Andros F6 Series


F6B: The Industry’s Most Versatile Platform




  • NEW Integrated arm, gripper & articulator sensors supply OCU with real-time feedback on position & rotation using on-screen graphics
  • NEW optional rear drive camera
  • Color surveillance camera with light, zoom, pan/tilt
  • Surveillance camera with image stabilization – 216:1 total zoom
    (26x optical/12x digital)
  • Stationary arm camera – 40:1 total zoom (10x optical/4x digital)
  • 24-inch camera extender
  • Multiple-mission tool/sensor mounts with plug-and-play capabilities
  • Gripper with continuous rotate
  • Manipulator arm’s seven degrees of freedom ensure optimum dexterity
  • Quick-release pneumatic wheels for rapid width-reduction, no tools required
  • Patented articulating tracks allow for traversing ditches, obstacles and the roughest terrain

Vehicle Data / Communication Links
The three data links available for operator control of the ANDROS vehicle are:

  • Fiber-optic cable – deployed from the vehicle Radio control (wireless)  Hard-tether cable
  • Patented articulating tracks allow for ease in stair climbing
  • Increased height to meet mission requirements
  • Dual accessory mounts on arm allow simultaneous, multiple weapon/sensor deployment

F6A – The Industry’s Most Versatile Platform

Height: 56.5″
Width: 29″ or 17.5″ without wheels
Length: 52″
Ground clearance: 3.5″

485 lb

Method: Articulated tracks and quick release wheels
Slope: 45¾ including stairs
Speed: 0 to 3.5 mph
Traverse: Openings up to 21″ and Obstacles up to 18″
Turning: Within the length of the vehicle

Audio Visual Cameras
•Color camera with low-light switching capability
•Extra-low-light color pan/tilt/zoom with full 360° continuous-pan 180° tilt
•Auto/manual focus and iris
•80-watt adjustable halogen light with detachable IR lens
•Motorized camera extender arm
•Color camera with auto/manual focus
•Auto/manual iris
•Manually adjustable tilt
•80-watt adjustable halogen light
•Manual zoom Optional arm pan & tilt camera (Same as surveillance camera).

Front Drive:
•B&W low-light fixed-focus; auto iris
Optional weapons camera and laser sighting systems available.
2-way audio system with weatherproof speaker and microphone mounted on the robot
•7 isolated firing circuits: 24VDC
•Power fupply: 24VDC 35 amp-hr gel-cell battery pack
•Battery charger:
•Optional 110/220 VAC operation with optional cable reel link and AC power supply
•1/4-Turn Connectors: For easy connect, disconnect
•Data Links: Interchangeable Fiber Optic Cable reel, RF system, or Hard-line cable reel system
•Sealed weather-resistant enclosure
• Wet or dry surfaces
• 2.5 days of operator / maintenance training in Clinton, TN
• CD-ROM based operator and maintenance manual
• One year parts & labor warranty

Operator Control Unit (required)
• Removable switchbox for direct connection to the robot
• 15″ LCD monitor with daylight-readable, anti-glare screen
• Picture-in-picture display with camera selection switch
• Graphics display vehicle and console battery condition, camera setup functions, and sensor feedback
• Video and audio output for event recording and optional headset display
• Joystick control for easy navigation
• Removable Key Firing Circuit System
• Heavy-duty, portable, weather-resistant
• Includes 50 amp-hr. 12VDC battery and
110/240VAC smart charger/power supply
• Power Options: 50 amp-hr. 12 VDC battery with charger, AD and DC power cords
• Microphone, speaker, and volume control
• 38 lbs, 10″ x 23″ x 18″ (H/W/D)
* One of the control link options must be purchased 

•Variable speed control for precision
•Dual-sided, quick change accessory mounting system

Torso Rotate ……
Wrist extend……
Grip rotate………


Vertical reach …..

Horizontal reach ..

+/- 90°-
360° continuous
0″ to 12″ open/close
0 to 50 lbs pressure
65 lbs at 18″
25 lbs at full extension
109″ with tracks down
and arm fully extended
56″ from front of vehicle

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