Digital Communications

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of all the technology of the 20th Century, digital communications devices would probably have to be considered one of the most influential.

Digital communications devices may have started out as simply “wireless phones,” but they did not stay that way for long. Although still called phones, these devices are more closely related to miniature computers with the “ability” of making a phone call.

This section is dedicated to the wireless communications device, and its current and potential impact on our environment.


One response to “Digital Communications

  1. david, i think you can levitate! electromagnetize your magnets. spin them gyroscopically, 2 opposing in a lenticular craft. create a standing wave, a la’ laithwaite’s maglev motor. the vortex in the magnetic field set by your magnets and the spin would provide stability, propogating a vortex whose angular momentum would be very stable. the gyroscope is controlled be forces at right angles to the desired direction. proof of concept is in a toy, one i imagine you’re familiar with.

    the earth’s magnetic field providing a wave, flow and vector, the computer calculates the opposite polarity for a standing wave, but with a calculated bias, attraction in the lead repulsion in the rear. or, polarize the air (sub-visible plasma, but plasma nonetheless). as you point out, every atom is a magnet. it may work by either polarizing the air and using the atoms as magnets, or perhaps the craft could ride the earth’s magnetic field as a medium by amplifying and opposing waves, maybe a combination.

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