Observational interference

When I “observe” something, I come in contact with it through photon energy.As all particles have fields, and since fields in contact share energy, I am able to see the object in “real time.”Since the original photon energy was interfered with by the object I’m viewing (illumination/reflection, that’s why I can see it right?) Then we can assume that the photon also shared data as it remained in contact.Given the quantum effects of fields in contact (Ie. current) the photon energy I am using to observe are in contact with the object as well.This is all good until my energy is quantified. (Ie. It finds ground)Once it does, all the values of the other objects are quantified as well thus securing it’s location in space and time. (Ie. Observation interferes with an object)  Richard Brown 05/2013


To put it simply, imagine this.

On a white background, a profile silhouette of your face on the left, the sun in the upper right hand corner, and the object you are “looking” at in the bottom right.


Draw a dashed line from the sun to the object being viewed. Then from the object being viewed to the eyes on the face.

This is how a person sees an object. The photon energy emitted from the Sun via “light waves” interact by coming into contact with the object being viewed., This energy is not fully absorbed by the object and some of it is reflected at various angles. Reflections leaving the object at the angle of your eyes will travel the remaining distance in a straight line and enter the lens of the eye. Sensors in the eye are capable of detecting and interpreting light in the visible range. Thus vision occurs.

Picture the light as concentrations of energy. Each with a magnetic field and related  poles.

Electric energy, and light, travel in


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