee Litman Richard, i absolutely agree
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Sean Brazell ?"this was done on the bases of Visual appearance and race and not on the base of behaviour" Does it matter how it was done? It was humans forcing their beliefs on others. It's not an either or question, they are both bad ideas. I am sorry that you're family had to go through such a terrible, black event that has stained the soul of mankind...but trying to use eugenics to correct behavior is just as morally repugnant and pointless as any other imposition by the majority on the minority; it's pointless because, aside from a few genetic conditions, behavior is a learned thing, not something wired into our genome. Also, it doesn't help that you talked about human breeding - it sounds very clinical and amoral! (O dpm
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Sean Brazell I'm not saying that you ARE coldly clinical and amoral - but eugenics is.
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Roee Litman sean i agree with everithing you say about humans forcing their beliefs on others but......in 1994 1 milion humans were slaughtered with macheta knifes in ruanda africa (for example) shouldent the human race try to eradicate such behavior before talking about evolving and singularity ???
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Sean Brazell The behavior in question, the killing that happened in Rwanda, is the result of LEARNED behavior and horrible circumstance, not of a genetic predisposition. It's not Eugenics that Rwanda needs, it's food, education and medicine.
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Sean Brazell ?"shouldent the human race try to eradicate such behavior before talking about evolving and singularity ???" - Now that's an interesting question...I think that our capability for aggression and war are two things we might very well have need of as we start colonizing and exploring our galaxy. Of all the possible causes of Fermi's paradox, I think war is the most likely. Competition for resources is something we see from the very lowest part of the kingdom of life all the way to the top - even the Universe itself seems almost maniacally prone to destruction and in-hospitality!

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