So, I’m thinking Gravity is…?


Visualize a bathtub full of water. Now take your index finger and run it through the water from one end of the tub to the other. The first thing you should notice is that this interaction effects the entire surface of water. If you repeat this a number of times you will notice that the water in the tub starts to move in the same direction you are running your finger.

Now visualize an area of empty space. Now place two particles within it. We know that these two particles will be attracted to each other so allow them to do so. Once they become close we will notice that they don’t collide but start to orbit each other. For the purposes of describing Gravity, once in this orbit we can consider them to be “joined.” One thing we know about gravity is that as a body of matter gets bigger it’s gravitational influence is greater. But why?

Recent thinking by those in “mainstream” science acknowledge that space is not empty. Some of us have known this for quite some time. Since you are now aware of this, go back to your thought experiment and fill the surrounding space around your particles with a dusting of this matter. Now separate your particles and allow them to come toward each other again. What happens to the “dust” around them? It’s effected the same way the water was in our first experiment isn’t it?

If we were to add additional particles to our “space,” these other particles would act in the same manor as our first two. We already know that as we add additional particles of matter mass is increased and things get bigger. We also know that the bigger the thing, the greater the gravity. Why is that?

As our particles come together the size of our piece of matter increases. If we go back to our bathtub, we can see how this makes a difference. This time instead of using only our index finger to run the length of the tub, we’re going to use the remaining three as well. Notice how this time we don’t have to make quite as many passes to start moving the same volume of water? That is because the additional fingers equate to an increase in the surface area of the object we are using to influence the water. The same holds true for our piece of matter.


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