About “Peer Review”


By Me:

The one real “anger point” I seem to keep running into is the one that goes something like this. “Well he’s obviously just some nutjob. Probably trying to sell some kind of free energy deal or something. I mean, he hasn’t published in any journals, hasn’t given to any “REAL” academic institution,…blah blah”

1. Which institution? The one that is going to just dismiss it at it’s face? Or the one who will do it when he leaves the room?

2. An American journal? Well why not one from Calcutta?

3. If he’s right and their wrong, why should he ask them to say he’s right? I mean, they’ve been wrong before right?  🙂

4. He states that by video was the fastest way to get this important information out quickly. He goes on to say that it was the easiest way to get it out in a way he could explain. What if he’s not a physicist, by perhaps an engineer? (Personally, I think it’s more likely something like this.

5. Doesn’t trust academic institutions?

6. If submitted for approval. Then every single theory in acceptance must be independently challenged. Takes time.

7. I’ve heard people come to him with questions. He has answered them.

8. I have already seen others solve problems STILL not know by science simply by using his theory to solve unrelated topics. (Ie. sunspots and the suns 11 year cycle.) His response to these? Exactly This proves that there’s something here when “commentators” make valid presumptions in only a few comment posts about things science still doesn’t know.

9. Note how these things usually bring out the trolls and holders of the sword of Zagnar? “Well bbla blah is wrong because blah blah, and you are a crackpot, blah blah.  See any of these? Not really. I’m seeing some. Usually to be immediately followed by a real question. The trolls then just go away and the discussion turns good. (This does not happen on other things.  Example: How religion always gets brought up when speaking of science.)

10. Perhaps he didn’t want to do all the math? (In this case, there would be too much. He’d have to formulate for everything!

11. Maybe he’s like me? “Hey! I just thought up the stuff! The math and all that is your job!”



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