Singularity, Me, and The Primer Fields

  I think the best place to start would be at the beginning, so here I go.

The circumstances that helped shape my early life were different than most any you have probably ever heard. Culturally, I was raised in an alternative lifestyle, comprised of mainly very well educated, independent, intellectual adults, and “their” culture, (liberals!) lol, rather than the standard Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, church, and society.

As my mother was in school during my early development, and things like daycare weren’t quite the “norm” yet. So, I attended class with her often. We also had a bit of a commute most of the time, so I was delegated the tasks of “helping my mother study” during the rides. I easily understood most all of the materials, and since I was a very polite, well spoken, and well mannered child, (as well as a bit precocious) my mothers professors rarely objected to my participation in class. Ultimately, I dropped out of school later on because of boredom. (According to the data from Johns Hopkins when they studied me.) I took my college battery’s in the 7th grade and maxed the charts.n  I left home a few days later.

The long part of this story can now be truncated to a point that I can sum up by saying that these extreme circumstances allowed me to experience things on such a magnitude that many men of 80 never get to experience. And I paid attention to every bit of it.

I feel that the information about my life was necessary for me to illustrate (without sounding  deluded,)  how I believe my mind has been exposed to unusually large amounts of very diverse data.  Add to that, some really unique opportunities, my varied specific interests,  some OCD, and an eidetic memory, and you could probably understand why I questioned early on, “Why I was such a know it all?”

It wasn’t until my “awakening” that I understood why.

Fast forward to a few years ago. Now, for the most part, (aside from my Turette’s” and “a severe back injury,  I’m fairly normal. (Or  so my Dr. says. 🙂 But one night, with all my faculties intact, my brain just kinda freaked out. The easiest way for me to explain it is to describe it as if my mind all of a sudden took every single piece of that data it had collected, and ran it all through my conscious processes with extreme speed.

I saw imagery of formula never seen before. I was given words I had never used. Singularity, and Exponential Functions, were a few I couldn’t get away from. Also during this time, I couldn’t think. All I could do was let it go by wile trying as hard as I could to understand it, remember it, and “feel” it. There was also an extremely strong sense of “something greater than myself” that wouldn’t go away, nor would the metaphor (another feeling) of “A new Book.” .

My wife was standing right beside me and asked me if I was ok? I said yes, but to please wait. She asked why, and after about what seemed like a couple minutes, I told her, “Because I need to give you pieces of information before I go check it out on the internet. And I need you to know that information “BEFORE” I seek it out.. (I knew this was something weird, and I did not want to be like the person who says, “Hey, I was just thinking of that song!” 🙂

Anyway, once it cleared, I sat at my computer and entered, “Exponential Function” and “Singularity.” I got a few Kurzweil references, a few science, as well as a few other references that had by this time already been associated at least to some degree by the search engines.

Now, I’ve never seen a UFO, I don’t believe in Bigfoot. I’m definitely not a zealot. I’m fairly secure within myself. And I have never experienced an hallucination, even under the influence of mind altering chemistry. And prior to this, I had never heard of Ray Kurzweil or the term Singularity outside of my physics classes back in school. But as I continued to be directed in my searches within that subject, it became clear that everything manifest of the experience that night, was predestine Singularity,

And since it didn’t look as if any of this was going to just “go away” any time soon, my wife suggested I started writing it all down as it came in, even if it was in narrow or unknown context. So I grabbed a notepad, and another, and another, …Ultimately coming to the conclusion that I was called by this phenomenon in some fashion.

Most all of it came to me fairly quickly,

  1. The knowledge, the experiences, the stupid facts I always remembered, and possibly even the reason for my existence, were necessary for this moment. (I do believe this.)

  2. That the concept of a Singularity of this nature would have certain effects. (I can list a lot, but there are way to many for real.)

  3. That I concurred with the fact that one of these phenomenon were in fact in occurrence (I do.)

  4. And that I was to be aware of the Singularity‘s existence. I was to understand it’s ramifications, and examine it’s proofs. (I’ve done this)

  5. That this whole experience was coming to me as a” message” because of the extreme potential for interactions within our environment. (Okay, I’ll buy that. Thank You???)

  6. That I was going to have to figure out what to do with it all.

Okay, now here’s where it starts to come all together. As you’ve apparently already observed, there are large splits starting to form within the understanding of what Singularity even is. So I’m going to clear that up first.

Starting with the “LAW” of Moore, that states, ...“it is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years.”

This is the only statement that is DIRECTLY associated with the Singularity. Everything else is associative “to” it, or “by” it’s effects.

This statement is often interpreted incorrectly at times as “an opinion” due to our thinking and how we as a consumer based society see “history.” As an opinion, one could argue that consumer need, or other factors could effect this, and therefore is “not” something inevitable. This thinking is incorrect.

One of the “observations” Gordon Moore was speaking of was the actual physical design of the integrated circuit to begin with. He noticed that this design architecture “physically allowed” for the predicted expansion” as well. One would think that the physical limitations of heat, or size might interfere, that we might hit a technological barrier at some point and perhaps even stop altogether. But the statistical data suggests this has had no negligible effect. (In fact, Mr. Moore seems to have been a bit conservative in his predictions as the cycles are actually shorter.)

