How morals, values, and ethics are changing

One of the most important aspects of emerging technology is what it does to human kind.
Technology and its advancements are not only influential in our lives for their comfort or conveniences, but they are also important because they change our lives.
The changes I am referring to are those that effect our behaviors, or emotions, or even our core values. (For more on this see “Changes.” 
They can affect us in ways that change how we communicate…
How we raise our children…
Even serve to change our ways of life.
A simple example would be the story below. Which will hopefully help serve to assist the formation of “accepted behaviors” or “etiquette” out here on the internet.
Oct 2 2012

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV

NEWSFLASH: Being a jerk is always a bad idea, but it is an especially bad idea when a) you have no idea what you’re talking about, and b) you choose to target someone who has the ability to completely break down your crap on her very own live show.


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