Quantum Mechanics

This is where we separate the men from the boys.

The girls from the women,

the up and the bottom,

the charming and the strange.

Perhaps you’ll get to meet Higgs.

I’ll post things here some of what you think,

what some of you believe,

What’s known,

and what we will know.

We will discuss dead cats,

as well as rainbows, and the number 3.

I’ll start with the basics on  a link page. “The Basics of Quantum Mechanics”

This will be an assortment of different video lectures, maybe an an article or two,  as well as a few links to some really cool places!

I’ll throw in a bunch of different things to get the theories and concepts down. I’m not going to really worry about the math too much. It’s assumed that if you seek the numbers, you should get them and then name it after yourself. 🙂

This variety of video’s, papers, pages, quotes, and perhaps some of my material, should serve to update the “common interpretation,” restate the rules, remind you of some of the “cool math,” and get you thinking about cheese. (string!) 🙂

But nothing past E=MC2. (See yesterday for updates}

For now…



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