I want to try star formation again.


Markus Hanke – I know you have commented here many times relating to the topic, but  I must ask, “Have you actually watched any of the video’s in the series?”

I’d also like to try and tackle the turbulence idea again.
First of all, the “turbulence” wording was used by me when I was first thinking about how some of the great observable mechanisms of the Universe might be using, creating, and exchanging all of these strange ideas.
(I’ve since modified my thinking a bit as to how I believe the structures form in space, but “turbulence” is still a word I would use to describe certain conditions that should surely exist in the formation of these structures.

Originally my thinking was like this;
The turbulence would be occurring within the area of the plasma cloud feeding the process. In his video series, David described the formation of the waveforms as being created via a mechanism where one positively charged particle (or waveform) would attract to others forming a “mass.” This “mass” would consist of all the connected waveforms, their structures, their magnetic fields, and ultimately their poles. poles. This mass then could be visualized as  being comprised of these “positive pole out.” (Or negative, point being…) That waveforms of “reverse polarity” would of course “flip” their orientations if possible in order to attract, or could in fact be ‘contained” and/or “directed” if held in polar position by outside greater forces. (Ie. A negatively charged mass on it’s other side)

The idea of the “self-creating” structures, applied the concepts of “hydrodynamic turbulence” to illustrate how attractive forces ALSO in gravitational fields, could initiate movement. (Ie: A particle of H, meets another. They orbit and start to share fields and suddenly they are of greater mass, and gravity.

  1. Every object in the universe attracts every other object in the universe with a gravitational force.
  2. The magnitude of the gravitational force between two objects is …
    1. directly proportional to the product of their masses and
    2. inversely proportional to the square of the separation between their centers

So, another, another, etc. (Here’s where it’s changed a bit currently though) causing “currents” to form. And ultimately the conditions where these “masses” would be interacting, (trying not to) Forming within the “turbulence” of the plasma currents.

My thinking of how these structures form however has changed to something far simpler in mechanism as well as understanding.

Still following the LaPoint concepts of a waveform, We again return to the two Hydrogen waveforms.

In the plasma cloud, we have an unimaginable amount of “charged particles.” The simple fact that we are seeing these clouds from tens of thousands of light years is a testament to their sheer size. That said, one becomes two, they increase, two is now three, as they get stronger gravitation going, five, six, seventeen, stronger, and stronger, more and more.

As the gravitational pull is always inward towards itself, as the field grows, so does it’s structural integrity. as the particles environment becomes more and more dense as well.

As the sheer numbers involved are again too huge to imagine, let this continue for a few million years. It becomes easy to see ho this density would soon reach a state where fusion would occur. (But I digress. Back to the particles attracting.

Ultimately a balance must be found. I propose that this is done by relationship to the energy being used, and therefore it’s inherent “structural” characteristics. (Ie: Physical matter probably can’t be as ‘dense” and are most likely restricted in their field strengths/matter/properties. (Ie: Heavy creates heavy)

These mechanisms would continue until either the available supply of energy has been exhausted, or the waveform itself has reached it’s sustainable structural balance.

One idea that tries to explain the fields creations would be to imagine a structure as described has reached it’s “capacity.” But it’s stable, so minor fluctuations can occur based on the exchanges available with movement. (Ie: A stable structure is still being fed energy until it reaches containment breach. If this breach is one where the path of least resistance is one out, one in, (observed as the “jets”) then at the speed of light one could imagine the first one escaping.


…”In this image of Semeis 147 we see the flip ring, the choke ring and the matter ejected out the top of Semeis 147 at less than escape velocity and therefore the ejected matter is drawn back down to the flip ring of Semeis 147.” David LaPoint

Only to be caught in “orbit.” It’s mass is still “counted,” therefore it’s gravitational strengths are also there allowing for the slight change to continue. Another, another, their totals helping their continued containment, until these “free” particles, orbiting, faster, faster, reach “their” proportional balance, and escape then becomes possible. One in, one out can sustain an “amplified” waveform, or internal fusion and the enormity of the matter involved can allow for a stars deterioration to take many millions of years to accomplish the very efficient task of matter conversion.,


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