Thoughts of Plasma Energy

Thoughts of Plasma Energy

          …”The Final Frontier.”

I often think I’m the only one who has always laughed at the commonalities between the hit T.V. show Star Trek, and the 21st Century.

To pose the easiest of examples,  …”Kirks communicator” ain’t got nothin’ on mine!”

And 3D printers are going to just about take the starting place for the future of replicators.

I’m sure that within the next ten years or so, we at least have the “option” to buy either the “surgical free trans dermal” direct CNS game system. (Too far? Ok, how about a big box, with Kinect, quantum processing, DirectX5000, and a real life honest to God 3D Photon generator.) I wouldn’t even be surprised if we called it a Holodeck. It’s not like we couldn’t already build something cool like it with all of the new (Here’s that word again) “Plasma,” television tech, some more processing power just to make the pictures cleaner,  some creative programming to move the imagery,…

Matter transporters: Well, this one’s kind of funny. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have told you that “Yes, we are making progress in the field, but would still have enormously high barriers to overcome, much less successes using those “antiquated” concepts like the ones “WE’VE” got.

Gene didn’t though! He got this one too!


Plasma (Photo credit: underback )

Matter data streams, (plasma?)  into giant pattern buffers, into matter re-generator. (Which would be nything capable of changing a field?)

Photon torpedo’s?   Definitely now!

Gravity on the ship? From what I see so far, I don’t see why not someday!

Cargo bay shields? Plasma!

Ships shields? Field generator!

This is fun!

Oh. What does it have to do with space?

Everything!  If you realize that Space is comprised of everything you need right there.


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