Everyone knows that Freud was wrong.

…”If you think like the brain does,
you can understand how the mind thinks.”  

Richard Brown

It sets the stage for Cognitive Psychology,Sigmund Freud and it forms my principle ideology when dealing with people.

Any less violates the oath to heal, and in my
opinion, is an affront to the very field itself.

There is no excuse for the continued ignorance,
intentional dissent within education, and blatant
disregard of scientific principles within
the field of Human Psychology.

Educators and practitioners of these “psychology’s”
MUST break that chain soon if only for the students.

It is no secret to the graduating classes that the
students are the real subjects, and their practices
are the proofs.

But this must stop!

Neurology and human physiology have both
reached levels of acceptance within their fields,
and their proofs show these assertions to be invalid.

There I said it!

Quit teaching and LEARNING outdated psychology!

Just because you fell for it doesn’t mean you
have to support it!

Psychology is a medical science. And as such MUST
be dedicated to the patient. Application of treatments
known to do harm, or that violate the beliefs of the
patient MUST never be accepted.

If we are just now learning how the brain itself works,
how can we possibly assert omnipotent knowledge
of the processes that make the mind work?

Can you PROVE to me any behavior, emotion, or
condition supported by your assertion?

No. you can’t.

But Neurology can.

Neurology can say, “You feel this way because
you have an imbalance of “something known,”
causing a “known action,” and a “known result.”

And then they can prove it.

And then they can have someone else prove it.


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