I can prove that light is a waveform

If light is a wave, fine. It does what we need it to.

But we all know that it also acts as a particle.

So which is it?

You can use this to help imagine a particle

You can use this to help imagine a particle

Physics had a difficult time trying to figure this out. So difficult in fact that it’s scientists had to create a whole new math just to be able to make it work. But they forgot a fundamental observation. The wave is the clue.

What is the one thing we know about waves? That as long as they are in phase, any “wave” movement can/will carry information through it’s momentum, etc. But do you think about how this is also carried through gravity, magnetism, centrifugal force too?

Think about it for a minute.

If you are riding a bicycle with a heavy load on the handle bars, and you go up and down through the neighbors drive, then you will soon find your bicycle wants to “carry information through the wave” of your balance, velocity, momentum, etc. Not only this, but it has a tendency to fight along side the others. (The math should find a balance here)

Anyway, we also know that when we send a signal of electromagnetic radiation, that this signal is sent in such a way that it acts as if it were a “wave.” A “continuous” signal of information, that “at light speed” “transports” this information, just like the weight on the handlebars. That as long as “momentum” (current) is applied, the signal, (exaggerated balance problems, weight transferred through body of bike and rider) will continue at it’s force applied. (All the other math I said works together)

And that when this “current” (pedaling) is turned off, “momentum” will continue to carry this signal. Like a true wave.

This would then be the beginnings of a wave.

This would then be the beginnings of a wave.

Now what do we now know about this?

The signal is “CONSTANT.” We know this is true in radio or electromagnetic radiation.

NO spooky action, or disappearing particles explain this. The only thing that makes sense would be something we “observe” in nature. Something like a wire plugged into a lamp. We know that the power to the light is going through the wire, and that it’s constantly (It’s a D.C. light!:) being transported through that line in order to provide power. That if we stick our finger into that current, we are going to get zapped. Why? Because we understand how that energy is moving in there, and we know how that interruption is observed. (Ground, current, shock)

If light, and radio are electromagnetic like this, and act the same, etc. Then we know it’s “constant on” so to speak.


It is contact with the “FIELD” of the particle that allows for this information to be conveyed like a wave. Like if the lines were copper wires in contact with each other!


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