Quantum Entanglement 1Y



So for the benefit of this discussion. Let’s try and imagine where it could be.

I doubt it’s in large planetary or solar sized “invisible” structures.

I also don’t believe that it is comprised of dark, invisible, clouds of matter floating around gobbling things up.


??? Could that be right too? Let’s see.

In a new way. Let’s look at that idea.

If we know we have a lot of matter that we can’t account for.

What is one of the most common reasons the human mind  cannot solve a problem? It is usually because it cannot interpret the sensory data it is using correctly.

In language, one of the primary barriers to communication of information is “comprehension.

I’m going to then assume that there is a problem “seeing” his matter.

We are told that there is nothing in the vacuum of space, yet we see pictures of stars, galaxies, universes, meteors, comets, etc.  We hear about “space dust” all of the time. So EXPAND our understanding of space a little.

Imagine you are floating around in space. You take out your “space” collector, and you wave it around. Bring it home. Do you have something on it?

Yes you do.


…”There is matter spread all through the Universe, it is just spread very, very, very, very thin.”

Ok. good. let’s picture that.

Floating around we “illuminate” all of this matter. EVERY SINGLE BIT! There it is.

Since we know that all matter is positively and negatively charged by their fields, we can also assume they are moving towards others at times, and away from others at times as well.

We can then also assume that depending on their densities, some will form attractions better than others, thus creating larger “groups.”  Sometimes in groups so small they can’t be seen. As some remain seemingly inactive, other areas have grown to giant fields of plasma.

The giant fields of plasma will serve to illustrate or comprehension of the numbers involved.

We think we understand “Billions” of years. We have no clue. We see those clouds of plasma as “not moving.” Picture their size!!! If we think in terms of our size, wouldn’t it take Billions of years for that matter to all group together? It’s like trying to watch a calendar year pass on a wristwatch.

Ok. Back to our dust.

All of that dust is touching. Space is filled with it. It’s just very, very, very, thin.

But… it’s all comprised of matter.

All with magnetic fields. Let’s picture those as copper wires ok?

When a copper wire filled with current energy is met with another grounded circuit, the two connections “share information correct?”


Our dust is all comprised of matter.

Which all have magnetic fields,

Are all touching,

Creating Quantum Entanglement.


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