On Immortality

I don’t have a specific date for this conversation, but my file says July, 2011.

This conversation took place in the Facebook group: “Ray Kurzweil”


Cricital Dodge
Ok everyone. When immortality is achieveable, would you aquire this gift or would you rather grow old and die? Please explain yourselves as well.


No, but I get it. Kinda a similar connundrum the other way too in that something dies w/immortality, and that would be the experience of growing old right?
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Richard Brown That’s all I met. Sorry, I have a bad habit of trying to form emphasis in typed speech using different vocabulary tools such as dry or slightly sarcastic humor. I guess I need to adjust my tone or pitch! lol
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Cricital Dodge I am afraid of death but not because im afraid of where i am going. See, i just recently lost my faith and no longer believe in religion. Because of this, I have decided that once you are dead, you are dead. Nothing more and nothing less. That is the end of your jouney. For me, that simple sucks. I dont want to fade away, I want to continue living and continue learning, that is all i want. Oh, and no I have read that poem, but i to agree that nothing last forever. Even immortality could not last forever. But it could possible last for thousands if not millions of years and i would be satisfied with that.
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Richard Brown Yea, me too actually. That was one problem I did encounter and still am learning to come to terms with myself. The statement of found God in my model, is actually a removal or transformation of the concepts relating to the way society sees the phenomenon of God, is ,will,and will continue to change. I’ve noted three epics in my analysis and theory myself so far, with the third right around the corner. During this, I’ve found proofs that my/our concepts are either wrong, or flawed because otherwise it could not exist. (At least not in the ways we’ve confined the concept.) (That’s one of the places where I find him again too:} So, science tells me i’m going to become dust to dust like the beginning and the end of the great book says, and that part we know to be true in science as well. So I find no real solace there, but my mind is quantum, which tells me it’s very possible indeed. Ultimate faith that says, well, maybe I just gotta go through more, or…..NOW, here’s another point I’ve learned by my model. Who says that everlasting life and “Total at oneness with my creator, sitting in a white pillared room with a lion on one side, a lamb on the other, is the way my “ENERGY” is to be disseminated? Because that was a constraint written by Man, and is indicative of being from the negative or (Insecurity) side of the psyche. It’s ultimately incorrect. If so, then….?
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Cricital Dodge I would love to hear these theories on death of yours. But about Newtons law, I personally dont agree with it. When cell divide and multiply, isn’t matter created? I have no proof but that is just a thought of mine. Matter may not be able to be destroyed but i do think it can be created.
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Richard Brown Also,….. “Would a life with limits be any less of a miracle?” I may not want to go, I may cry and throw a tantrum, but I say now. I Thank you God for everything I have been blessed with in my life. period.)
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Richard Brown Now watch. I’m in 2054. “Ok, pull him out boys I think he just got it!” lol
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Richard Brown Yea, to the quote from Socrates, I am an avid martial artist and in our world, there is a WAY of thinking called Daoism, in this we find a similarity to that thinking in.
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Jeremy Evans Want gift. Suicide is always an option further down the road if I change my mind. But 70 years is way too short of a lifespan. Just when you start to hit your stride emotionally and intellectually, your body starts to deteriorate.
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Cynthia Stewart I would choose to keep my choice of either “living” or “dying,” so I would choose to live. If I later changed my mind I could opt out, but for now I enjoy making that active choice every day.


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