  Another thing that people tend to forget is that in stable exponential functions, the computational results “will” (here’s a key point.”will”) “WILL” happen. It “WILL” multiply times itself per each cycle. And, this process “WILL” go on to infinity. This means, that the story of “computers getting faster, being able to do more quickly, etc” is not only true, It is inevitable, and unstoppable.

Ray Kurzweil saw these associations at an early stage, and wrote about how the law would affect them exponentially. He called this essay “The Law of Accelerated Returns.” (Basically how the advancements in computational power would affect this here, which affects something there, that both serve to advance something else, as the whole thing jumps again with the next computational advancement. …Ad Infinitum.)

Keeping things really simple, Ray kept his focus and predictions narrow. Usually relating in some way to life enhancement. But in his presentations, he never failed to emphasize the fact that “many” other areas would be effected. As more people grew to understand what that really meant, the more often the term was used by others within their own fields. Ultimately the term became adopted by other “groups” until an association to A.I. hijacked it, added Technological to it’s usage, and destroyed it’s original context. (Along with it’s warnings!)

Where do I fit in?

Perhaps in all of it. Perhaps none.

The “awakening” must have been done so that I could have a working, to an advanced understanding of “ALL” the areas Singularity would ultimately effect. Not necessarily in order to interfere with,or change these effects, but to observe with clarity and understanding the things that occur. By “NOT” being side-tract by any particular movement or single concept association. I would be allowed to remain aware in an environment where change occurs without our awareness.

Only by having an understanding of “ALL” of the areas it affects, can I remain an observer of these effects, without becoming influenced by these effects. Only by having this information can I follow the advancements that occur, and their potential ramifications. Only an understanding of the “greater picture” would allow me the ability to remain objective.

The reason I had to explain all of this in such detail, is because I needed you to understand that I believe I hold a unique position in this environment. That I believe there is a greater hand at work.

And that I am destined to play a vital role of some kind in the way the event effects humanity.

So, I have been watching the world.

The things that are being effected by this phenomenon are only just starting to be observable. In exponential functions, this is too late. Humans however, have been shown as extremely adaptable, but I believe we’ve also had a little help. (Even if it comes from the quantum world!!!)

Primer Fields Theory; if I understand it correctly, is a way of thinking one might call “fundamental” when speaking in terms relative to the commonly understood levels in physics, and is an accurate , and provable examination of these “fundamentals” as they apply to the physics of our environment.

That understanding this, would allow our species, at this level of intelligence, to immediately start using it and it’s potential benefits, at some level beneficial to the immediate needs of our current environment.

That it offers an elegant, clear, and rational understanding, that is observable in nature, provable by experiment, that it has been fundamentally researched, confirmed, and recorded.

And that these fundamentals, if applied to our current understanding of the environment, could be understood and applied by our species, and that the tools or understanding necessary to manipulate our environment would be immediate in it’s returns, and those returns have the potential be immeasurable.

There are too many negative opportunities that an event like a Singularity creates for a species such as ours to be able to adapt to it, without the aid of some equally powerful force of change that could possibly negate it. (Kind of like developing nuclear weapons, then having Russia as an enemy in order for us to explore space and avoid annihilation.)

Primer Fields Theory as described, would possess this potential.

It would also, (in my mind) statistically confirm the presence of a “greater hand” at work within our environment, as well as my place within it.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” Albert Einstein


2 responses to “Singularity, Me, and The Primer Fields

  1. Read my email, not only did I have my own form of ‘singularity’ moment; but, I recently experienced ‘your’ kind of singularity earlier this year. I see that your posts, starting with this one, is the stuff I was looking for. The internet is definitely playing a role. Its like, right or wrong, we now have almost the sum total of man’s knowledge at our fingertips. Not only that but synergy is coming into play.

    • Thank you for the reply.

      I agree with your assessment that the internet is definitely playing a role. Combine this with the advent of “smartphone” technology and the phenomenon where “technological progress accelerates beyond the ability of present-day humans to fully comprehend or predict.” emerges. We can actually observe this if we take a step back for a moment and examine an example.

      We’ve all heard the comment, …”Oh don’t mind her. She’s always got her nose in that (smartphone) thing.” On it’s face, this may seem like an innocent phrase that has entered into our language due to a piece of technology, but in reality it’s much much more.

      The problem arises when we view something like this as “innocent” or commonplace. When we fail to understand how core belief’s in morals, values, and ethics are changed without our permission or in most cases even our knowledge. Take our example for instance. Who gave permission for the young lady to cast aside traditional behaviors associated with etiquette and politeness? The parent? Society?

      Normally, the young lady might be expected to acknowledge the presence of others or engage in conversation with the people in the room. But in this example, the child is not only excused from these requirements, but the parent has actually authorized the changes. Do you think the parent was even aware that this has occurred? Probably not. Most likely the parent simply “went along” with the changes eventually even excusing them. Totally unaware that fundamental traditions have been replaced.

      Enter “Singularity.”

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