Magnets: Not Bars


     …”The fields shown around the green photon are electro-magnetic fields

of opposite polarity. With the red field being north

magnetic orientation and blue field being south magnetic orientation.

It will be proven that this is actually the way that

magnetic fields are structured around all matter.

This applies from the smallest particles we have discovered

to the largest structures in space.

If you were to measure these fields with a compass, their magnetic fields

would appear identical to the magnetic fields of a bar magnet.

This also means that when we measured the magnetic fields

of matter with other methods in the lab, we also assumed that matter had

a bar magnet type of magnetic field. But this assumption was a mistake.

So until now, we have incorrectly assumed that electrons and other

matter have a magnetic field shape as shown in this drawing.

But we must realize that the fields around an electron, as well as all around

other matter are actually two opposing bowl shaped electromagnetic fields.

Unless we properly understand this basic magnetic field structure,

we will never be able to properly understand the fundamental forces of matter

from the sub-atomic to the galactic.

David LaPoint
The Primer Fields Part 1


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