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My name is Richard Brown and this is my blog.

I am a father, retired commercial truck driver, small business owner, and tactical martial arts instructor.

Currently I am the author of a few different blogs, two of which are “policetac,” a site dedicated to his interests in the martial arts, as well as “socialnomicsingularity,” the original site for my writings on the technological advances of man, and it’s inevitable impact on human society.

I currently reside in Washington state with my girlfriend of ten years, one of my daughters, two rabbit’s,  and our two very spoiled dogs.

My first real attempt at writing was about 11 years ago when I completed an original screenplay based on the very popular television series Star Trek. Although the screenplay was never submitted or published, it introduced me to the art of creative writing and it’s simple pleasures.

I have been an active user of home computers ever since I got his first one back in 1982,
and I have been online as the user named policetac ever since the Internet was first introduced back in 1994.

The reason I write about emerging technology is because of an “awakening” I had one evening a few years ago. For lack of a better description, suffice it to say that I saw a confusing combination of formula, imagery, words, etc. that formed two words.      Singularity and Exponential

I recited all of the information I could to my girlfriend because I told her I wanted her to hear it all before I researched any of it.  I then sat down at my computer and typed the two words. And got Wikipedia and it’s definition of “Technological Singularity.”

That was it.

As I kept reading and following the subject to the places it lead me, I quickly realized this was what I had seen.

Needless to say, I was a bit “off center” at first. I had all of this information, but no real idea of what to do with it. So I just started writing. Pulling stories of interest from areas I thought might be somehow related.

Sure enough, these subjects have started forming their own “categories” that I believe ARE very much Singularity related. (More will follow as I broaden my subject list.)

I do want to say that I do differ somewhat in my vision of the Singularity.

Personally, I believe this event is not limited to the awakening of A.I., Trans humanism, or any other “singular specific” event as described by some.  I do however have my opinions on where I think the most influential technologies capable of creating  ”… a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.” will come from.

  • Digital Personal Communications Devices: – More than just “phones” these devices will have a “Marked” impact on MVE’s,* behavior, law, and society as;
  • Social Media; – continues to grow and be used in the ways it has. (I don’t elaborate here as many of the uses of  these two are potentially dangerous.)
  • 3D Printing; – If 3D printing continues to follow the path it has been on for the past few years, this technology might very well be the most influential one of them all.
  • Personal computing; – As tech advances, so will the ways people use personal computing devices. Whether or not they fully emigrate to “Smartphone” status, remain on the desk top, or become part of ones own body, personal computing will continue to advance possibly to the level of “Quantum Computing” within the next ten to twenty years.
  • Robotics and A.I.; – When U.A.V.’s are sold as toys, (RC Iphone Remote Control Helicopter with Camera) then robotics are starting to have influence.
  • Nanotechnology; – All I have to say is …“nano.gov.”

Anyway, that’s all for now. More later.  🙂

*Morals, Values, and Ethics


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  1. Wondering what happened to your Questions/Answers article with David Lapoint…it’s the only article that seems to have gone missing off your site… odd timing also.

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